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HI Can you supply Combicolor in L90D?

Rust-Oleum Combicolor Original is available in many RAL and BS colours, unfortunately we cannot match automotive paint codes.

Building control have requested that the timber door leading to my basement has 30 mins fire protection can you recommend a pa . . .

Providing your doors are suitable then Envirograf Door Upgrade Paint System or Envirograf Door Upgrade Varnish System may be suitable.

I've cut the handles off a huge enamel dish as it wouldn't fit into the oven. I'm left with four rings of raw steel which I wa . . .

Unfortunately we do not have a product to recommend for this application.

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Product/Project Question
Good afternoon. I would like some advice please, on the best products to buy to prepare/paint the concrete floor in my busy ca . . .

Thank you for the enqiury, please can we request some pictures of the floor and the information below are sent to [email protected] then we can assist with a specification.

Environment - interior or exterior
Substrate – concrete, power floated, porous? Timber or metal
If screed applied what is it, also provide TDS if possible
Location – garage, warehouse, domestic
Condition – bare or previously painted
Exposure – foot traffic, vehicles, forklifts, chemicals
Size of area to paint
Colour required
Finish required, matt satin or gloss
Application- who will be applying it>
Application timescale
Level of preparation prepared to undertake – grinding floor prior to application?

hi im looking for upvc paint that would be a close match to golden oak upvc colour.. could you recommend a match please regard . . .

Unfortunately we cannot recommend a colour choice, but these paints can be mixed to many RAL and BS colours.

We would recommend viewing a RAL or Bs colour chart in persion to ascertain colour suitability for your application.

Assuming the UPVC is clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the technical data sheet we can recommend the Kolorbond uPVC Painting Kits.

Hey I have a 40m2 concrete floor in a photo studio and I'm trying to work you the best cost effective covering for it. I am us . . .

Unfortunately we do not have a floor paint that can insulate the floor to make it feel warmer but assuming the floor is clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the technical data sheet we can recommend Bradite Floor-It.

This is available in many RAL and BS colours in a semi-gloss finish.

For application to a prepared bare absorbant concrete 3 coats will be required with the first coat thinned 20% with clean water.

For 40m² you will require approximately two 5ltr tins.

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Problem Solving
How do you treat rising damp?

Our blog post "Treating Rising Damp" shows you how to spot the problem, ways to solve it, and the products to use.

Which Clear varnish can i use below the waterline

Assuming the substrate is clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the Technical Data Sheet we can recommend Teamac High Performance Polyurethane Topcoat.

Do you have an interior paint for gypsum board ceilings that will work as a vapour barrier (and ideally has acceptable self-fi . . .

Thank you for the enquiry, we have contacted you directly for more information.

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Product Application
May your anti-climb "paint" also be used against e.g. martens squeezing in under roof slates destroying the insulation materia . . .

We have no information on any anti-climb paints being used for this kind of application as they are purely used as a non-drying coating to prevent vandals having ease of access.

Hi, do you stock a masking tape for powder coating?

We do stock 2" Masking Tape, but this is not suitable for use at the temperatures envolved in powder coating.


Thank you for the enquiry, we will be contacting you directly.

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Product Mixing
When choosing Ral colour 7037 is not available Can it be mixed ? I need 10 litres

Could you advise which product you require this colour in please?

Do you supply paint in spray cans?

Yes you can see our range of aerosols HERE.

Hi , I am looking for a sika gard paint b/no 3001342574 article no. 428963 hopefully you can help thanks

This information relates to Sikagard 206 W (Sterimatt) in BS 14C31. Sikagard 206 W (Sterimatt) has been discontinued by the manufacturer and has been replaced with Sikagard 406 W which is also available in BS 14C31.

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Surface Preparation
Hi, I would like to re-paint a powder coated cast iron radiator. The current coating is in perfect condition but is the wrong . . .

Assuming the powder coated radiator is clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the Technical Data Sheet we can recommend Rust-Oleum CombiColor Original.

This is available in many RAL and BS colours in a satin or gloss finish.

Hi I want to paint my outdoor, uncovered, concrete patio slabs, a dark grey/near black. What is the best primer to use for thi . . .

Assuming the concrete slabs are bare, clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the technical Data Sheet we can recommend Coo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint.

