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Rawlins Paints now distribute roof coatings and accessories of Bullet Building Products.

Bullet products for roofs and other building substrates and surfaces are designed for use by trade professionals and professional contractors. Each product is designed to provide a professional finish, with excellent protective qualities. 

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Bullet Mega Mastic

Bonds, seals and fills almost anything without a primer, even when wet or fully submerged. This unique hybrid polymer formulation contains no solvents. Top Features Premium quality high modulus sealant. Neutral system, free from isocyanates and silicones. Non staining, odour free and bubble free curing. Good movement accommodation....

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Bullet Ready Roof Kit

Using advanced polyurethane technology, felt, asphalt, GRP, lead, timber, concrete, and much more can be coated with Bullet Ready Roof “liquid rubber” to seamlessly waterproof and protect for years to come. Top Features Up to 5m² per kit Fully Refurbish or Repair Easy to apply in just ONE thick coat (instructions provided) The permanent...

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Bullet Roof Application Tools

Bullet Roof Application Tools are a range of products used during the application of Bullet Roof coatings. Range of application tools available for purchase: Complete Rollers Roller Refills Roller Handles Consolidating Paddle Rollers Laminating Brushes 10 Litre Bucket Catalyst Dispensing Bottles Latex Gloves Masking Tape...

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Bullet Roof DKI Quartz

Bullet Roof DKI Quartz, a light-coloured naturally rounded quartz that forms the main component for many of the dry blends and screed blends that Bullet produce, available at Rawlins Paints. This high quality quartz sand is washed, dried and processed to meet continental grade specifications. More Information **Available for delivery -...

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Bullet Roof DPM Primer

A unique product that enables damp, moist and green concrete to be primed at surface temperatures of +5 degrees and rising saving large amounts of down time. It cures rapidly to from a DPM or damp proof membrane.  Top Features VOC close to “0” and water based Forms an effective barrier against negative/back pressure Forms a damp and...

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Bullet Roof Epoxy Primer AC

An epoxy primer with excellent anti-corrosion properties. This primer is the perfect choice for steel and iron gutters or any other steel/iron surface. Top Features Good anti-corrosion properties Brush or airless spray applicable Application temperature from +5℃ (substrate) Coverage Calculator More Information **Available for...

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Bullet Roof GRP Acetone

Bullet Roof GRP Acetone is a solvent cleaner for liquid roof resin or topcoats. More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Bullet Roof GRP Chopped Strand Matting

Bullet Roof GRP Chopped Strand Matting is an emulsion bound matting in a variety of sizes. An option of a glass fibre bandage is also available (option: GRPFIB015). More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Bullet Roof GRP Hardener

Used for roofing applications such as hand lay-up, spray up, centrifugal casting, filament winding, polyester concrete, etc. It is particularly suitable for gel coat curing, and its low viscosity makes it ideal for airless spray-up techniques with external mixing. Top Features Density at 20℃ 1,128g/ml Viscosity at 20℃ 16mPa s SADT 65℃...

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Bullet Roof GRP Kit

The Bullet Roof GRP Kit contains everything needed to apply the Bullet Roof GRP roof coating system, including resin, topcoat, matting, hardener, acetone, buckets and rollers. See further below for the full kit contents, and for what else you will need in addition. Available in a 20m2 kit Leak free and value for money roofing system For...

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Bullet Roof GRP Roofing Resin

Bullet Roof GRP Roofing Resin is a high grade GRP pure and unblended resin, a long term, leak free and value for money system for flat roofs of any shape or size - from small porches to large domestic and commercial projects. GRP roofing technologies are extensively used for refurbishment or new roofs, by local authorities, architects, and...

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