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Fosroc is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of high performance chemicals for the construction industry, with a particular focus on concrete and cement.

A British heritage brand, Fosroc began over 80 years ago and has become the go-to name for construction companies, offering a wide range of products and brands including Nitoproof, Nitoseal, Proofex, SupercastConplast and Dekguard.

Fosroc's tailored Constructive Solutions are developed combining an extensive range of products with expertise and experience to meet the needs of the construction industry.

Their range of solutions include:

  • Adhesives
  • Concrete Admixtures
  • Concrete Repair
  • Protective Coatings
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Joint Sealants
  • Waterproofing
  • Grouts and Anchors
  • Cement Additives and Grinding Aids

Please contact Rawlins Paints Technical Department for information regarding the full range of Fosroc products on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected].

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Fosroc Ancillaries

Fosroc Ancillaries are a range of application tools and accessories for use when applying Fosroc products.  Range Includes: Fosroc Sealant Mixing Paddle, Fosroc Thioflex Follower Plate, Fosroc Polyurea Accessories Please see below for detailed information and order references where applicable More Information **Available for...

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Fosroc Auracast 200

Fosroc Auracast 200 is a cement admixture formulated using a unique combination of the latest generation of polycarboxylate polymers which act synergistically to outperform conventional superplasticisers. Specifically developed for the precast concrete industry coupling superior high range water reducing capabilities and excellent dispersion...

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Fosroc Brushbond FLXIII

Fosroc Brushbond FLXIII is a two component, cementitious, polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing coating for concrete surfaces. Suitable for use on buried structures such as bridge abutments, culverts and retaining walls. Also for use on reinforced concrete roof decks, in conjunction with protective finishes. Brushbond FLXIII complies...

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Fosroc Cebex 100

Fosroc Cebex 100 is an expanding and plasticising powder admixture for site batched cementitious grouts where a reduced water/cement ratio and positive expansion is required. Applications include bed grouting, duct grouting, non-shrink infilling and jointing. Cebex 100 is a suitable pre-stressing grout admixture when complying with BS 8110...

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Fosroc Cebex 653

Fosroc Cebex 653 is a thixotropic stabiliser additive for cement grouts. Usage: It enables cement grouts to be used in moving water conditions. Designed for tunnel annulus grouting in soft ground or rock. Fosroc Cebex 653 can be used in marine environment contact with sea water. More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery...

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Fosroc Cemtop GP

Fosroc Cemtop GP is a polymer modified, cement based, floor levelling compound. Suitable for use as a general purpose self-levelling underlayment before the application of floor finishes such as tiles, carpet, vinyl or Fosroc Cemtop XD. Cemtop GP is also suitable as a floor finish for foot traffic or light commercial areas. Please also see...

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Fosroc Cemtop XD

Fosroc Cemtop XD is a polymer modified, cement based, floor levelling compound. For use as a heavy duty, highly abrasion resistant floor surfacing system. Suitable for industrial and commercial buildings, for new construction or refurbishment projects. Please also see the 'Uses' table in the Product Data Sheet. Fosroc Cemtop GP is also...

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Fosroc Colpor 200PF

Fosroc Colpor 200PF is a cold applied, high performance, pavement joint sealant conforming to the requirements of BS EN 14188-2:2004 and BS5212 Part1:1990. Suitable for use for the sealing and maintenance of joints in concrete roads, concrete runways and hard standings. Colpor 200PF is particularly suitable for sealing areas where fuel and...

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Fosroc Conbextra BB

Fosroc Conbextra BB is a non-shrink cementitious bridge bearing grout. Formulated specifically for grouting of bridge bearings and parapet post baseplates. Also used for grouting beneath flanged lighting columns. The dry powder is a blend of Portland cements, graded silica sands and additives to which only a controlled amount of clean water...

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Fosroc Conbextra BB92

Fosroc Conbextra BB92 is an ultra-high performance grout designed for structural grouted connections for onshore wind turbine foundations and non-structural offshore foundation connections, as well as for segmental concrete wind towers. Suitable for use for grouting beneath bridge bearings, parapet posts, flanged lighting columns, windfarm...

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Fosroc Conbextra Bedding Mortar

Fosroc Conbextra Bedding Mortar is a single component cementitious high strength bedding mortar. Suitable for use in the structural bedding in of precast modular concrete units. Conbextra Bedding Mortar is a blend of Portland cements, chemical additives and graded aggregates. More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery...

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Fosroc Conbextra EP10

Fosroc Conbextra EP10 is a two component epoxy resin free-flow grout conforming to the requirements of BS EN1504-3 Class R4 and BS EN1504-6 - Anchoring of reinforcing steel bar. Suitable for use on concrete and steel for grouting under baseplates, crane rails, turbines where heavy dynamic loads are encountered and areas where chemical...

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