No primer or sealer would be required but the slabs should be prepared by acid etching, abrading or grinding.

one of our sites want to allow young adults t o graffiti a couple of walls internally. would we treat the surface for future e . . .

Assuming the wall is clean, dry, sound and prepared as detailed in the Techncial Data sheet we we would recommend an anti-graffiti coating to provide a surface where the graffiti could be easily removed at a later date such as Hydron Nu-Guard AG.

This is an anti-graffiti coating available in a range of colours or clear.

This would mean any graffiti could be removed with soapy water when desired.

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Technical Acronyms
What is a MSDS data sheet?

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, SDS stands for Safety Data Sheet. It is a vital read before starting your project to ensure you are carrying out the application in the safest way possible. It includes information such as:

  • • Identification of the substance
  • • Hazards identification
  • • Composition of ingredients
  • • First aid measures
  • • Handling and storage
  • • Accidental release measures
  • • Personal protection
  • • Safety equipment
  • • Chemical properties
  • • Reactivity and stability
  • • Toxicological information
  • • Ecological information
  • • Disposal considerations
  • • Transport information
  • • Regulatory information
  • • Emergency contact information
  • • Firefighting measures

What do FD30 and FD60 mean?

FD30 and FD60 are often referred to when discussing fire protection for doors. FD30 would suggest a 30-minute fire door or fire door set; in other words, one that offers at least 30 minutes of protection against fires.

What does SB stand for?

SB usually stands for solvent-based. These paints can be hazardous, so be sure to check the Safety Data Sheet before applying.

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Technical and Specialist Knowledge
What are the different types of paint available?

There are vast types of paints available for all sorts of specialist projects. We have tried to simplify your search on our website with comprehensive categories and sub-categories.

If there is a specific paint or use you are looking for, you can also use the ‘Search’ tool which will prompt/suggest products you may be looking for.

Each header has a dropdown box, and then each category has further subcategories that appear to the right when the cursor is hovered over the category name.  

What are the different types of wood stains and varnishes available?

We have a designated ‘Wood Finishes’ category under ‘Paints & Coatings that categorises our wood stains, oils, varnishes, and paints further into maintenence, pre-treatment, preparation, and protection, for:

  • Exterior wood surfaces:
    • Barns and farms
    • Cladding
    • Decking
    • Garden furniture
    • Joinery (windows and doors)
    • Shed, fence, and summerhouse
  • Interior wood surfaces:
    • Doors and trim
    • Floors
    • Furniture
    • Walls and ceilings
    • Worktops and tabletops
  • Industrial products:
    • Acid catalysed
    • Pre-catalysed


We stock a comprehensive range of wood varnishes, stains, oils, protective finishes, and wood paint for both interior and exterior uses – pretty much every project you can think of is covered by a product in our range. Whatever you need, we can provide advice on the best wood finish to use, from heavy duty floor varnish to opaque wood paint, decking oil to Danish oil, and water-based or solvent-based.

What is a primer and when should you use it when decorating or restoring a previously decorated surface? . . .

A primer is a preparatory product. It creates an extra layer between your paint and the substrate, helping it last longer, bond better and often smoothing out the surface for optimum lifespan and performance. To look at it a different way, makeup primers are used for the same purpose in cosmetics!

Primers can also be used to add more specific extra protection, such as using a UV primer, a waterproofing primer or a penetrating primer.

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Fire Protection FAQs
Hi there, I need some intumescent paint to cover an internal painted RSJ. Could you let me know what you would advise for this . . .

Thank you for the enquiry, we have contacted you directly for more information.

we are looking for one of your products that will coat external cladding (thermawood) to achieve a 60min fire rating. A direct . . .

Thank you for the enquiry, we have contacted you directly for more information.

can you paint the inside of a gas pebble effect open front fire, where the the existing black colour is wearing with heat and . . .

Thank you for the enquiry, unfortunatley we do not have a product to recommend for this application.

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Customer and Trade Accounts
Need to get fire retardant varnish quickly can I go to shop and buy it?

You can order on our website and select from the following delivery options;

  • 3 - 5 Working Days (FREE on orders over £75.00 + VAT, £5.00 + VAT if under)
  • 2 - 3 Working Days (£8.00 + VAT)
  • Next Working Day (£15.00 + VAT)
  • Next Working Day Pre 9.30am (£30.00 + VAT)
  • Saturday Pre 9.30am (£45.00 + VAT)

Can you send me your latest catalogue please.

