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Buy flame resistant spray for water absorbing material, fibres and fabrics, including curtains, rope, decorative textiles, upholstery and artificial plants and flowers, at Rawlins Paints today, or call us for technical advice on any item stocked. Please note that these products are only for use on fabrics, and that Rawlins Paints stocks other products for wood and steel fire treatment.

Fabric treatments - for protection against fire

Making a room or area as safe as possible from the threat of fire is an important consideration, whether it’s a domestic or commercial environment.

As well as marking fire exits clearly, using fire retardant paint on walls, floors and ceilings, using heat retardant material where possible, and ensuring fire doors comply with safety standards, it’s also necessary to consider all the fabrics in the area. This can include furniture, curtains, sofas, upholstery, rope and decorative textiles.

Making fabrics, including clothing, natural and artificial fibres less likely to catch and stay on fire, involves treating fabrics with a flame retardant product. Fire retardants work by making the material more resistant to catching fire, but cannot make flammable materials fire proof. Although these sprays may be referred to as fireproof fabric spray, it’s important to understand the distinction. Fire retardants are substances that either reduce flammability or delay combustion of various surfaces and materials, effectively giving you more time to escape from a dangerous situation or put the fire out.

Rawlins Paints stocks fire retardant spray for any water absorbing material, including cotton, polycotton, silk, wool and nylon. All of our fire retardant spray products have full instructions on how to use them effectively and safely. You must apply the fire retardant sprays in a well ventilated area and ideally test the spray on a piece of fabric before applying to the whole piece.

The fire retardant fabric sprays can only be used on suitable materials. If you’re looking for fire retardant paints, or other products for wood and steel fire treatment, we also stock those. Call our Technical Team for advice if you’re unsure of the type of fire retardant product you need.

Our fire retardant solution can be used in lots of domestic or commercial circumstances, including but not limited to military and event tents, lightweight cardboard and straw, clothing, protective uniforms and much more. 

Each of the fire retardant sprays comes in three sizes: 1 litre, 5 litres and 25 litres. The 1 litre fire resistant sprays are trigger spray bottles that can be refilled from larger containers.

Colourless fire retardant sprays

We stock non-toxic, colourless ‘fireproof’ sprays that provide fire protection but also maintain the natural look of the item. These are perfect for use on stage props, furniture and curtains, among many other surfaces. Once the coating has dried, it’s completely invisible and ready for use. There’s no need to soak, making fire retardant sprays easier to use than traditional fire retardant fabric treatments.

Easy to apply and cost effective, clear fabric treatments are more and more popular as the demand and regulations for safety increase in public, commercial and industrial spaces. This includes hospitals, stations, schools and care homes, as well as on seasonal decorations. These sprays are great for Christmas trees and other decorations to ensure your home or commercial environment is as safe as possible.

Bollom Flamebar treatments

We stock Bollom Flamebar PE6 and Bollom Flamebar S1WA2 and Bollom Flamebar S3. These are highly effective and economical water-based flame retardant solutions. Check our product pages for the specific uses of each different Bollom flame retardant spray, as they are all for different uses, including protecting polyester artificial flowers, plants and tree foliage.

You need to apply Bollom Flamebar in well ventilated, warm environments to speed up the drying process. However, don’t allow the fabric to dry too fast as it can then leave marks.

The level of fire resistance delivered by the sprays varies depending on the material so make sure you contact us if you are unsure of the level you need. 

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