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Fire retardant paints are used to protect a substrate from fire, different levels of protection are achievable depending on the product and project requirement.

We offer products to protect timber, steel, plasterboard, lathe & plaster, fabrics and more to British Standard Class 1, Class 0 (including new European Class B), 30min, 60min, 90min and 120min protection.

All products are independently certified and a Certificate of Supply can be supplied for each purchase upon request. Nearly all our products can be applied by brush, roller or spray and do NOT require an ‘approved’ applicator.

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Heat resistant paints are different to fire retardant and steel intumescent paints. Heatproof paints are designed to withstand very high temperatures; some can withstand temperatures of up to 750°C.

These products do not protect the surfaces they are applied to from heat by insulation, instead they are designed to endure the operating temperatures without affecting the paint colour or performance.

Colours are limited with heat resistant paints with the most common two colours being Black or Aluminium, a handful of other colours are available across the product range. 

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What do you want to do:

- Buy products to protect timber

- Buy products to protect plasterboard, plaster skim and lathe & plaster

- Buy products to protect steel

- Buy products to protect fabric

- Buy products to upgrade doors

- Buy topcoats in any colour for finishing and decoration

Popular fire protection products include:

Intumescent Paint for Steel

Fire Door Upgrade Paint or Varnish

Fire Retardant Varnish for Timber

Class 0 Fire Retardant Paint

Our customers regularly use our products to upgrade:

- Ceilings, walls and floors

- Interior and exterior timber cladding

- Portal frames, structural steels and mezzanine levels

- Normal doors to 30min fire doors

Our products are used by:

- Contractors

- Businesses

- Professionals

- DIY enthusiasts

Things to consider when choosing Fire Retardant Paints:

- Substrate (timber, steel, plaster, fabric, etc.)

- Level of fire protection required (Class 1, Class 0, 30min, 60min, etc.)

- Environmental exposure (interior, exterior, dry, wet, etc.)

- Application (brush, roller or spray)

- Project size (number and size of steels to protect, how many square metres of timber, etc.)

Things to consider when choosing a heat resistant paint:

- Substrate (carbon steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.)

- Maximum and minimum temperature

- Environmental exposure (interior, exterior, dry, wet, etc.)

- Application (brush, roller, spray – can the surface be cooled or not for application?)

Heat resistant paints are ideal for:

Flare stacks






Log burners


- And more…

Still not sure what to buy? Contact our Technical Team for expert advice on 0113 2455450.