Apply for a Trade Credit Account at Rawlins

UK based Ltd. companies can now more easily apply for a Trade Credit Account at Rawlins. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Simple ordering process via email
  • 30 day payment terms
  • Video site surveys and additional support from our Technical Team
  • Best possible prices, better than online/internet prices in the majority of instances
  • Simple direct debit payment method, meaning no need to remember to pay balances, as they will be automatically taken when due, but never before

Alternately, click here to download and print off Rawlins' Trade Credit Application form, and once completed, return it to [email protected]

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T: 0113 2455450 / F: 0113 2452649
E: [email protected] / W:

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Further Information

Agreement to the Company's Terms and Conditions of Sale

By signing this application form:

  1. I agree that all sales of products are governed by the Rawlins Paints Terms & Conditions of Sale located at

  2. I confirm that I am authorised to sign this application form by the organisation set out above.

  3. I agree that Rawlins Paints shall be entitled to carry out a credit check on the organisation, and/or the signatory of this application form both now and at any time in the future whilst orders for products are made under this application form.

  4. I agree that payments to settle any account balance shall be made by Direct Debit only – Card, Cash, Cheque, BACs or any other methods of payment will not be accepted. Settlement terms shall be 30 days from the first day of the following month.

  5. I agree that should there be no prior trading history, the first order will be paid for in advance on a proforma basis.

  6. I agree that I am making this application on behalf of a UK Ltd. company 

  I agree

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