We don’t have a catalogue, all our products are listed on our website. If you have any specific requirements you need help with you can respond to this answer or call our Technical Team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) to discuss.

Hi, I would like to buy 2.5L of Combicolor Rustoleum to paint my Volkswagen T3 with L90D white colour. Since I live in Italy ( . . .

Thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately we do not ship outside of the UK.

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Repair and Restoration Advice
Hi, I've been recommended (by a stonemason), to buy a silver enamel paint, to redo the writing on our Son's grave. I'm fine wi . . .

My crazy pavement needs. Holes filled is it cement or concrete I'd b using ready mix

For fine cracks we'd recommend Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Fine Crack Repair and for larger repairs we'd recommend Rust-Oleum 5180 Epoxy Repair Mortar.

I've chipped the white paint on my (brand new) cooker. It's only tiny but it's right at the front. I'd prefer a brush on paint . . .

Blackfriar Enamel Paint may be suitable but it isn't specifically heat resistant or food safe.

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BCF Publications and Guides
BCF Guide to Blistering: Causes and Prevention

Ref: G002, May 2004

One of the complaints levelled at all paint manufacturers concerns moisture blistering, which is probably one of the hardest problems to explain to the repairer on the bodyshop floor. With inclement weather conditions, there are bound to be some cars developing moisture blistering which is more often than not blamed on the paints used. The bodyshop rarely realises that the blistering is due either to application, conditions in which the vehicle is sprayed, preparation, or indeed the weather itself.

The cause of blistering is saturation of the film by exceptional levels of atmospheric humidity, together with the presence of water-soluble materials, either absorbed into the film or present on the surface before painting. The blisters are formed when the moisture eventually escapes from the film as humidity decreases and temperature increases. The pressures formed in the film are enormous and often sufficient to deform the film into blisters. Where very low temperatures are involved, moisture freezes in the film and this leads to weakness in adhesion, which make the subsequent blistering much more likely.

One of the main causes of this phenomenon is osmotic pressure developed by the meeting under and in between the different layers microblistering. It may be that contamination is caused by moisture or even road salt. If a vehicle has been subjected to road salt and this is not very thoroughly flatted out of the film, osmotic blistering will occur when it is repainted.

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BCF: Colour-Guidance for Consumers and DIY Users

Ref: G005, Jan 09


Users are advised that the actual paint colour from the container might not be identical to that shown on shade cards, brochures or in photographs. The differences can be caused by a number of factors that will result in colour variation, these include different substrates, different level of gloss which will affect the perceived colour, different angle of viewing, the level and type (fluorescent, tungsten, natural daylight etc.) of lighting.

Uniform Colour

A major problem is that people start painting an area and run out of paint, buy more and then notice that the two colours are not exactly the same. This sheet gives some advice and steps to take to avoid this happening. It also includes some information as to why different containers of what is the 'same' colour might look different when applied.

How Much Paint?

To minimise problems of having too little or too much paint it is important to calculate as best you can how much paint you will need.

In-Store Tinted Paint and Ready Mixed Paints

Do not use both ready mixed paints (those already in the container with specified colour) with in-store tinted paints (paints prepared in store using base and tinters). This is because there is always a tolerance in producing any colour and it is likely that when produced in a manufacturing plant it will differ to that made up in a store.

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BCF Guide to CE Marking of Paints

Ref: G015, Jan 14

CE Marking

As part of the requirement of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) (305/2011EC) products that comply with this regulation have to carry the CE mark either on the product and/or on the attached information that accompanies the product. To meet the requirements of the CPR the product has to conform to a ‘harmonised standard’ (hENs)*.
The CPR also requires that products that are in scope have a Declaration of Performance (DoP) that goes with the product, this will give information on the hEN that the product complies with.


Many companies have been asked why are their paints which are used in/on construction products are not CE marked. The simple answer is that there is no harmonised standard that the paint can be tested against to see if it meets any specific requirements. Without a standard it CANNOT be CE marked.


The European Commission issues Mandates which lay out ‘essential requirements’ that a product has to meet to comply with the Construction Products Regulation. 

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