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Chemical Resistant Coatings

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Chemical and Acid Resistant Paint and Coatings

Our chemical resistant paint and coatings offer protection to concrete, metal, timber and more in a wide range of environments and industries. Protection against chemicals comes in various different guises around the workplace every day, from protective clothing, storage of chemicals, protecting bunded areas from accidental spillage, etc. Our products help provide a solution for our customers to protect different surfaces where necessary from a vast range of chemicals, whether it be chemical and acid resistance for floor areas, tanks (internally and externally), bunds, walls, and more. The superior technology used in our products means that even some of the harshest chemicals at high concentration can be protected against with minimal effort and cost.

Epoxy Paint and Coatings

In aggresive and extreme environments, a two component epoxy coating, like that found within International's Intergard 410, delivers as an anti-corrosive barrier for high-build sites and on external tanks. As with all Rawlins Paints' products, it comes available in a wide range of colours (see here for more detail). Mathys Pains produce a plastified and solvent based chlorinated rubber paint for swimming pools and fish ponds, working extremely well in areas of continued submersion.

Our help and advice promise

If you need any advice or guidance with your chemical resistant paint project, call our Technical Team to discuss what product(s) will be best for you. Site visits can be carried out for larger projects so a full specification can be produced in writing, which will be tailored to meet the projects requirements. Data sheets and advice are always freely available to help you with your project.

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