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Complete Roofing Kits

Take the guesswork out of your next roofing project with our range of exclusive and complete roofing kits, containing the necessary amounts of primer, topcoat and associated catalysts and hardeners, reinforcements and sealants, tools and accessories.

From the top manufacturers of roofing systems and products such as Kovertek, Bullet and Eagle, our complete roofings kits aim to save you money by preventing unnecessary wastage and with long material guarantees on flat and pitched roofs, balconies and walkways.

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KoverTek TekGuard Flexi-GRP Kit

KoverTek TekGuard Flexi-GRP Kits provide a flexible, fire rated, waterproof GRP system on a variety of roofing surfaces. Making it ideal for use on existing flat or pitched roofs without the need to strip and replace the existing deck as is required for conventional GRP roofing systems. Each kit includes everything required (except trims,...

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Eagle Desmopol Waterproofing Roofing Kits 15 Year Guarantee

The Eagle Desmopol Kit contains enough material to apply a fully waterproof system on 6m², 12.5m² or 25m² of flat roof, walkway or balcony. The kit is suitable for application on to most roofing substrates including Concrete*, TPO*, EPDM*, Single Ply*, Rubber*, Asphalt, Felt, GRP, Plywood and OSB. *Eagle Primer PU-1000 would need to be...

Price £278.25
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Bullet Roof GRP Kit

The Bullet Roof GRP Kit contains everything needed to apply the Bullet Roof GRP roof coating system, including resin, topcoat, matting, hardener, acetone, buckets and rollers. See further below for the full kit contents, and for what else you will need in addition. Available in a 20m2 kit Leak free and value for money roofing system For...

Price £453.57
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KoverTek TekCryl Instant Repair Roof Kit

KoverTek TekCryl Instant Repair Roof Kits provide everything you need to complete 2.5, 5, 10, 20 or 30m² roof areas. All kits are available in Grey or Black and include application tools as well as offering a 5 year guarantee*. Anti-Lichen formula 5 Year Material Guarantee* High solids for true ‘One Coat’ Solution Instant Shower...

Price £53.64
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Bullet Ready Roof Kit

Using advanced polyurethane technology, felt, asphalt, GRP, lead, timber, concrete, and much more can be coated with Bullet Ready Roof “liquid rubber” to seamlessly waterproof and protect for years to come. Up to 5m² per kit Fully Refurbish or Repair Easy to apply in just ONE thick coat (instructions provided) The permanent solution for...

Price £140.22
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KoverTek TekPur Waterproof Balcony Kit

KoverTek TekPur Waterproof Balcony Kits provide a high performance, waterproof, anti-slip coating ideal for small balcony, roof terrace, steps, ramps, bridges and walkway areas receiving foot traffic. As well as the (2 part) TekPur Polyurethane Waterproof Coating, each kit also includes primer, application equipment (brush/roller/gloves) and...

Price £267.80
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Cromar Pro GRP Roofing Kit

Cromar Pro GRP Roofing Kit, a handy kit containing everything required to install GRP for a 13 sqm roof. Roofing kit contains: 1 x 20kg Pro GRP Resin 1 x 10kg Pro GRP Top Coat 1 x 450 Fibre Glass Matting 6.75kg (approx.) Includes GRP Accessory Kit (see further below for full contents) GRP roofing trims required (sold separately)...

Price £211.62
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KoverTek TekShield Premium GRP Roof Kit

KoverTek TekShield Premium GRP Roof Kits utilise KoverTek’s TekShield Roofing Resin Basecoat and Premium GRP Roofing Topcoat to create an easy to use kit with everything you need to complete 5, 10, 15 or 20m² roof areas. Available in two versions; ‘Full’ kits include application tools and ‘Basic’ without application tools. Kits have the option...

Price £255.19
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