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Glass Sealants & Adhesives

Choose from our range of sealants and adhesives which are suitable for use on glass. These high-quality products have been designed to off excellent adhesion for this sometimes problematic substrate.

With products available from popular manufacturers such as Eagle, Rust-Oleum, Cromar, Sika (and more); bonding and sealing glass can become easy.

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Bullet Mega Mastic

Bonds, seals and fills almost anything without a primer, even when wet or fully submerged. This unique hybrid polymer formulation contains no solvents. Top Features Premium quality high modulus sealant. Neutral system, free from isocyanates and silicones. Non staining, odour free and bubble free curing. Good movement accommodation....

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Cromar AlphaChem Lead Seal

Cromar AlphaChem Lead Seal is the perfect product for sealing rooflights, conservatories, soffits, glass houses, industrial roofing systems, lead flashing, and as an alternative to mortaring lead flashing. Low modulus, neutral cure, fast curing roof sealant specifically designed for use with metals such as lead and galvanised steel Ideal...

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Cromar Polyurethane FC40 Sealant

Cromar Alphachem Polyurethane FC40, formerly known as Polyflex HM, is a single component, fast curing, polyurethane based elastomeric sealant used for joints where a highly elastic strong bond is required, with excellent chemical, mechanical and weather resistance. Suitable for use with PROGRP, Flexiglass and Elastathane Extreme Roofing...

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Eagle Desmopol Sealant

Eagle Desmopol Sealant is a one component elastic adhesive polymer adhesive and sealant, specially formulated to be used in conjunction with the Eagle Desmopol Liquid Polyurethane Membrane System. Used to fix Eagle Trims, Corners and other roofing elements High initial tack  Fast cure (full strength in approximately 20 minutes, fully...

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Illbruck SP030 Fix & Seal Crystal Clear Adhesive

Illbruck SP030 Fix & Seal Crystal Clear Adhesive is a totally clear, fast-curing adhesive-sealant for use in the sealing and bonding of glass panes. SP030 is flexible and suitable for a wide range of indoor applications. A crystal clear adhesive-sealant ideal for transparent bonding of glass panes Advanced hybrid polymer formulation -...

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Illbruck SP050 Fix & Seal Universal Adhesive

Illbruck SP050 Fix & Seal Universal Adhesive provides a high strength flexible bond in a wide variety of construction and industrial applications. Typical uses include the bonding of skirting boards, battens, slats, door thresholds, acoustic panels (and similar sheet materials), etc. A more environmentally friendly alternative to...

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Nullifire FS703 Intusil Fire Resistant Silicone Sealant

Nullifire (Firetherm) FS703 Intusil Fire Resistant Silicone Sealant, a fire-stopping sealant designed for aggressive exterior use on high-sheen surfaces (glass, aluminium) and in high-movement joints for up to 50% movement. See the description below for a list of suitable surfaces and substrates. Fully tested for up to 240 minutes integrity...

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Protecta FR Adhesive

Protecta FR Adhesive contains a water based inorganic polymer and filler, and is designed to withstand temperatures greater than 1,200 °C. It is supplied as a ready to use thixotropic paste which exhibits excellent early grab and rapid bond strength. After curing the product forms a cement with a permanent bond giving excellent adhesion in...

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Rust-Oleum Mathys Elastofill

Rust-Oleum Mathys Elastofill is an elastic jointing paste based on acrylic dispersions for filling up cracks, crevices or fissures with periodically varying width, that forms a rubber-like mass with permanently high elasticity (>900%) after evaporation of the water. Used for for sealing, jointing, filling fixing and gluing Can absorb...

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Sika Plastix 22A Premium Grade Silicone Sealant

Sika Plastix 22A Premium Grade Silicone Sealant (box of 12x 300ml cartridges) is a low modulus, neutral curing silicone sealant suitable for many construction and industrial applications but particularly suited for all glazing, façade and roofline applications. Features and Benefits Excellent primerless adhesion to all common building...

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Sikadur 32 Normal

Sikadur 32 Normal is a moisture tolerant, structural, two part bonding agent, based on a combination of epoxy resins and special fillers, designed for use at temperatures between +10°C and +30°C. Features and Benefits  Easy to mix and apply Suitable for dry and damp concrete surfaces Very good adhesion to most construction materials...

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Sikaflex EBT+

Sikaflex EBT+ (box of 12x300ml cartridges) is a multi-purpose 1-part, elastic, polyurethane adhesive, sealant and filler. It bonds to all common building materials, is permanently elastic and has excellent grab and gap filling properties. Bonds to concrete, brick, mortar, wood, metals, glass, resins and most plastics. Features and Benefits...

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