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Since 1908, Coo-Var have been manufacturing marine and industrial finish paints to industrial markets, including shipbuilders. In more recent years the company have become specialists in a wider range of products, including:

  • Anti-Condensation Paint
  • Anti-Climb/Vandal/Fouling Paint
  • Clear Floor Glazes
  • Acrylic Floor Paints
  • Road Line Paint
  • All Purpose Primers
  • Brick and Tile Paint
  • Plus Many More

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Coo-Var Acid Etch

Coo-Var Acid Etch is a careful blend of acids and wetting agents in solution, used to clean and ‘etch’ concrete/mortared floors and pools prior to painting. Used to prepare new and smoothed concrete. Product Details Removes laitance from concrete/render Removes salts from concrete/render Can be used as a degreaser Removes patches of oil...

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Coo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint

Coo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint is a water thinned floor paint. Easy to apply, versatile and fast drying with low odour. Can be used on tarmac as well as concrete, asphalt, wood, walls, window ledges, bricks or metals. Fast drying Interior and exterior use Safe to use over existing coatings Can be used on various different surfaces Low...

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Coo-Var Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat

Coo-Var Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat is a water-based, low odour primer ideal for plaster preparation or any wood surface which requires priming inside or out. Fast drying and easily applied. Exterior/Interior use Matt finish Available in sizes from 500ml up to 5L Apply with roller, brush or spray Coverage Calculator More...

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Coo-Var Acrylic Varnish

Coo-Var Acrylic Varnish is a water based clear gloss varnish. An ideal alternative to solvent based products. For interior use only. Product Features Quick drying Safer alternative to solvent-based products Gloss & Eggshell finishes Available in sizes from 500ml up to 5L Coverage Calculator More Information **Available for...

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Coo-Var Acrylic W/B Road Line Paint

Coo-Var Acrylic Line Marking Paint is a water thinned acrylic resin based line marking paint for inside and outside use on concrete, asphalt or tarmac. Fast drying - Low odour Also available in over 2,500+ colour options from RAL, BS and NCS Please see Coo-Var Acrylic Line Marking Paint - Special Colours Exterior/Interior use...

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Coo-Var Acrylic W/B Road Line Paint - Special Colours

Coo-Var Acrylic W/B Road Line Paint - Special Colours is a water thinned acrylic resin based line marking paint for inside and outside use on concrete, asphalt or tarmac. Available in over 2,500+ colours from RAL, BS and NCS subject to an extended lead time of 10-14 working days For the range of readily-available standard colours and sizes...

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Coo-Var Alkali Resisting Primer Sealer

Coo-Var Alkali Resisting Primer Sealer is ideal as a high quality primer prior to painting. It is resistant to solvents and salts. It is excellent on walls and plaster, with easy application. Product Details Interior/Exterior use Resistant to solvents Resistant to salts Combats varying degrees of porosity Matt finish Coverage...

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Coo-Var All Purpose Primer

Coo-Var All Purpose Primer is a general purpose water based primer. Ideal on multisurface substrates or when a `one solution` product is required. It can be used on plaster, metals and wood and is applied easily. Product Features Water-based Less harmful odours Multi-surface Can be used on aluminium Matt finish Coverage Calculator...

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Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer

Coo-Var Aluminium Wood Primer is an oil based primer that contains aluminium. Used primarily to prevent staining on knotted or resinous timber. Easy to apply. Also works as a heavy duty primer Resists resin staining Resists blistering of topcoats Interior/Exterior use Semi-matt finish Available in sizes from 500ml up to 5L Coverage...

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Coo-Var Anti Graffiti Kit

Coo-Var Anti Graffiti Kit is a water based polyurethane two pack anti-graffiti coating for interior or exterior use. Low odour and fast drying. WB101 can be used over compatible coloured paints. Product Features For use over stone, brickwork, wood, masonry and existing stable oil or waterbased paint Water based Low odour and fast drying...

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Coo-Var Anti-Condensation Paint

Coo-Var Anti-Condensation Paint helps prevent condensation forming on walls and ceilings. It contains a biocidal product for the preservation of the paint film and to reduce discolouration. Prevents the formation of condensation Inhibits unsightly mould growth Can be a finish or coated with emulsion or acrylic Interior use Biocide...

