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Fire Batts & Slabs

Compartmentalise hidden spaces behind partitioned walls, above suspended ceilings, or underneath raised floors with fire slabs to help slow the spread of fire and aid evacuation, saving lives and preventing further damage. Quick and easy to install, at Rawlins paints we have several accessories, such as mesh and battens, to provide extra support in difficult fire-stopping projects.

Our range of intumescent-coated slabs and fire batts from top-brands such as  Nullifire, include fibre-free products for use in sensitive areas such as food preparation factories and kitchens, schools, hospitals, laboratories and computer rooms.

Fire protection doesn’t have to be hard work, let our technical staff help you get the level of protection you require and the finish you want. If there is a product you cannot find, please contact our Technical and Sales Support Team on 0113 245 5450.

For clarification on minimum requirements before buying one of our fire-stopping products, please review the information provided in the 'DATASHEETS' tab on the product in question. A written specification should be obtained from our Technical Department for your project prior to use to ensure the product will be suitable.

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SikaSeal-626 Fire Board

SikaSeal-626 Fire Board, a mineral wool based protection board coated with the fire resistant, ablative coating Sikacryl-625 Fire on both sides providing up to 4 hours fire resistance for sealing a wide range of service penetrations. Part of the Sika Passive Fire Protection range Sika now offer a Fire Stopping Solution Finder - a useful...

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Nullifire FJ240 Spanatherm

Nullifire (Firetherm) FJ240 Spanatherm, fire resistant rock fibre expansion joints for slab edging and curtain walling, preventing the spread of smoke and fire. Up to 2 hours fire integrity Vapour and smoke barrier Allows significant movement accommodation 1200 x 600 x 100mm slabs Please contact our technical team on 01132455450 for...

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Nullifire FJ220 Intubatt 3 Cavity Barrier

Nullifire (Firetherm) FJ220 Intubatt 3 Cavity Barrier, a rock fibre compressible slab, with an ablative coating to provide a fire and smoke seal. Supplied pre-configured, ablative coated and factory cured. Choose from 2 options: Single coated for horizontal seals Double coated for vertical seals Low cost and simple install Easy to...

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Nullifire FB750 Intubatts

Nullifire (Firetherm) FB750 Intubatts are fully identifiable, fire resistant ablative skinned rock mineral wool boards used for fire protection of openings in fire barriers used for pipes and services to pass through. Refer to order references below Factory finished unique multilayered, low resin bonded, rock mineral fibre board Ablative...

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Protecta FR Board

Protecta FR Board, designed to prevent the spread of fire & smoke through openings in fire rated walls & floors with multiple installed building services. Permanently flexible, it will maintain the acoustic design performance in fire rated walls & floors, accommodating movements during fire & smaller movements in the...

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Nullifire Intutec Batts

Nullifire (Firetherm) Intutec Batts are firestopping products for use with Nullfire products as specified by our technical team, who can be contacted on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or by sending a message to [email protected] To qualify for Express (1-3 day) shipping, basket value must exceed £75.00 + VAT. Orders below this amount...

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Nullifire FI064 Soft Joint Backer

Nullifire (Firetherm) FI064 Soft Joint Backer is a 64 kg rockmineral wool slab, to be cut on site and rotated through 90° to form a highly compressible backer with vertically orientated fibres. Specifically tested for a high movement backer, when used in conjunction with other Nullifire products. The system is suitable for both horizontal and...

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Nullifire FI140 Shutter Slab 140KG

***TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE*** Nullifire FI140 Shutter Slab is a rigid, moisture resistant, non-combustible, rock mineral wool slab. To be used as a shutter/dam for Nullifire FR230 Intucompound Fire Mortar, for use in fire compartment separating walls & floors. Non-combustible: Euroclass A1 to EN13501-1 Easy to cut Durable and...

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Astroflame PFP Fire Resistant Boards

Astroflame PFP Fire Resistant Boards, designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire rated walls and floors where openings are formed to allow the installation of multiple building services. Coated both sides, all raw edges need to be coated with Astro PFP FR Coating. Classified for all types of constructions with...

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Astroflame Fire Resistant Batt

Astroflame Fire Resistant Batt - specifically designed for sealing around service penetrations in walls and floors, a single Astroflame board (50mm or 60mm thick) can provide high levels of fire integrity and insulation. Tested in Block Wall, Concrete, Masonry, Plasterboard Partition and tested in Concrete Floors. Fire Resistant up to 4...

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Promat Promaseal Fire Barrier 50mm

Promat Promaseal Fire Barrier 50mm is a thick lightweight mineral fibre slab with a white endothermic, ablative coating applied on both sides of the slab. Fire Barrier slabs are used to prevent the spread of fire through openings in fire resistant walls and floors, where these are penetrated by building and communications services. Achieves...

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Promat Promaseal Flex Barrier - Single

Promat Promaseal Flex Barrier - Single is a thick ablative coated (one side only), highly flexible strip for fire stopping. It forms part of the Promaseal Flex System. The system comprises of Promaseal Flex Barrier, a 1200mm long x 150mm wide x 100mm highly flexible strip and Promat Promaseal Flex Coat. Please Note: This product is coated...

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