There's no need to throw away wood garden furniture if the natural wood has greyed or the stain or paint faded. Benches, seats, tables, and more can be repurposed, recycled, and upcycled with a lick of paint, enhancing its look but also providing much needed protection.

Rawlins Paints stock the most trusted and renowned brands in wood paints such as Osmo and Flag, with a whole host of colours to choose from to colour your garden furniture with, from trendy greys through to traditional greens and browns. Find the best paint for outdoor wood furniture in the UK!

Wood garden furniture sits outside in all weather; sunshine and UV light will dull colours over time, especially cheaper makes with little to no UV stability. Water can pool and find its way into cracks, freezing in cold weather to make those crevices bigger. This can then invite mould, mildew, fungal infections and insect infestations. Outdoor furniture paint will help protect your wooden garden seats, benches, and tables, extending their life for many years to come. Saving your wallet from an expensive outlay on new garden furniture!

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Osmo Country Colour

Osmo Country Colour is best suited for all wood in outdoor areas where an especially durable coating is required, and is ideal for renewing old microporous finishes and weathered wooden surfaces.Extremely weather and UV resistant - very water and dirt resistant Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage - natural wood grain is hidden...

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Rust-Oleum Mould Resistant Chalky Garden Paint

Rust-Oleum Mould Resistant Chalky Garden Paint - a breath of fresh air for your garden furniture, fences and walls. Water resistant protection Mould and algae resistant - The product contains a biocide to protect the dried film from fungal degradation No priming or sanding necessary on most surfaces (simply ensure surfaces are smooth,...

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Flag Gloss Paint

Flag Gloss Paint is a superior quality alkyd topcoat reinforced with polyurethane resin. It is ideally suited for kitchens and bathrooms, doors, window frames, furniture and woodwork in general. The ideal topcoat for use over Flag Trade Primer/Undercoat.For interior and exterior use on all general wood and metal surfaces Extra Opacity -...

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Flag One Coat High Build Gloss

Flag One Coat High Build Gloss is a high quality one coat alkyd resin system (solvent-based) suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, doors, window frames, furniture and woodwork in general. It is also ideal for metal surfaces. Suitable for use over a wide range of conventional single pack solvent based primer/undercoat paints such as Flag...

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Osmo Garden Colour

Osmo Garden Colour is an extremely weather-resistant and UV-stable, opaque satin wood finish for the exterior that is breathable and water repellent. Best suited for all exterior wood including timber cladding, balconies, window shutters, fencing, pergolas, garden sheds, garden furniture and carports. The dried finish is safe for humans,...

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Osmo Country Shades

Natural oil finish for decorating wood, available in 120 bespoke colours as well as 5,000+ RAL, British Standard, and NCS opaque shades, for all weather conditions.Long-term protection for high-quality wood Micropourous and water-repellent satin finish Will not crack, flake, peel or blister No biocides or preservatives Highest coverage...

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Is it better to paint or stain outdoor wood furniture?

All exterior wood surfaces, be it furniture or cladding, decking or doors, will wear and age from exposure to the elements. Rain, snow, ice, wind, bright sunshine, and humidity will weigh heavily on outdoor furniture, and therefore it is best to use hardwearing protection such as stains and paints to extend the life of your wood benches and chairs, tables, and more.

Exterior wood stains and paints both offer protection to wood. Stain will still show the natural grain through the clear or coloured coating, enhancing its beauty, and leaving you with natural-looking wood furniture that is protected and waterproofed.

Exterior wood furniture paints will cover the grain with an opaque colour of your choosing (4,200 available at Rawlins Paints), filling in imperfections such as holes and cracks. Using paint on your outdoor wood furniture provides weather protection and waterproofing whilst matching to other colours in the garden, such as fencing, pergolas, cladding, etc.

How do you prepare exterior wood for painting?

Most woods such as oak, pine, and spruce, should be sanded down, removing flaking paints and existing lacquers. You can apply additional protection against blue stain, rot, and insects before painting.

Other ingredient-rich hardwoods may require a weathering period of at least 12 weeks exposure to exterior elements before painting.

Each of our outdoor wood furniture paints has its own data sheet with application instructions, for further referencing.

Can I paint over stained wood?

The general answer is yes, however, the manufacturers we stock recommend testing a small and inconspicuous area for testing first. Preparation, as always, is key to the finish and is dependant on the type of stain used and the state of the wood being painted over. Always ensure the surface is clean and dry before painting, in line with the manufacturer's guidelines.

Can you paint over stained wood without primer?

No primer is required before using Osmo Country Colour on outdoor furniture, however, the substrate must be prepared suitably and be clean and free of anything that could affect adhesion. If in doubt, always test a smaller and inconspicuous area for adhesion before painting.

Does outdoor paint protect wood?

Yes. Our outdoor garden furniture paints help prevent degredation of the substrate due to ultraviolet light (UV) and erosion, such as wind blowing abrasive dirt and sand particles over the surface, or animals, adults, and children brushing past. Exterior paints can also help protect the wood underneath the coating by sealing in natural resins that would otherwise be removed through sun exposure. They also prevent external moisture from rain and ice penetrating the wood, which can cause swelling.

Do I need to seal exterior wood before painting?

Our exterior wood paints for garden furniture can be applied without sealer but may require a primer in certain circumstances, to achieve the intended finish.