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     Crown Trade Paints

Dating back to 1777, Crown Paints is one of the longest established paint manufacturers in the UK and a household name. Producing a large number of its paints in a wide spectrum of colours and finishes, from silk to matt and eggshell. Their coloured paint collection is based on the RAL colour chart. Widely used by DIY enthusiasts, contractors, decorators and builders, Rawlins Paints stocks the most popular Crown Trade Paints.

Steracryl, Timonox and Protective Coatings

Steracryl is the anti-bacterial based product range from Crown Trade Paints and is available in durable acrylic eggshell or scrubbable/mould inhibiting matt finishes. This range helps in the battle against bacteria, and is proven to reduce the spread of infection against MRSA, E. Coli and Salmonella. Add these paints to a bathroom or kitchen to also aid in the reduction of mould and fungi from steamed, damp and moist collecting areas. Perfect for interior walls, woodwork/cupboards and ceilings in medicinal buildings, public spaces such as restaurants and cafes, care homes and educational environments (schools and playschools). The Steracryl products are also very easy to scrub clean - making them ideal for public/communal areas which need to meet health and safety certification stipulations on cleanliness.

Timonox products are available in standard or custom colours and add a decorative, flame retardant coating to walls and ceilings. This is another Crown Trade Paints product which is ideal for communal areas and can be used on previously decorated areas, if the surface has been wet abraded to provide a key for the coating.

Quick drying and suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces and environments, Rawlins Paints' collection of Crown Trade Paints are available with delivery across the UK.

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