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Established in 1939, Flag Paints Ltd. proudly offers first class quality at all times. Manufacturing a wide range of high quality specialist paints and wood finishes at competitive prices.

The Flag Paints range includes problem solving paints such as anti-slip, anti-climb, anti-mould, roofing repair compounds, marine and antifouling paints, long term protective coatings, water based solutions, rust converters, pool paints, chemical resistant coatings, barriers and sealers, solvent pre-treatments and cleaners, specialist waxes, oils and shellac based products.

Please contact Rawlins Paints Technical Department for information regarding the full range of Flag products on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected].

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Flag 431 Wax

Flag 431 Wax is formulated to give a natural look to wooden floors. Easy to apply and buffs to a patina sheen. For interior use on wood floors Translucent White - Semi-Gloss finish  Coverage Calculator More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Flag 62 Wax

Flag 62 Wax is a traditional toluene based wax polish for finishing furniture. It is very quick drying and can be buffed to a very high gloss. For interior use on wood furniture Available in Clear and Antique Pine - Gloss finish  Please Note: This product is made to order subject to an extended lead time of 10 working days and a minimum...

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Flag Acid Etch Solution

Flag Acid Etch Solution is a pre-treatment for power floated concrete or very smooth concrete floors.  The Acid Etch Solution opens the pores of the concrete and prepares the surface to accept its next treatment, allowing excellent adhesion. Interior or Exterior use Coverage: Approx. 20 sq. meters per litre More Information...

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Flag Acrylic Primer Undercoat

Flag Acrylic Primer Undercoat is a water thinned combined primer and undercoat with excellent adhesion and opacity, for use on all types of non-ferrous surfaces. It is specially recommended for situations where speed of application, economy or low odour during the drying process is important. For interior and exterior use Ideal for...

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Flag Advanced Technologies Omni-White

Flag Advanced Technologies Omni-White is a general purpose paint with added anti-fungal protection, containing a biocide which protects the dried coating against fungal degradation. Designed to resist cracking, peeling and blistering to reduce the need for constant maintenance. Omni-White bonds to existing painted surfaces and promotes...

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Flag Advanced Technologies Stain Cover +

Flag Advanced Technologies Stain Cover + is a solvent-based primer/sealer, stain sealer and bonding coat that dries for over-coating in only 1-2 hours. On interior surfaces, it has excellent hiding power providing outstanding stain killing and adhesion promoting properties. On exterior surfaces it has a unique formulation which delivers full...

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Flag Advanced Technologies Ultimate Primer

Flag Advanced Technologies Ultimate Primer is a shellac-based primer and stain blocker which offers excellent adhesion to glossy surfaces including glass. Ideal for interior ceilings, walls, doors, general paintable surfaces and spot priming on wood, metal, trims and PVC. For interior use on plaster, wood and previously painted surfaces...

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Flag Advanced Technologies Universal Primer

Flag Advanced Technologies Universal Primer is a water-based primer-sealer for interior and exterior areas, offering low-odour application and quick drying convenience. It also promotes adhesion on difficult surfaces and effectively primes, seals and blocks stains. For use on plaster, wood, concrete and painted surfaces Prevents rust...

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Flag Aluminium Primer

Flag Aluminium Primer is a multi-purpose primer, particularly valuable in minimising "bleeding" on more resinous types of timber. Formulated to seal knots and prevent resin seepage. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications For use on wood and metal Self-knotting Used prior to overcoating with conventional white spirit based...

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Flag Anti Climb Paint Sign

Flag Anti Climb Paint Sign plastic warning sign. It is a lawful requirement users must display a warning sign after Anti Climb Paint has been applied. White sign with red warning text - Pre-drilled for easy installation Dimensions - 330mm wide x 228mm high Note: As a lawful requirement do not apply Anti Climb Paint under 2m height, users...

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Flag Anti Climb Security Paint

Flag Anti Climb Security Paint is a thick glutinous coating, similar to smooth gloss paint in appearance but when applied remains slippery indefinitely preventing any intruder from gaining a foothold. An effective deterrent, this product never fully dries making surfaces difficult to climb. For exterior use on brick, cement, wood, metal,...

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Flag Anti Rugine (MIO) Anti-Rust Paint

Flag Anti Rugine (MIO) Anti-Rust Paint is a high quality one coat anti-rust metal paint based on Micaceous Iron Oxide. It is a high build primer suitable for either brushing or spraying purposes. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications Provides excellent adhesion to ferrous metals and imparts good water resistance Coverage...

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