Cromadex have been supplying products to the general industrial market for over 30 years. They are experts in colour, textured and special effect coatings, as well as corrosion protection and specialist paint systems. For more information about their products and product ranges, contact a member of our team.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 79 results

Cromadex is an AkzoNobel company

AkzoNobel is the world leader in corrosion protection, providing high-performance coatings for the protection of steel and other substrates in the most severe environments. As part of AkzoNobel, Cromadex use this expertise to offer anti-corrosion systems for general industrial and protective coatings applications under the  Life brand – a structured programme of coating systems designed to extend the life of your product.

In addition to protecting against the elements, Cromadex also offer specialist systems such as anti-graffiti and chemical resistant coatings, as well as surface tolerant products that can be applied to imperfect surfaces.

It’s not only surfaces Cromadex paints and coatings are designed and developed to protect. As a company they are also committed to developing products that minimise environmental impact and we actively advise on best practice in safe coating application.

Markets Served by Cromadex Paints 

Whether you are the designer, specifier, original manufacturer, sub-contractor, coater or refurbisher, Cromadex can provide the right solution to suit your application needs. Cromadex coatings are applied to almost anything you see on a daily basis. 

The Cromadex General Industrial liquid coatings range includes primers, primer finishes, topcoats and factory maintenance products. These are available in air drying, stoving and two pack. The right product can be selected to suit your particular application, whether it is by brush or a complex automatic line.

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