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Looking for the best fillers for expansion joints, fine cracks and small damages in floors, walls, metal and pipes? Rawlins Paints have a wide range of durable, hard-wearing and, in most cases, flexible fillers, to make sure your repaired surface is smooth, sound and ready for use.

The first part of the repair process is arguably the most important - Preparation. Ignore it, and the rest is redundant. Before installing a new system, you must reapair any existing damage. Crack and joint fillers allow you to smooth over any incidental damage. If the damage could be structural, active in particular, be sure to address the issue. Filling over a larger issue will not fix it, it will only disguise it. Floors are not an area where you want bumps or unevenness as it can cause falls or jolt important stock being transported etc. Be sure to create a safe uniformity that will last. 

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Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Fine Crack Repair

Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Fine Crack Repair Mortar is a specially developed, non-shrink, solvent-free, two part epoxy: Liquid crack filler for concrete floors for fine cracks up to 3mm wide Creates a smooth even finish. Dry in 3-4 hours (at 20°C) To recoat after 4 hours (at 20°C) 500 ml for 25 meters (2mm wide, 5mm deep) FREE plastic...

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204 Fine Crack Repair

204 Fine Crack Repair is a two pack, solvent free, rapid curing, low viscosity epoxy resin designed for filling smaller cracks, voids and thin section `blow outs` or craters in concrete, brickwork and masonry. Easy to use Very fast cure - hard dry after 1–2 hours at 20°C Low viscosity - 400 cps @ 20°C Suitable for damp or dry surfaces...

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Watco Fine Crack Filler

Watco Fine Crack Filler is a simple to use, incredibly tough product for filling unsightly cracks in concrete floors prior to coating. Its liquid formulation ensures that no sanding down will be needed to make it level once cured. Can be coated with any Watco high performance floor coating Fast curing – non shrink Super tough, epoxy resin...

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205 Flexible Joint Filler

205 Flexible Joint Filler, a coloured two pack, pourable, flexibilised epoxy filler/sealant. The consistency of the mixed sealant allows direct pouring of the sealant into horizontal joints. Seals floor joints in food factories and warehouses where heavy vehicular trafficking occurs. Also available in 4,000+ colour options from RAL, BS and...

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Watco Bitu-Mend Advanced

For the strongest ever asphalt repairs in car parks and loading bays where forklifts and lorries operate. Cures to a hard, black, slip resistant finish that is ready for use in 12 hours. Can be applied at any thickness from 10mm -100mm Can also be used on concrete Ideal for use on splits and cracks in asphalt, roller shutter door guide...

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Watco Bitu-Mend Pour And Restore

Pour on shallow surface repairs to damaged or cracked asphalt and tarmac such as shallow depressions, dished or pitted asphalt surfaces in car parks, yards, and pavements. Use between 6-20mm deep Self-smoothing epoxy formula Slip resistant surface Easy to mix and apply Good general resistance to many common chemicals such as diesel,...

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711 MMA Flexible Joint Filler

711 MMA Flexible Joint Filler is a rapid curing, flexible, pourable joint sealant. The consistency of the mixed sealant allows direct pouring of the sealant into horizontal joints. Also available in 4,000+ colours from RAL, BS and NCS Please see 711 MMA Flexible Joint Filler - Special Colours Excellent adhesion to concrete -...

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Watco Floor Joint Sealant

A two-part pouring grade flexible polyurethane with excellent wear and chemical resistance for filling and sealing expansion joints and concrete bay joints. Ideal for construction joints between concrete slabs, factory and warehouse floors, car parks, garages, petrol station forecourts, etc. Easy pour polysulphide solution Use in heavy...

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Sikaflex 11 FC+

Sikaflex 11 FC+ (available as a pack of 12 x 300cc or 20 x 600cc cartridges) is a 1-part elastic joint sealant and multipurpose adhesive based on polyurethane that is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Features and benefits: 1-part,ready to use Flexible and elastic Solvent free and odorless Very low emission Sealant:...

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Sikaflex Construction+

Sikaflex Construction+ (available in packs of 20 x 600cc sausages) is a 1-part, moisture curing, flexible sealant suitable for movement and connection joints in concrete and masonry facades.  Very good weathering and ageing resistance Movement capability of ±25 (ASTM C719) Bubble-free curing Low stress to the substrate Easy to smooth...

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Watco Flexible Joint Repair

Watco Flexible Joint Repair eliminates the need to reform the joint edges. The flexible polyurethane mortar fills the joint and broken concrete joint edges in one simple process. Repairs broken expansion joints quickly and easily Tough, flexible polyurethane formula Resists heavy traffic including forklifts Ready for use in only 8-12...

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Watco High Strength Epoxy Resin Grout

A versatile epoxy resin grout with outstanding adhesion and strength, for permanently holding fixings and bolts in place. Two part epoxy resin grout Outstanding strength and adhesion Excellent chemical resistance to acids and oils Provides reliable fixings for rails, bolts and posts Hardens in one hour and may be stressed after 24 hours...

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Need Help?

Fine Crack Repair Products

Concrete floors can be subject to small cracks and holes, which need to be smoothed out. A solvent-free two-part epoxy resin, Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Fine Crack Repair Mortar is really easy to use and repairs fine cracks up to 3mm wide. Simply smooth over the cracks in you concrete floor and it will be dry and sound after four hours. Recoat after the four hours, leave it to dry and you’ll be left with an even, smooth and perfect surface.

204 Fine Crack Repair works in a similar way, but on cracks from 0.2mm up to 20mm. Also solvent free, Fine Crack Repair is an epoxy resin that can be used to fill small cracks, voids and craters in brickwork, concrete and masonry. It’s weather resistant, waterproof, high strength and very easy to use. This particular crack filling resin is recommended to use for filling joints and voids that aren’t subject to movement. It’s worth noting that once it’s mixed, it must be used immediately, so the area that needs to be repaired must be ready beforehand.

Sika Joint Repair Fillers

Sika Primer 3N is a solvent-based primer used beneath elastic adhesives and Sika joint sealants. It’s easy to apply with a paintbrush and provides improved bonding on porous substrates, such as concrete, ahead of applying Sikabond Adhesives.

For a Sika joint filler or sealant, have a look at Sikaflex Construction+, which is a flexible sealant for connection and movement joints in concrete and masonry building facades. Construction+ is great for resisting weathering and ageing, which will prolong the life of your façade and minimise the need for constant maintenance. It doesn’t cause much stress to the substrate and is guaranteed to stick well. Solvent free and odourless, it has the benefit of giving low environmental impact and also works well in tropical and hot climates.

Sikaflex AT Connection is an elastic joint sealant for the connection joints between non-porous and porous substrates so it’s perfect for sealing windows and doors. It’s silicone-free and can be easily painted over, lasts for ages and is simple and straightforward to apply. It can be cleaned with Sika Thinner C or Sika Remover 208.

Flexible Joint Fillers

MMA Flexible Joint Filler is a flexible methacrylate sealant that is extremely tough. It’s hard enough to protect edges from heavy traffic and yet is able to retain a degree of flexibility, enabling it to last a long time. It has a high level of adhesion to concrete and is simple to clean, making it extremely hygienic.

A pourable joint filler for expansion joints, as well as other floor joints, Rust-Oleum 5160 Flexible Joint Filler can be used inside and outside. It remains flexible, which allows the floor to collapse and expand and it’s very fast acting – sealed joints can be walked and driven on after around 12 hours. We advise using 5161 Joint Primer to improve the adhesion of the filler.