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Exterior Masonry Paints

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When it comes to waterproofing masonry paint, Rawlins Paints know the importance of high-quality products which offer long-lasting protection, excellent coverage and the best decorative finishes. Masonry paint can also be used on window ledges, door surrounds and external walls, to give a uniform colour finish to a property. Cover and bridge fine cracks and large areas, fast, with products from our range, all with next day delivery options.

Our enquiries for the protection of exterior building facades in the UK usually consist of requests for masonry paint, which is available as smooth or textured, cladding paint for metal and plastisol cladding, or timber finishes. The masonry paints we offer, as well as being waterproofing, offer dirt resistance, do not flake, and are frequently breathable – allowing trapped moisture in porous substrates to dry out and not cause internal damp.

One of the main protective requirements of an exterior wall paint is that it needs to be water repellent and offer superior protection against even the harshest and most adverse winter weather conditions. Coastal areas of the UK will also benefit from additional protection against salt-air corrosion. We have products in our waterproofing exterior masonry paint range for every kind of outside cladding or substrate, from simple rejuvenation projects to full restoration projects:
• Lime render
• Concrete render
• Stonework
• Exterior brickwork
• Roughcast
• Pebbledash
• Concrete
• Building blocks
• Facing bricks
• Previously painted masonry surfaces

For trade and construction customers, the leading masonry paint manufacturers stocked at Rawlins Paints are Bedec, Rust-Oleum Mathys, Sika, Thermilate, Wethertex, and Zinsser. In all, there's over 500 colours to pick from to ensure that the finish you need is the finish you get, at Rawlins Paints.

Waterproof Masonry Paint

The benefits of buying or researching waterproofing masonry paints at Rawlins Paints is the elevated level of technical and application support you receive. We can discuss datasheet details, maintenance and repair work that may need to be undertaken to ensure the longest possible protection period can be obtained from application, or storage of a product for continued use on long-term site projects.

Waterproofing properties are at the forefront of most of our customer’s requests for masonry paint. Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Waterproofing Coating is a popular coating for exterior masonry, thanks to its microporous structure allowing the product to breathe. This lengthens the life of the finish and improves the visual impact of the coating. Mathys paint is available in a range of colours from Ivory White to Anthracite.

Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Satin is an all-surface paint, which has been designed to give eight years’ protection on masonry and other exterior surfaces. As Zinsser Allcoat contains a specific biocide to protect against fungal degradation, the coating gives a longer mould-free finish. In most cases, there’s no need to use a primer before applying Zinsser Allcoat, as long as any existing mould or mildew is removed before application.

High-Build Masonry Paint

If you need to cover fine cracks and uneven surfaces to make your exterior masonry smooth and finished to your satisfaction, Wethertex HBS Flex-Coat Hi-Build Coating is an excellent choice. This decorative and protective coating is one of the best exterior masonry paint products on the market. Wethertex HBS Flex-Coat Hi-Build Coating is a high quality, ready to use, highly vapour permeable and flexible, high build silicone wall coating. For use on most exterior masonry surfaces and exterior grade building boards. Ideal for renovation of uneven and irregular surfaces. A variety of textured finishes can be achieved using various application techniques.

Water-Based Masonry Paint

Water-based masonry paint can be used on a range of surfaces but render which is clean and dry is most common. With minimal preparation, a fresh coating can quickly be applied. Occasionally, for example for chalky or powdery substrates a stabilising primer may be required to be applied first, to act as a sealer for the topcoat masonry paints.

In some instances soundly rendered walls only require a thinned down first coat of the water-based masonry paint to act as its ‘primer’ coating. Older mortar joints may require further thin coatings if a light/white masonry paint is being applied as a topcoat.

Previously painted substrates can be coated with most water-based masonry paints available at Rawlins Paints. These micro-porous paints allow for moisture present in the wall to pass through it and evaporate.

Water-based masonry paints are typically available in a wider colour range than solvent-based masonry paints. Solvent-based masonry paints are chosen when projects require completion in winter months or when the product offers better performance on particular substrates.

Questions to Consider Before Buying Masonry Paint

To help us with your enquiries and to determine which may be the best masonry paint for your requirements, please let us know:
• Are there any specific colour options you need?
• What life expectancy/level of protection do you require?
• Is this for a new-build, renovation or restoration project?
• Has the surface been suitably primed, or are you looking to paint over a previously decorated surface?
• Will the waterproofing masonry paint be applied to brickwork, concrete render, stone, lime based render, or another substrate?
• Is it for a listed building or heritage property – and have the owners specified any specific requests?
• Is there any damage to the brickwork? Hairline or larger cracks that need to be repaired first.
• Will the paint be used near any extreme environmental or coastal areas?
• What level of exposure does the property have? Are there trees, for example, near the property which may meet it in windy conditions?
• Do you require smooth or a textured finish?
• What is your project budget?

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