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Technical and Specialist Knowledge
1.What are the different types of paint available?

There are vast types of paints available for all sorts of specialist projects. We have tried to simplify your search on our website with comprehensive categories and sub-categories.

If there is a specific paint or use you are looking for, you can also use the ‘Search’ tool which will prompt/suggest products you may be looking for.

Each header has a dropdown box, and then each category has further subcategories that appear to the right when the cursor is hovered over the category name.  

2.What are the different types of wood stains and varnishes available?

We have a designated ‘Wood Finishes’ category under ‘Paints & Coatings that categorises further into:

  • • Wood preparation
  • • Interior wood finishes
  • • Exterior wood finishes
  • • Wood floor finishes
  • • Decking paint


We stock a comprehensive range of wood varnishes, stains, oils, protective finishes, and wood paint for both interior and exterior uses – pretty much every project you can think of is covered by a product in our range. Whatever you need, we can provide advice on the best wood finish to use, from heavy duty floor varnish to opaque wood paint, decking oil to Danish oil, and water-based or solvent-based.

3.What is a primer and when should you use it when decorating or restoring a previously decorated surface?

A primer is a preparatory product. It creates an extra layer between your paint and the substrate, helping it last longer, bond better and often smoothing out the surface for optimum lifespan and performance. To look at it a different way, makeup primers are used for the same purpose in cosmetics!

Primers can also be used to add more specific extra protection, such as using a UV primer, a waterproofing primer or a penetrating primer.

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Technical Acronyms
1.What does MMA stand for?

MMA stands for Methyl Methacrylate, and it is typically used in heavy duty interior and exterior floor products - for high traffic areas on suitably primed concrete, bitumen, tarmac and asphalt. 

Methyl Methacrylate

As a reactive resin, MMA's polymerised form can be found in a range of products at Rawlins Paints and wider afield, including:

Benefits of using MMA products, include:

  • • Increased stability and durability on medium to heavy use surfaces and substrates
  • • Additional shock and impact resistance
  • • Improved resistance against scratching and dulling of the surface sheen
  • • Rapid curing, even at low temperatures
  • • Corrosion resistance
2.What is a TDS data sheet?

Technical Data Sheets cover a wide range of important information for products at Rawlins Paints, including:

  • • Product description
  • • Features and benefits of using the product
  • • Recommended uses
  • • Typical properties, including chemical resistance for example
  • • Colour options
  • • Available pack or unit sizes
  • • Coverage rates
  • • Surface preparation advice
  • • How to mix and prepare the product for application
  • • Application guidelines
  • • Application equipment cleaning recommendations
  • • Curing or drying times at differing temperatures
  • • Storage recommendations
  • • Product limitations
  • • Health and safety advice when using, storing or cleaning the product from equipment or surfaces
3.What is a MSDS data sheet?

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, SDS stands for Safety Data Sheet. It is a vital read before starting your project to ensure you are carrying out the application in the safest way possible. It includes information such as:

  • • Identification of the substance
  • • Hazards identification
  • • Composition of ingredients
  • • First aid measures
  • • Handling and storage
  • • Accidental release measures
  • • Personal protection
  • • Safety equipment
  • • Chemical properties
  • • Reactivity and stability
  • • Toxicological information
  • • Ecological information
  • • Disposal considerations
  • • Transport information
  • • Regulatory information
  • • Emergency contact information
  • • Firefighting measures
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