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1.What does MMA stand for?

MMA stands for Methyl Methacrylate, and it is typically used in heavy duty interior and exterior floor products - for high traffic areas on suitably primed concrete, bitumen, tarmac and asphalt. 

Methyl Methacrylate

As a reactive resin, MMA's polymerised form can be found in a range of products at Rawlins Paints and wider afield, including:

Benefits of using MMA products, include:

  • • Increased stability and durability on medium to heavy use surfaces and substrates
  • • Additional shock and impact resistance
  • • Improved resistance against scratching and dulling of the surface sheen
  • • Rapid curing, even at low temperatures
  • • Corrosion resistance
2.What is a TDS data sheet?

Technical Data Sheets cover a wide range of important information for products at Rawlins Paints, including:

  • • Product description
  • • Features and benefits of using the product
  • • Recommended uses
  • • Typical properties, including chemical resistance for example
  • • Colour options
  • • Available pack or unit sizes
  • • Coverage rates
  • • Surface preparation advice
  • • How to mix and prepare the product for application
  • • Application guidelines
  • • Application equipment cleaning recommendations
  • • Curing or drying times at differing temperatures
  • • Storage recommendations
  • • Product limitations
  • • Health and safety advice when using, storing or cleaning the product from equipment or surfaces
3.What is a MSDS data sheet?
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