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     Coo Var Varnishes, Masonry and Floor Paints

Coo Var Floor Paint

From acrylic clear floor glazes to acrylic floor paints, acid etch products to prepare and smooth concrete prior to painting, and heavy duty 2 packs of epoxy floor paint in assorted colours, including tile red, black, and white - Rawlins Paints are suppliers of a wide range of Coo Var Paints' products. It's not just traditional internal floor products that Coo Var produce, there's also road line paint, and squash court and tennis court paints, alongside paints which are for both internal and external use in a variety of colours. The Suregrip anti-slip floor paint is a big seller across the UK and is available as a ready mixed aggregated floor coating here.

Fluorescent and Solar Reflective Paints

For use on floors, doors and roofing, there are a number of coloured fluorescent paints available here, including orange, pink, yellow, green and red. Similarly for doors, there's a range of luminous exit paints, both foundations and clear protective topcoats. Their solar reflective aluminium paint is bituminous based and used to deflect sun rays to reduce the build up of heat internally.

About Coo-Var Paints

Specialists in marine paints, floor varnishes and paints, as well as anti-graffiti and anti-slip products, Coo Var paints have been providing industrial scale products in the UK for over 100 years. Starting within the shipbuilding industry, they still produce marine and anti-fouling products. Available as traditional paints and aerosol paints, Coo Var have products available for the majority of industrial painting needs.

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