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FSi Fixings

Fixings for use with FSi fire protection products during application.

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FSi Flexi Coat Flexible Ablative Coating

FSi Flexi Coat Flexible Ablative Coating, a highly advanced flexible penetration and aperture sealing system, supplied in the form of both completed pre-coated Flexi-Coat Fingers and as a coating to be applied to stone/mineral wool backing material. Tested in accordance with EN1364-4 and is third party certified. To reinstate fire...

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FSi Green Wipes

FSi Green Wipes have been specially formulated to provide a heavy-duty cleaning solution, removing: sealants, paints and coatings, adhesives, oil, foams, grease and other stains from hands, tools and general surfaces. Fully compliant with EU cosmetic legislation, with strong antibacterial additives. Designed for professionals in a multiple...

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FSi Non-Setting Putty Pads

NS Putty Pads are a pre-cut system designed for easy application with single and double electrical sockets back boxes where fire resistance must be upheld in the event of a fire, installed within both flexible and rigid wall systems. The putty is also available in 1KG pails. To reinstate fire resistance through walls Where single and/or...

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FSi Paraflam SEB Cavity Barrier

FSi Paraflam SEB Cavity Barrier, a perimeter barrier designed for curtain walling, a non-combustible stone wool based product with a foil facing which prevents fibre migration and provides an excellent seal. Dry fit (no cure time required) Easy friction fit system High speed installation Lightweight Testing in voids up to 590mm...

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FSi Pass-it Transit System

FSi Pass-It Transit System is a pre-assembled, multi layered intumescent device encased in a 2 part steel shell. It is designed to prevent the passage of fire between compartment floors and walls, offering smoke and acoustic isolation whilst still allowing for the easy installation/ removal of services. There are different sizes available...

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FSi PenoPatch

FSi’s PenoPatch is a putty based penetration sealing device for small cables and conduits in flexible and rigid walls. Easy installation Up to EI60 fire resistance 2 different size combinations, covering most small openings Ideal for Historical Building Upgrades or new build Fire resistance testing to EN 1366-3 60 minutes Fire...

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FSi PipeBloc PCP Intumescent Pipe Collars

PipeBloc PCP Collars are designed and tested to seal service penetration apertures containing plastic and metallic pipes with insulation or cables. They are developed to provide a high volume expansion and pressure seal during a fire. The ultra thin design of the collars means the collar shell can give a depth of 30mm and 40mm ensuring that...

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FSi PipeBloc PWP Intumescent Pipe Wrap

FSi PipeBloc PWP Intumescent Pipe Wraps are designed and tested to seal service penetrations in apertures containing combustible plastic pipes. Developed utilizing specialist intumescent technologies which result in the wrap expanding in the presence of heat or fire, this expansion is fast acting and up to 25 times. To reinstate fire...

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FSi PS Coating

FSi PS Coating is an ablative, highly advanced flexible coating used to apply to uncoated stonewool boards to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions where apertures are penetrated by single or multiple services. Can be installed onto uncoated stone wool of a minimum thickness of 50mm and a minimum density...

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