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Rawlins Paints now exclusively sell fire protection systems as 'product bundles'. These systems have been designed and assembled to meet substantial customer demand for a 'complete fire protection package' where currently customers frequently call our technical support team asking about which products work best in association with each other. Now you will be able to buy complete packages containing primers, fire retardant paints and topcoats, along with other combinations. 

If there is a product/system combination you would like to see here, please do let us know your requirements and we'd be happy to package together a complete fire protection system for you and your business/company's ongoing needs. Fire protection doesn’t have to be hard work, let our technical staff help you get the level of protection you require and the finish you want, on 0113 245 5450.

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Thermoguard fire retardant and intumescent paints, coatings and varnishes help protect your property, business premises and inhabitants in the event of a fire. Coating walls and ceilings, as well as structural timber and steel, Thermoguard products work in conjunction with one another to complete a full fire protection system. This system delivers passive fire protection 24/7, reacting to fire in many ways – click here for more information about how passive fire protection works.

Until now, it’s been very difficult to click and buy full product systems, without checking datasheets or contacting technical support teams for product recommendations about which combinations work best for wood, steel, plaster, masonry, etc. Products by different manufacturers are frequently not interchangeable as a fully compliant system. Rawlins Paints have taken the cross referencing out of this problem, and packaged together full system bundles that will meet virtually any fire protective coating requirement, in almost any environment and for nearly all building and construction substrates.

In addition to the fire retardant and intumescent paint packs, a Certificate of Supply can be issued on request for projects and builds requiring one for insurance, Fire and Building Control Authority and client records. These certificates are widely accepted by local authorities, building managers and are available at no extra charge.

Thermoguard products have been tested by the manufacturer to the latest UK and European standards, at approved fire test laboratories. These cost-effective solutions are one of the easiest ways to obtain fire resistance for a substrate or surface, reduce the spread of flames, smokes and toxins, and get a high-performance finish in matt, gloss or silk, in any colour – including clear / translucent finishes.

How Fire Retardant and Intumescent Paints Work

In applying a fire retardant or intumescent paint system, you are looking to protect a property from damage, in the event of a fire. This protection extends from personal belongings to the building’s core construction substrate. So, under extreme conditions in a fire, intumescent and fire-retardant paints applied directly to structural steel or timber, can prevent the building’s framework from collapsing under extreme heat of flames. Fire resistant times range from 30 to 60 minutes, dependent on the substrate.

The intention of fire retardant paints is to stop the spread of flames and fire over a surface area – usually walls and ceilings. This is achieved by the topcoat releasing a flame dampening gas once it has reached a specific temperature. Different work environments or public buildings will have distinct levels of fire resistance requirements, and must adhere to certain laws. To ensure that a fire retardant or intumescent paint system meets this requirement, products are tested against British Safety Standards.

Intumescent paints for steel, plasterboard and timber, react differently in the event of a fire. These coatings char and swell up – effectively expanding the surface coating – when exposed to fire. By doing this, an insulating coating is achieved that protects the underlying surface or substrate – which is typically combustible – from the heat generated from the fire. In effect, intumescent paints are fire resistant paints.

These paints, coatings and varnishes, available to buy as a product combination that contain primers / undercoats, and topcoat finishes (among other combinations available that are substrate dependent), can be used internally or externally.

Thermoguard fire protection systems can be applied to previously painted, varnished, stained, new and bare, previously decorated areas which contain layers of non-retardant paints. They are suitable, individually as packs, for many interior and exterior surfaces, delivering clear, white or coloured finishes.

Always refer to combination product datasheets to ensure that you are buying the best suited product combination, or contact Rawlins Paints’ technical support team with your requirements.

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