Stimsonite 980 Road Studs - Limited Stock

Stimsonite 980 Road Studs are surface mounted road studs that are injection moulded from durable polymers to endure high traffic volumes. The patented sure grip base provides excellent adhesion to the road surface and the patented prismatic glass lens provides high, long-term levels of enhanced reflectivity.

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Protecta FR Pipe Wrap

Protecta FR Pipe Wrap maintains fire resistance of fire-separating drywalls, masonry or concrete walls and concrete floors up to 240 minutes when these are breached by services such as plastic pipes, conduits or metal pipes with continuous combustible insulation. Intumescent wraps simply fit around services, reacting in heat and expanding...

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Protecta FR Service Transit

Protecta FR Service Transit, intumescent pipe & cable sleeves that help maintain fire resistance of walls & floors breached by continuous cables, conduits & plastic pipes, providing fire protection integrity & insulation for up to 240 minutes. Safe, easy & quick to fire stop service penetrations - ideal for retrofitting...

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Protecta FR Coating

Protecta FR Coating is an ablative sealant coating applied by sprayer directly on to mineral fibres to enhance, seal & protect from fire by resisting flame spread, fire penetration & passage of hot gasses. Coated mineral fibres help prevent the spread of fire & smoke through openings in fire rated walls & floors, suitable for...

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Protecta Service Coating FR-1

Protecta Service Coating FR-1, a water-based intumescent coating for the fire protection of cables in a service installation. The coating upgrades the insulation and integrity of the installation and is non-toxic, emission free, durable and can be applied in one coat saving time and money. Can be used in combination with Protecta FR Board...

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Protecta FR Putty

Protecta FR Putty, fire protection putty pads (also known as firestopping gaskets) for reinstating fire ratings in electrical sockets, services and water supply boxes. Supplied as a non-setting putty with a low pressure intumescent for optimal fire protection. The putty is hand workable and easy to apply, re-useable and re-serviceable due to...

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Nullifire SC602 On-Site Intumescent Base Coat

Nullifire SC602 On-Site Intumescent Base Coat, a single pack acrylic thin film intumescent basecoat for fire protection of internal & semi-exposed structural steelwork up to 60 minutes. Easy to apply, designed for on-site application by airless spray Weather resistance (up to 6 months once cured) ensures more effective project planning...

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Protecta FR Graphite Plate

Protecta FR Graphite Plate, preformed self-adhesive intumescent plates to reinstate the fire resistance performance of flexible wall constructions for up to 120 minutes when punctured with plastic wall boxes. Used where walls have been provided with apertures for the penetration of conduits and cables into socket boxes, on one or both sides of...

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Protecta FR Damper

Protecta FR Damper fire proofs ventilation ducts that pass through fire-rated walls & floors, preventing spread of fire & smoke both surrounding & inside  ducts. The steel casing contains horizontal steel blades treated with a technically advanced heat expanding graphite, closing off the damper in fire. Closes in the area where...

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Sherwin-Williams Firetex FX1005

Sherwin-Williams Firetex FX1005, a single pack thin-film white intumescent coating for structural steel, providing up to 120 minutes fire protection. Designed for site application by airless spray - can also be brushed Tested and assessed to EN13381-8 European Technical Approval 16-0588 CE Marking Number 1121-CPR-GA5030 Can be exposed...

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Sherwin-Williams Firetex FX2005

Sherwin-Williams Firetex FX2005, a single pack thin film intumescent coating designed for in-shop application by airless spray to provide fire resistance for up to 120 minutes on structural steel. Tested and assessed to EN13381-8 European Technical Approval 16-0588 CE Marking Number 1121-CPR-GA5030 Can resist normal weather conditions...

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Sherwin-Williams FIRETEX FX9500

Sherwin-Williams FIRETEX FX9500, a 2 -pack exterior durable intumescent offering 60, 90 & 120 minute fire protection both internally and externally without topcoat, which can be applied directly onto blast cleaned steel. Suitable for application in-shop and on site.  Ultra durable - suitable for use in a C5-I environment, as defined in...

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