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Exterior Masonry Paints

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When it comes to masonry paint, Rawlins Paints know the importance of quality products offering long lasting protection. We can offer exterior masonry paint, waterproofing paint, renovation paint, high build paint and much more to give your masonry a boost with a decorative finish.

Exterior wall paint needs to be water repellent and offer superior protection against even the harshest weather conditions. We have products in our waterproof exterior paint and masonry paint ranges for every kind of outside cladding, stonework and brickwork.

Waterproof Masonry Paint

Waterproofing properties are at the forefront of most of our customer’s requests for masonry paint. Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Waterproofing Coating is a popular coating for exterior masonry, thanks to its microporous structure allowing the product to breathe. This lengthens the life of the finish and improves the visual impact of the coating. Mathys paint is available in a range of colours from Ivory White to Anthracite.

Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Satin is an all-surface paint, which has been designed to give eight years’ protection on masonry and other exterior surfaces. As Zinsser Allcoat contains a specific biocide to protect against fungal degradation, the coating gives a longer mould-free finish. In most cases, there’s no need to use a primer before applying Zinsser Allcoat, as long as any existing mould or mildew is removed before application.

High-Build Masonry Paint

If you need to cover fine cracks and uneven surfaces to make your exterior masonry smooth and finished to your satisfaction, Sandtex Trade High Build is a good choice. This decorative and protective coating is one of the best exterior masonry paint products on the market. Sandtex High Build is a medium to heavy textured masonry wall coating that can be used on most outside surfaces. If you’re looking for specific colours of high build masonry paint, this range has plenty to choose from and guarantees you’ll find something for your specific project. Sandtex High Build is also certified by the British Board of Agreement Certificate, guaranteeing 15 years’ durability for added peace of mind.

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