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     Bollom Fire Protection

Ideal for communal areas, such as public houses, restaurants and cafes, Bollom products' intumescent coating is fire retardant on steel and wooden products, such as doors, skirting, window frames and furniture. For constructution and DIY purposes, Bollom's fire retardant varnish is available as Intulac Ultra.

Broflame, Brosteel, Flamebar and More

The six leading products by Bollom are all fireproofing paints and varnishes - Broflame, Brosteel, Flamebar, Fireshield, Flameguard and Intulac. Available at Rawlins Paints as basecoat and topcoat paints, as well as multi-application varnishes and water-based solutions, further customer support on each product's requirements can be found here. For high performance fire protection in the work-place, public buildings and at home, trust Bollom intumescent paint at RawlinsPaints.com

About Bollom Paints

Bollom products at Rawlins Paints have been fully fire tested to BS476:Part 20/21:1987 and are all ASFP approved. Bollom is manufactured to ISO 9001 accreditation, and is a member of the British Coatings Federation. Since fire-protective coating technology was developed in the early 1970s, J.W. Bollom paints and varnishes has been at the forefront of the UK market. For use on both wood and steelwork, for decorative fire protective purposes and industrial needs, the brand provide researched fire protection for a wide range of needs. Now manufactured in Yorkshire and supplied by Rawlins Paints in Leeds, a range of local and national delivery options are available online.

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