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Concrete Floor Repairs

Concrete and concrete floor repairs primarily target cracks, impact or abrasion damage, and discolouration from oils, harsh chemicals, or excessive UV exposure. Rawlins Paints stock a wide range of concrete floor repair products, including resurfacing floor screeds, self levelling compounds, slurries, and waterproof primers and sealers. Surface preparation is key to any successful repair and concrete renovation project, so we urge you to buy the leading surface cleaners to accompany the repair products listed in this category. If you are unsure which products will deliver the best, long-lasting results for your repair requirements, contact a member of our technical support team on 0113 245 5450.

From Sika to Rust-Oleum, we stock the UK's leading mortars, waterproofing concrete systems, crack repair fillers (and informative blog posts for concrete repairs), and waterproofing heavy duty floor paints for concrete. So, from the first sign of concrete damage to the finished sheen on a newly coated floor, trust Rawlins Paints to be there at every step of your repair or maintenance project with the highest quality products and leading application and technical support.

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SikaBond SBR+

SikaBond SBR+ is a white liquid, which has numerous uses as an admixture, primer, bonding agent and sealer. Polymer Emulsions of this type have been used extensively over the last 20 years by the building industry as an admixture for cement and concrete applications, including repair and renovation, surfacing of floors and bonding generally....

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Sika BentoShield Accessories

A range of Sika BentoShield Accessories used for the installation of the Sika BentoShield MAX LM system. More Information Delivery Info

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Watco Flowpatch Deep Fill

Quick setting, pourable repairs for deep holes in heavily trafficked floors. Ideal for filling deep holes before screeding with Watco Flowtop. Fibre reinforced for added strength Forklift traffic in just 2 hours Just add water, mix, and pour Can be applied to damp (not wet) concrete Sets at low temperatures (down to 5°C) Apply at any...

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Coo-Var CSP Mortar

Coo-Var CSP Mortar is an epoxy-based mortar for use in very cold temperatures. Designed to repair damaged concrete prior to painting or as a stand-alone repair when other mortars wouldn’t cure. Ideal for use when cold rooms cannot be turned off. Cures at temperatures as low as -35°C. Good durability, flexibility and abrasion resistance...

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Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre Epoxy Repair Mortar

Permanent granite hard repairs where ordinary mortars fail. For super strength long lasting repairs to concrete floors, ramps & steps. The strongest, longest lasting epoxy floor repair mortar that you can buy! Stronger than cement-based alternatives Faster drying, ready for traffic in just 1 hour 20-year guarantee against impact and...

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Sika Rendermix

Sika Rendermix is a water resisting plasticiser for improving renders and screeds.  Features and Benefits Air entraining. Prevents water bleeding. For exterior renders and screeds. Mortar improver for pebble dashing finish. Conforms to EN934-3 Air Entraining/Plasticising Admixtures.  More Information Delivery Info

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Watco Concrex Cold Set - Epoxy Repair Mortar

Long lasting, heavy-duty formula for concrete repairs in cold temperatures, making it ideal for winter use and cold room conditions. Provides superior strength and adhesion making it ideal for very thin section, feather- edge or intricate repairs. Cures at 0°C Virtually indestructible Impervious and non-dusting So strong it can be...

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Sika Wintermix

Sika Wintermix is air entraining chloride free liquid admixture for mortar and concrete which also acts as an accelerator for work in sub - zero temperatures.  Features and Benefits Increased frost resistance during setting. Non - corrosive to imbedded metal (chloride ion free) Eases tamping down and alignment Improves...

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Watco Flowpatch Repair Bundle Pack

Everything you need for quick repairs to holes in concrete - quick setting, pourable repairs for filling holes in heavily trafficked concrete floors, inside and out. Ideal for filling deep holes before screeding with Watco Flowtop. The bundle includes: Flowpatch 25kg (Grey) Mixing Blade - for thorough mixing of Watco Flowpatch Steel...

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Sika MaxMix Frostproofer & Accelerator

Sika MaxMix Frostproofer and Accelerator is a highly concentrated chloride free air entraining admix which is designed specifically for cold weather working, eliminating the requirement for a second frost proofing admix.  It reduces the setting time of sand and cement based mortars, renders, screeds etc and is the ideal choice for a cold...

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Watco Concrex Colours

Watco Concrex Colours is a coloured epoxy resin mortar for a better blend with a coloured floor than sand and cement or Watco Concrex. The ideal choice for repairs to floors, steps and ramps for heavy traffic. It can also be used as a coloured screed to provide an attractive, virtually indestructible floor surface. Superior strength and...

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Watco Basics Floor Repair Mortar

Watco Basics Floor Repair Mortar can be used to fill holes in concrete inside and out. It is strong enough to resist heavy foot traffic, trolleys and trucks. Just take as much powder as you need out of the bucket, mix with water and trowel into place – you don’t need a primer. Easy mix polymer and cement formulation Heavy traffic after...

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Need Help?

Need Help?

Always refer to product datasheets and brochures to check whether a product can be used on internal or external concrete. 

Concrete damage can occur from a wide range of reasons - some more obvious than others:

  • Impact damage
  • UV exposure
  • Chemical corrosion
  • Water damage or infiltration
  • Structural damage
  • Compression stress
  • And more

Concrete repair mortars, screeds, fillers, and coatings can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and situations, including:

  • Roads, paths and patios
  • Garage floors
  • Processing plant floors
  • Industrial environments where corrosive chemicals are used
  • Storage facilities with regular medium to heavily trafficked floors
  • New-builds and listed building restoration projects
  • Farms
  • Abattoirs
  • Sewage works
  • Factory, warehouse, and shop floors
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • And more

Rawlins Paints lists products that range from advised professional use only, to domestic and commercial products for ease-of-use and economic and cost-saving repairs:

  • Mortars and screeds
  • Fine crack and joint fillers
  • Sealers and sealants
  • Epoxy repair products
  • Fast setting products
  • Cold curing products
  • Waterproofing, chemical and UV resistant products
  • And more

Whether you are giving concrete a new lease of life, or repairing impact damage in an 'emergency', get the best prices on the leading products, only at Rawlins Paints.