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Britannia is a family-run business that John Johnstone started back in 1890. Now into their fifth generation, it is still ran by the family, and as of 2018 its high-performance products are now available to buy from Rawlins Paints, official UK stockists.

Britannia Paints specialise in manufacturing an excellent range of waterproofing, renovating, enhancing and protective coatings for external surfaces and substrates:

  • Roof paints and coatings
  • Roof priming and reinforcement products
  • Flat roof paints and coatings
  • Roof repair materials
  • Anti-vandal, and related safety and security coatings
  • Masonry paints and waterproofing coatings
  • Concrete floor paints, primers and waterproofing coatings
  • Coatings suitable for sports activities - such as external court surfaces
  • And more

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Britannia Anti-Vandal Paint

Britannia Anti-Vandal Paint is specially formulated to deter vandals and trespassers by coating certain structures with a slippery non-drying coating. Ideal for structures that may be used as a grip point for unauthorised access. Advantages Soft and slippery deterrent Non-drying Black in colour

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Britannia Aquashield Aggregated Coating

Britannia Aquashield Aggregated Coating is ideal for application as a safety measure on high level walkways and gutters. Supplied ready to use and working instantly, can be used on a variety of substrates including asbestos cladding.  Advantages Waterproofs instantly Available in 3 colours Excellent on flat and pitched roofs

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Britannia Aquashield Eco

Britannia Aquashield Eco is an elastomeric, solvent-free waterproofing coating. Suitable for general maintenance work, it needs just one coat to provide a durable, water-resistant finish. Advantages Eco-friendly Water-based Can be used on asbestos cladding

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Britannia Aquashield Emergency Leak Repair

Britannia Aquashield Emergency Leak Repair is a specially-formulated for emergency roof repairs no matter how bad the weather; can even be applied under water. Ideal for roofs which need immediate repair to stop leaks. Advantages Suitable for all building materials External use only Can be applied in falling rain

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Britannia Aquashield High Build

Britannia Aquashield High Build is an excellent waterproofer for exterior pitched or flat roofs:  Ideal for bitumen, metal, fibreglass, porous and non-porous roofs, including asbestos cladding Also suitable for concrete, brick, asphalt, iron and steel roofing materials Excellent waterproofing for roofs Contains added fibres that...

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Britannia Aquashield Primer

Britannia Aquashield Primer is ideal for porous roofs, and roofs which may break into smaller pieces if pressure is applied, such as concerete, asbestos cladding, sheeting and guttering. Will also prime fibre cement corrugated sheet. Advantages Cures in 1 day Waterproofs instantly Solvent-based 2-year shelf life

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Britannia Aquashield Smooth

Britannia Aquashield Smooth is a highly effective waterproof roof coating that is ready to use and works instantly. For use on roofs, this smooth coating can be applied by brush, roller or squeegee:  Suitable for flat roofs, pitched roofs, weathered asphalt and bituminous surfaces, gutters, concrete, brickwork, fibreglass, felt and metal...

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Britannia Aquashield Standard

Britannia Aquashield Standard is an excellent waterproofer for exterior pitched or flat roofs which gives a coverage rate of approximately 1kg per square meter. Can be used on a wide variety of building types, including factories, brick sheds, prisons, warehouses, as well as guttering. Roofing Materials Asbestos cladding Concrete Brick...

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Britannia Block Paving Sealer

Britannia Block Paving Sealer is specifically-formulated to protect driveways, paths and flagstones, and to beautify their appearance. An ideal choice for private dwellings with large but neglected paved driveways. Advantages Long-lasting. Use on paving stones and flagstones. Clear matt finish.

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Britannia Clearshield Eco

Britannia Clearshield Eco is an excellent protective coating for porous external walls, roof tiles and wood, to protect against weathering, dirt, and pollutants. Advantages Superior water repellency. Excellent stain, UV, chemical and abrasion resistance. Prevents moss and algae growth. Up to 10 years product performance.

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Britannia Concrete Floor Sealer

Concrete surfaces naturally dust and powder. In some cases this is not a problem, but there are many environments where this dusting would pose a significant problem, such as in commercial kitchens and laboratories. Advantages of Dust-proofing Reduction of contamination Health & Safety Cleanliness

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Britannia Decatone Macadam Binder

For the eco-conscious, Britannia Decatone Macadam Binder is the ideal binding aid for tennis courts and play areas. A strong acrylic coating, it ensures the top coat, such as Britannia Decatone SR60 Tennis Court Coating is long-lasting. Advantages Water-based Solvent-free Safe to use

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Britannia Paints are members of The Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA), The National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) and The Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA), all organisations dedicated to the highest professional standards. Its products are manufactured and tested to the most stringent of quality control procedures, with each product designed for high-end commercial and industrial usage. 

Whilst they may be a new manufacturer name to join Rawlins Paints' professional grade product ranges, their reputation amongst the UK's leading local authorities, and building contractors right across the country is second to none. 

Long Lasting Roof Protection

Whatever the scale of a roof repair, maintenance or refurbishment project, Britannia Paints - with the added customer support across its full range from Rawlins Paints' Technical Support Team - has a product ideal for priming, reinforcement requirements, sealing, colouring, and waterproofing of flat, pitched, or many other roof inclines and square meter surface areas. So, whether it is for council properties, privately owned builds, hospitals and related external buildings, or factories of any shape and size - including any located in demanding coastal atmospheres and environments - there will be system combinations available to bring projects in on or under-budget, with long-lasting and aesthetically rich results.

Features and benefits of Britannia Paints' roof coating range, include:

  • High-performance products
  • Environmentally friendly ranges
  • Products that deliver high-end waterproofing qualities for up-to 15 years for flat roofs
  • Cold applied, rubber based waterproofing topcoats
  • Primers and sealers that deliver reduced downtime for repair and maintenance work on-site
  • Etch primers
  • Metal roofing primers
  • High-bonding adhesives

Sport Surfaces' Paints and Coatings

Sports Paints is a relatively new category range at Rawlins Paints, and we are delighted to feature Britannia Paints prominently in it. Their range of concrete and asphalt coatings are ideal for outdoor activities, including for use on tennis or netball courts. Offering superb surface binding and sealing, these products will add years to regularly used educational sports facilities, training grounds, and private estates.

Floor and Wall Coatings

Why not call a member of Rawlins Paints' Technical Support Team today on 0113 245 5450 to discuss the wide range of floor and wall paints for internal and external use? 

  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Primers and sealers
  • Floor coatings with excellent:
    • Colour retention
    • Spread and coverage ratios
    • Waterproofing properties
    • Highly competitive pricing
    • Stabilising solutions with exterior masonry
    • Advanced protection for porous walls and masonry
    • Dust-free flooring coatings
    • Block paving sealers
    • Line marking paints
    • Walkway safety and improved visibility coatings
  • And many more