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Rust-Oleum 5150 Speed Patch

Rust-Oleum 5150 Speed Patch is a fast setting, high strength concrete repair mortar provides a durable fast setting repair to frost spalled, eroded and cracked concrete, steps, troughs, ramps, coving etc. Strong and quick repair of concrete Can be recoated within hours Does not shrink or crack Can be drilled after curing Easy all-in-1...

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Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Fine Crack Repair

Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Fine Crack Repair Mortar is a specially developed, non-shrink, solvent-free, two part epoxy: Liquid crack filler for concrete floors for fine cracks up to 3mm wide Creates a smooth even finish. Dry in 3-4 hours (at 20°C) To recoat after 4 hours (at 20°C) 500 ml for 25 meters (2mm wide, 5mm deep) FREE plastic...

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SikaCim No Crack Concrete

SikaCim No Crack Concrete is a blend of reinforcing fibres and powder admixture for minimising cracking and enhancing the strength of concrete. Ideal for use on internal floor slabs, garages or shed bases, driveways and paths, underground construction and imprinted concrete driveways.  Features & Benefits Reduces shrinkage and...

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Sikadur 52 Injection Type N

Sikadur 52 Injection Type N is a two part, solvent-free, low viscosity injection liquid, based on high strength epoxy resin. Type N (= Normal Potlife) is used for substrate temperatures between +5°C and +30°C (UK). Used as an injection resin with good adhesion to concrete, mortar, stone, steel and wood.  Features & Benefits...

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Rust-Oleum 5412 Epoxy Filler

Rust-Oleum 5412 Epoxy Filler is a solvent free, two component epoxy putty for repair of small cracks, air-pockets and/or blow-holes in concrete walls and floors. Extremely strong: 3x stronger than concrete Shrink-free Easy 1:1 mixing ratio Low odour For indoor and outdoor use More Information

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Sika Concrete Crack Repair

This product is temporarily unavailable; please contact our technical team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected] where we will be happy to find an alternative product. Sika Concrete Crack Repair is a two part grey epoxy paste, mix in the tube adhesive for high strength repairs to concrete. Can be injected...

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Remmers IR Epoxy 360

Remmers IR Epoxy 360 is a rigid epoxy injection resin used for friction locked bonding and glueing, filling of cracks and void in concrete, glueing of detached concrete and screeds, attaching of tension anchors and grouting of construction joints.  Low viscosity High adhesive power High adhesion to joint flanks Highly resistant to...

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Remmers Betofix Fill

Remmers Betofix Fill (formerly Betofix Filler) is a PCC fine filler for structural repair of concrete structures. A single component, polymer modified finer filler (PCC system) with hydraulic binders, mineral aggregates and special additives.  Indoor and outdoor use Evens out concrete surfaces Repair of holes, cracks, pores, missing and...

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Ennis-Flint PFT Overbanding (BBA Approved)

Ennis-Flint PFT Overbanding (BBA Approved), a highly durable overbanding material for permanent crack repair (up to 5mm in wifth) in asphalt and concrete surfaces, preventing water ingress and frost damage. BBA approved - see certificate 19/H228 - assessed for performance and durability - and HAPAS approved by the British Board of Agrément...

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Watco Flowpatch Quick Setting Pourable Repair Mortar

Quick setting, pourable repairs for filling holes in heavily trafficked concrete floors, inside and out. Ideal for filling deep holes before screeding with Watco Flowtop. Flowpatch and Flowpatch Coloured Easy to use rapid dry formula Takes forklifts in just 2 hours Just add water, mix and pour Fibre reinforced for added strength...

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Watco Concrex Cold Set - Epoxy Repair Mortar

Long lasting, heavy-duty formula for concrete repairs in cold temperatures, making it ideal for winter use and cold room conditions. Provides superior strength and adhesion making it ideal for very thin section, feather- edge or intricate repairs. Cures at 0°C Virtually indestructible Impervious and non-dusting So strong it can be...

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Watco High Strength Epoxy Resin Grout

A versatile epoxy resin grout with outstanding adhesion and strength, for permanently holding fixings and bolts in place. Two part epoxy resin grout Outstanding strength and adhesion Excellent chemical resistance to acids and oils Provides reliable fixings for rails, bolts and posts Hardens in one hour and may be stressed after 24 hours...

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