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Garden Furniture

Find the best oil for outdoor wood furniture here at Rawlins Paints, including Linseed oil and teak oil for garden furniture. Our range of wood oil, varnish, stain and paint for exterior garden furniture features the biggest brands such as Rubio Monocoat, Osmo, Coo-Var, and Blackfriar. 

Protect and decorate your garden chairs, benches, tables from the elements to prevent cracking and blistering, rot and mould, and fading colours for years to come. Our products protect your furniture from harmful UV light and the damaging effects of rain, for when it inevitably pours down in the height of the British summer! Quick and easy to use, returning areas into service with minimal disruption, these are ideal for places of business with timber decking such as pubs, restaurants, cafes, and hotels. 

Should you decide to paint your outdoor wood furniture, we offer 2,400+ colours from RAL, British Standard, and NCS ranges as well as a bespoke colour-matching service.

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Osmo Teak Oil Spray

Osmo Teak-Oil Spray protects, maintains and improves the appearance of garden furniture made of Teak and other hardwoods – in covered outdoor areas. Also well-suited for the clear treatment of garden furniture and other similarly used surfaces. Penetrates deep into wood surface - Regulates moisture, prevents swelling and shrinkage Wood...

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Osmo Country Colour

Osmo Country Colour is best suited for all wood in outdoor areas where an especially durable coating is required, and is ideal for renewing old microporous finishes and weathered wooden surfaces. Extremely weather and UV resistant - very water and dirt resistant Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage - natural wood grain is hidden...

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Rust-Oleum Chalky Garden Paint

Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Garden Paint - a breath of fresh air for your garden furniture, fences and walls.  Water resistant protection Mould and algae resistant - The product contains a biocide to protect the dried film from fungal degradation No priming or sanding necessary on most surfaces (simply ensure surfaces are smooth, dry and...

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Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus

Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus is ideal for the protection of all wood in outdoor areas: carports, timber cladding, balconies, fences, pergolas, garden furniture and summer houses. Well-suited for renewing old microporous finishes. Twice as much coverage through high oil content - saves time and money! Transparent, satin wood finish based on...

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Remmers Aqua MSL-45/sm Medium Build Stain UV+

Remmers Aqua MSL-45/sm Medium Build Stain UV+ is a decorative, water-based medium-solid gel stain with very high UV protection for universal use on wood indoors and outdoors. Biocide-free topcoat on impregnated wood, e.g. garden furniture Clear UV+ can also be used as a sacrificial layer over pigmented variants to prevent the wood from...

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Remmers Induline OW-815

Remmers Induline OW-815, a water-based agent with special UV absorbers and lignin stabilisers to protect the surfaces of external wood decks, garden furniture and wood facades. For building elements with little-to-no dimensional stability Drying time, worked over after 4 hours 10℃ to 25℃ working temperature 80-100ml per m2 application...

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Lacq Produra

Lacq Produra is a durable and high-quality protective product for all wooden surfaces. It is solvent-free and consists mainly of natural ingredients including vegetable oils and water. The unique composition of Produra provides a transparent protective coat from within the wood. Suitable for external wood such as cladding, fencing, sheds,...

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Lacq Energol

Lacq Energol is a versatile premium wood protector for all outdoor wood surfaces. The combination of wood oil and linseed oil provides optimum results. Energol nourishes the wood from within and provides long-lasting protection. Highly durable Long lasting colour and protection Suitable for external wood such as fencing, sheds, verandas,...

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Coo-Var Danish Oil

Coo-Var Danish Oil is a hard, durable, water resistant seal for the enhancement of interior and exterior wood containing tung oil. Harder finish than teak oil Durable Water resistant Slight gloss finish Available in sizes from 500ml up to 2.5L Coverage Calculator More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options...

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Coo-Var Teak Oil

Coo-Var Siliconised Teak Oil is a blend of natural oils and silicone derivatives to enhance, preserve and restore the appearance of teak and other hardwoods. Good degree of resistance to water Can be used inside or outside Oil takes better to hardwood than traditional varnish Good on teak and other hardwoods Ideal for use on outdoor...

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Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector

Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector is a genuine ‘monocoat’, suitable for colouring and protecting almost all exterior wood in one single layer. The easy application and maintenance make this oil an exceptionally user-friendly product, protecting wooden facades, patios, shutters, portals, garden furniture, pontoons, windows and doors, etc...

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Blackfriar Exterior Woodstain

This product is temporarily unavailable; in the meantime, our technical team recommend Remmers Aqua MSL-45/sm as a great alternative - use discount code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10%! Please note: it is important to check that any alternative product is suitable for your requirements, as our suggestion is given in good faith but without...

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