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Coo-Var Anti-Corrosive Red Oxide

Coo-Var Anti-Corrosive Red Oxide is a strong alkyd based red oxide product that can be applied directly to the metal surface. It is a general purpose primer and finish in one coat. Easy to use and it offers excellent protection. Primer and finish in one Can be over-coated at a later date Apply direct Protects and decorates Rapid dry...

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Coo-Var manufacture specialist safety and security paints and coatings for floors, walls, roofs and trim including floor varnishes, security paints, anti-graffiti and anti-slip products. Coo-Var paints have been manufacturing industrial scale products in the UK for over 100 years. Starting within the shipbuilding industry, they still produce popular marine and anti-fouling products under the Teamac brand which can be found at today. Available as traditional paints and aerosols, Coo Var have products available for most industrial painting needs:

• Floor paints for pedestrian and light vehicular use
• Tarmac, asphalt and driveway paints
• Security paints and coatings, including anti-climb products
• Anti-slip floor paints
• Line marking paints for tarmac, concrete, cement and assorted sports playing surfaces
• Anti-condensation and hygiene coatings

Coo-Var’s more recent products within commercial and residential markets have been designed to not only decorate, but to offer years of protection to assets and properties. Anti-graffiti products offer invaluable protection against vandals on business properties – fences, walls, gates, etc. – and anti-climb/non-drying grease also prevents intruders from being to access properties via downpipes, fences and window ledges.

For further support on Coo-Var’s range of paints and coating available at Rawlins Paints, please contact a member of our technical support and sales team.

Popular categories featuring Coo-Var products, are:

• Floor, MDF and other surfaces primers
• Anti-corrosive coatings for metal
• Anti-condensation and anti-damp paints for areas of higher humidity levels
• Brick and tile paints
• Solar reflective roof paints
• Water-based wall and ceiling coatings
• Heat resistant paints
• Radiator paint
• Polyurethane varnish
• Wood oils
• Rust converter and spot primers
• Matt black paints for Tudor beams, fireplaces, wrought ironwork, photographic dark-rooms and anywhere where a non-reflective surface is required

Coo-Var Floor Paints

Rawlins Paints are suppliers of a wide range of Coo-Var floor paints and primers. Aside from traditional internal floor products, there's also Coo-Var’s road and line marking paints, and more:

• Acid etch for floors
• Universal degreasers and cleaners
• Dampshield products
• Oil removers – for concrete
• Repair mortars and cold store mortars
• Oil tolerant primers
• Two-pack water-based floor primer and sealers
• Suregrip anti-slip coatings
• Acrylic floor paints
• High-build and solvent-free epoxy floor paints
• Line-marking stencils
• Polyurethane clear floor varnish
• Squash court, tennis court, leisure centre and swimming pool (chlorinated rubber) paints

The Suregrip anti-slip floor paint is a big seller across the UK and is available as a ready mixed aggregated floor coating.

Safety and Security Paints

Coo-Var’s range of safety and security products are among the best available for businesses and companies across the UK. Regardless of the size of a building’s perimeter or how many vulnerable access points it has, there are products that can improve the security level and deter vandals, burglars and unwanted persons from business-critical areas.

Of course, it’s not only access points and entry to premises where companies and business can fall victim to crime, there’s vandalism too, which can be costly to have removed by professionals. Graffiti and vandalism can have a very negative affect on business reputation, and with one of Coo-Var’s anti-graffiti products, your mind can be put at ease:

• Anti-graffiti and anti-flyposting protection systems
• Anti-climb and non-drying black paints
• Graffiti removal liquids
• Hi-vis, luminous paints
• Fluorescent paints

Coo-Var Solar Reflective Paints

Coo-Var’s solar reflective aluminium paint is bituminous based and used to deflect sun rays to reduce the build-up of heat internally. It can be used on stable felt, concrete, wood and brick.

Coo-Var’s solar reflective white paint is an acrylic bright white aggregated coating which deflects sunlight to reduce heat build-up inside and outside. It can be used on concrete, stable felt, wood and brick but is not suitable for roofs prone to standing water.