Everbuild Paints specialise in one coat roof paints:

  • Solar Reflective
  • Black Bitumen
  • Roofing Emulsion
  • Evercryl One Coat

List of products by manufacturer Everbuild

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 results

Everbuild One Coat and Roof Paints

Now owned by Sika AG, Everbuild building trade paints specialise in heavy duty roof paints, including solar reflective finishes. Their paints are hard wearing and suitable for wood, felt, gutters, external piping and flat-roofs. Everbuild's BlackJack weatherproof protective black bitumen paint is also suitable for iron sheets, railings and water tanks. Ultra-versatile and suitable for industrial scale projects due to its corrosion resistant capabilities, it's no surprise Everbuild are a favourite brand in the building trade due partly to it producing a hard wearing paint for wood.

One Coat Roof Repair Paint

Popular amongst Rawlins Paints' regular trade customers is the Evercryl one coat, waterproofing roof and guttering paint. Available in clear, black, white and grey, this resin-based roof repair compound is fibre re-enforced and can even be used on wet surfaces. Applicable by brush, its finished and flexible mebrane coating is resistant to algae and fungi.

BlackJack Roofing Emulsion and Hard Wearing Floor Paint

Everbuild's roofing emulsion is perfect for general exterior waterproofing needs, applicable on many metals, wood, asphalt, felt, slate, tile, concrete and structural steelwork. In partnership with the D.P.M. (damp-proof membrane) floor paint, suitable for wooden block flooring, above ground structures and foundations, as well as insulation boards, Everbuild are producing some of the best exterior and interior heavy duty water-proofing building paints in the UK.

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