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Add a protective layer of varnish to your outdoor wood garden furniture with our range of exterior varnishes. From the best and most trusted and renowned brands, our garden furniture varnishes provide superior durability to bare or stripped wood, with excellent UV and weather resistance. Ensure your outdoor wooden seats, benches, and tables have the best protection against the elements, all year round.

Varnishing your garden furniture gives excellent waterproofing protection, keeping furnishings in good workable condition for many years to come. Preventing your wood furnishings from splitting or warping, blistering or cracking will help you save money in the long term!

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Blackfriar Exterior Varnish UV77

Blackfriar Exterior Varnish UV77 Enhances and protects all wood and external joinery. It provides protection to all types of wood by resisting UV light to give your wood superior durability when applied over Blackfriar UV Wood Primer. It waterproofs as well as adding an attractive finish. Enriches and protects your home and garden wood...

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Flag Yacht Varnish

Flag Yacht Varnish is a highly durable exterior gloss varnish which has good weathering and UV resistance, which provides a tough and flexible finish.  For use on exterior wood  Suitable for marine applications, also doors, window frames, furniture and floors Non-yellowing - Excellent coverage - Based on premium quality resins Please...

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Tor Yacht Varnish

A highly durable exterior quality varnish having a full gloss finish and suitable for use on exterior joinery, hardwood doors and window frames. Excellent coverage - up to 12m2 per litre Brush or short pile roller application - minimum of 2 coats Modified alkyd resin thinned with white spirit More Information Delivery Info

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Need Help?

What is the best way to protect outdoor wood furniture?

Varnishes are a great way to provide protection to outdoor furniture such as seating and tables, adding a protective clear or coloured layer on top of the wood.

Is yacht varnish good for outdoor furniture?

Yacht varnish is extremely durable, as the name suggests it is used on marine and pleasure craft due to its good weathering and UV resistance. Therefore it is suitable for garden and outdoor furniture, providing excellent protection against the elements, all year round.

Does varnish protect outdoor wood?

Exterior varnish hardens over the top of wood with a tough and flexible protective layer, resisting weather and absorbing UV light to avoid damaging the wood underneath.

Does varnish make wood waterproof?

The layer of varnish applied to wood will prevent water from penetrating the wood surface, protecting it from swelling and other damage. This makes it ideal for use on outdoor wood furniture that will be left out during rain in spring and summer.

Which varnish is best for outdoor furniture?

Our exterior wood varnishes and yacht varnish from Blackfriar and Flag are excellent choices for protecting your outdoor wood furniture. They are simple to use - ensure you follow the instructions for preparation on each data sheet - by brushing the varnish on in a thin layer in the direction of the grain.