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List of products by brand Ennis-Flint

Ennis-Flint are manufacturers of road marking materials and products, including:

  • Chlorinated Rubber
  • Traffic and Airport Markings
  • Hand Drawn Paint Box Tools
  • ColourSafe Anti-Slip Surfaces
  • Waterbased EP Paint
  • Line Markings, Letters and Symbols
  • Reflective Road Studs
  • Reflective Glass Beads

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Ennis-Flint Cataphos Chlorinated Rubber (Premium)

Ennis-Flint Cataphos Chlorinated Rubber (Premium) is a highly durable traffic paint for marking applications. Suitable for both asphalt and concrete it is recognised worldwide as the premium chlorinated rubber brand. May also be used on aged blacktop, thermoplastic coverings, and most types of painted lines and floor paints. Fast and easy to...

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Ennis-Flint Cataphos Solvent

Ennis-Flint Cataphos Solvent is a special solvent to be used for thinning and cleaning equipment when using Ennis-Flint Cataphos Chlorinated Rubber (Premium) and Ennis-Flint Cataphos Chlorinated Rubber (Standard). More Information Delivery Info

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Ennis-Flint Gas Torch

Ensure a professional finish by using the Ennis-Flint Gas Torch to apply their thermoplastic markings such as Ennis-Flint Prismo Flexiline. Supplied with 5m hose and 0-4 bar regulator. More Information Delivery Info

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Ennis-Flint Reflective Glass Beads

Reflective Glass Beads to increase reflectivity, durability and slip resistance of surface applied coatings. For ‘drop-on’ or ‘surface-applied’ application which conforms fully to the requirements of Class B of BS 6088 1981. More Information Delivery Info

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Ennis-Flint Road Marking Paint, Reflective Glass Beads and Chlorinated Rubber

Ennis-Flint are a major brand manufacturing road marking materials and products in the UK. From driveways to public parking areas, and major roads to airport concrete and asphalt paint, Rawlins Paints are stockists of Ennis Flint products.

Chlorinated Rubber and Reflective Glass Beads

Reflective glass beads help to improve reflectivity, whilst adding additional durability and anti-slip qualities to road surfaces. These products are most noticably used on major roads and motorways for improved night-time/low-light visibility. Temporary reflective road studs also help improve safety on areas of road undergoing roadworks for example.

Ennis-Flint's Cataphos Chlorinated Rubber is used as traffic paint on areas where a highly durable product is required - such as busy car-parks. Available in a number of colours, including white, black, red, yellow and blue, these products are suitable for both asphalt and concrete.

Cataphos Water-Based Road and Line Paint

As well as line paint, numbers and symbols, Ennis-Flint also manufacture the popular waterbased EP fast drying traffic paint, used at airports, roadways and lane-line striping. It contains additional glass beads for skid resistance and reflective qualities.

About Ennis-Flint

Ennis-Flint operate on a global basis and appreciate the different cultures, requirements and regulations in countries across the world. To help ensure they continue to service all markets to the highest level, they have two proven approaches:

  • Ennis-Flint have opened over 20 international offices and manufacturing facilities. This helps to ensure the products can be manufactured to specific customer requirements and delivered quickly and efficiently. It also means that the sales and marketing teams are able to hold face to face meetings with customers to discuss their needs.
  • In order to build strong local relationships and demonstrate commitment to long-term, sustainable business, there have been a number of joint ventures with international partners. These ventures employ local people, whilst benefitting from Ennis-Flints extensive knowledge and experience.


Ennis-Flint is committed to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment. To help achieve this, the company has implemented ISO 14001:2004 EMS to monitor and continuously improve its environmental performance.

Standards & Approvals

Ennis-Flint produce products that perform at the highest levels. As a result, they offer a wide selection of products that meet internationally recognised standards, demonstrating the excellent results that are achieved under the most intense testing. These standards include BSEN 1871, 1436 and BSEN 14188-1:1004, as well as the BSI Kitemark. Ennis-Flint hold approvals from a range of international bodies, including BBA HAPAS in the UK, Bundesanstalt fur Materialforschung und Prufung and BASt to EN1436 in Germany. In Spain they have product approvals from AETEC and in France from ASQUER; both to EN1436. They also adhere to AASHTO standards.

Research & Development

At Ennis-Flint they are constantly working to develop new and innovative products that will provide a true benefit to road users. They operate a dedicated research and development facility at the UK manufacturing plant. This facility measures and controls product quality, works with customers to ensure optimum performance in all climates and conditions, and develops new traffic safety solutions. The R&D team helps to keep Ennis-Flint at the forefront of the road safety industry.