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Heskins are a UK manufacturer of anti-slip grip tapes, line marking systems, and safety information signs for floors, steps and stairs. Their Safety-Grip range, available in the full RAL colour spectrum and widths of up to 1200mm, has been used at events such as Red Bull's Cliff Diving and during BMX trials at the Rio 2016 Olympics, London 2012, and Baku 2015; their floor line marking systems PermaStripe and PermaRoute creates 5S Visual Management systems on floors in factories, warehouses, car assembly plants, even aircraft hangers, in a variety of colours including glow in the dark photoluminescent.

Rawlins Paints carries the full range of Heskins products to provide safety and improve workflow in the workplace and beyond, from extra grip on slippery or irregular surfaces, to floor markings indicating hazards or directions to emergency exits.

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Heskins Aqua-Safe Anti-Slip Tape Rolls

Heskins Aqua Safe, a non-abrasive waterproof self adhesive anti slip floor tape ideal for affixing to floor tiles in showers and changing rooms to aid grip in slippery environments.  Anti slip floor tape for use on a wide range of substrates and surfaces Ideal for showers, baths, boats, changing rooms Use in kitchens, sterile...

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Heskins Aqua-Safe Anti-Slip Tape Shapes

Heskins Aqua Safe, a non-abrasive waterproof self adhesive anti slip floor tape ideal for affixing to floor tiles in showers and changing rooms to aid grip in slippery environments. Anti slip floor tape for use on a wide range of substrates and surfaces Ideal for showers, baths, boats, changing rooms Also available in rolls seperately...

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Heskins Black Ribbed Anti-Slip Tape

Heskins Black Ribbed rubber anti-slip tape, great for lining tool boxes with or using in applications that require drainage, with excellent grip. Excellent friction Deep ribs allow dirt, debris and liquid to drain away from items Self-adhesive back Can be submerged Custom cuts can be made to order Contact our sales team on 0113...

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Heskins Chemical Resistant Safety-Grip Anti-Slip Tape

Heskins Chemical Resistant Safety Grip, anti slip floor tape for use in exposed chemical environments such as cleaning cupboards, labs, hospitals, etc. Resists most chemical attacks Withstanding long term exposure to high concentration chemicals Not designed to resist harsh chemicals such as toluene, MEK etc 3 grades of friction to...

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Heskins Cleaner

Heskins Cleaner, also known as IPA Cleaner, cleans surfaces effectively before the application of Heskins` anti-slip grip tapes. The cleaner helps to remove contaminants and does not leave behind a greasy residue, unlike methylated spirits, petrol etc. Only a small amount is needed per job, making the 1 litre bottle very economical. More...

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Heskins Coarse Resilient Anti-Slip Tape

Heskins Coarse Resilient self adhesive anti slip tape, a non-abrasive embossed non slip tape for use in barefoot environments (swimming pool changing rooms, gym wash rooms, boats) and food-safe areas (kitchens, preperation stations). High friction levels when dry or wet Easy to clean Deep embossed pattern clogs up less 3 types available...

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Heskins ColorCover

ColorCover is a tough and durable coloured plastic cover for signs displaying information or highlighting warnings on floors, doors, walls, marking bays and walkways in factories and warehouses. Highlights area restrictions Create signs and graphics using standard office printers Minimal downtime - quick and easy to install Lightly...

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Heskins Conformable Safety-Grip Anti-Slip Tape

Heskins Conformable Safety Grip, a self adhesive anti slip tape covering for irregular surfaces such as durbar plate, chequer plate and diamond tread often seen in fire exits, walkways, access platforms, etc, providing excellent grip even in wet or dirty conditions. Non slip tape for steps on irregular metal treads Diamond hard mineral (9...

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Heskins Corrosion Protection Tape

Heskins Corrosion Protection Tape, self-adhesive tape for preventing galvanic corrosion in metal. Available on 18.3m rolls in widths from 25mm up to 1150mm, with custom sizes made to order - contact our sales team on 0113 2455450 or [email protected] to discuss your requirements. More Information **Available for delivery - see...

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Heskins Cushion Grip Anti-Slip Tape

Heskins Cushion Grip, a comfortable anti-slip tape with excellent grip and a deep cushioning effect, ideal for relieving leg pressure and great for use in the workplace, such as production lines. Very comfortable in barefoot areas - changing rooms, etc. Available on rolls of 18.3m from 25mm width up to 1250mm Custom shapes, sizes and cuts...

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Heskins Dual Purpose Safety-Grip Anti-Slip Floor Tiles

Heskins Heskins Dual Purpose Safety Grip anti-slip floor tiles help to guide personnel in low-light areas or during power cuts, pointing out obstacles such as ledges and stairs, helping to reduce injuries from trips and falls. Will adhere to most surfaces Contact our technical team to discuss your project on 0113 2455450 Available...

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Heskins ECE104 Vehicle Reflective Tape

Heskins ECE104 Vehicle Reflective Tape, a marking tape designed for heavy goods vehicles to conform with ECE104 conspicuity regulations, used to outline the rear and sides of all newly registered HGVs over 7.5 tonnes and trailers over 3.5 tonnes operating in the UK and Europe. Part of the Heskins range of reflective tapes Excellent...

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Heskins' range of anti-slip and marking materials are designed for use in busy and harsh environments, such as:

  • Industrial settings:
    • Factories
    • Warehouses
    • Workshops
    • Assembly lines
    • Power plants
    • Aircraft hangers
  • Marine environments:
    • Boats
    • Yachts
    • Pleasure craft
    • Commerical liners
    • Ferries
    • Wind Turbines

The Safety-Grip range of anti-slip materials provide extra grip on slippery interior and exterior surfaces, applying to steps and stair nosings, floors in kitchens, decks on boats and ships, even wind turbines; Safety-Grip Bolt Down Plates are designed to be screwed into place on irregular substrates like sodden timber and flaking concrete, providing a sound grippy surface on jetties, outdoor steps, and concrete paths that get icy during winter. The anti-slip material is available in a range of colours, including glow in the dark, with colour matching available for custom orders.

PermaStripe and PermaRoute line marking systems are a great alternative to painted lines or resin, needing minimal time to install without disrupting business, such as warehouses and factories with continuous operations. They provide a visual aid to workers and visitors, designing walkways for journeys through areas and bays designed for products and storage, complimented with information signs warning of hazards or restrictions. The systems are extremely durable in high traffic areas or with machinery, such as forklights, and can be removed and deployed elsewhere, in line with 5S Visual Management changes and updates.

Heskins also manufacture a range of glow in the dark signs and arrows for use in offices and conference centres, providing helpful guidance during power cuts or at night. The products include egress tapes for use along skirting boards and around emergency exits, with hazard warning, chevrons or plain designs available.

Heskins' materials are available in variable widths and lengths, shapes and sizes, made to fit your specific requirements. Call our sales team on 0113 2455450 to discuss your project today.