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Professional Paint Brushes


The top of the range professional paint brush for when only the best finish will do. Professional Paint Brushes are the number one choice for applying very high quality material where a top quality even finish is required.

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The top of the range professional paint brush for when only the best finish will do. Professional Paint Brushes are the number one choice for applying very high quality material where a top quality even finish is required.

Professional Paint Brushes are carefully crafted and are suitable for most types of paint with the ability to clean allowing multiple reuse.

Professional Paint Brushes feature long lasting bristles which help to maintain a neat edge even over time. Use for finish / top coats, detail work and in areas where brush strokes cannot be left.

• Bristle and synthetic mix with solid round tapered filaments
• Beveled finish head
• Stainless steel ferrule
• Waxed wooden handle

It is your responsibility to read the Product Data Sheets (available below) before you place an order and prior to application of the product. The content of this website is our best recommendation and is not advice. Coverage rates quoted are approximate, you agree that coverage depends on the condition of the substrate, surface absorption, texture and application method. We ALWAYS recommend a trial area is coated to ensure the product meets your requirements before use.

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1507 HB Roller

1507 HB Roller is manufactured from a polyurethane foam with a solid core, these sleeves should be used to produce an even textured effect when using 1501 HB Textured Basecoat.

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Magpaint Europe Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape

Magpaint Europe Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape simply attaches to the back of items to make them magnetic, attracting to metal surfaces such as filing cabinets, and is perfect for use with Magnet Paint and Magnet Plaster.

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Zinsser Paper Tiger Triple Head

Zinsser Paper Tiger Triple Head is Zinsser's fastest, most effective Paper Tiger to date - easily and rapidly perforates wallpapers to allow removal solutions to penetrate. Perfect for large wallpaper removal projects. Triple heads work rapidly cutting through several layers of wallpaper without damaging walls.

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11" Notched Trowel

Our 11" Notched Trowels are manufactured to a high standard from spring steel, featuring a banana shaped handle with riveted blade - single hang. The blade Size is 280x115mm (11 x 4.5 inch) with a v shaped serated notch size of 5mm. Ideal for evenly spreading mortars, screeds and high build coatings prior to finishing.

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Protectakote Textured Rollers

Protectakote textured roller sleeves and frames are specially designed to provide the ultimate application for Smartkote Protectakote and Smartkote Protectakote UVR.

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Heskins Rubber Mallet

Use a Heskins Rubber Mallet with Comformable Safety-Grip, helping it conform to any irregular surface it is applied to. The mallet head is rubber to prevent damage to the surface, increasing the service life of conformable anti slip tape.

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2" Masking Tape

Our 2" Masking Tape is ideal for creating neat lines and edges on smooth surfaces as well as protecting areas from unwanted splashes and over runs of paint. At 50mm wide x 50m long roll our trade general purpose masking tape is suitable for all kinds of simple jobs and DIY applications

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Magpaint Europe Sketch Accessories Kit

The Magpaint Europe Sketch Accessories Kit contains everything you should need for your dry erase surface and is ideal for use with surfaces treated with Sketch Paint, enabling drawings and notes to be taken and then cleaned off and refreshed for further use. The kit contains: Sketch Paint Cleaner Spray 125ml 4 x Assorted Coloured Sketch...

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Roller Frames

A range of good quality and cost effective roller frames to suit all sizes of roller sleeves. Our roller frames are a universal fit to most common roller sleeves, making them extremely compatible and easy to use and interchange.

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9" Roller Kit

Our 9" Trade Roller Kit is normally used to apply our coatings to interior and exterior walls and ceilings. It provides good all round pick-up, performance and coverage and is suitable for smooth and semi-rough surfaces.

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9" Spiked Roller

For some coatings, application is not successfully completed until it has been deaerated. Certain coatings while wet must be spiked with our 9" Spiked Roller during application to release air to ensure a bubble-free finish. The operation of spiking also largely contributes to the leveling of most self leveling coatings and screeds.

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Heskins Pressure Application Roller

Heskins Pressure Application Roller, also known as a seam roller, helps increase the durability of your anti slip tape or floor marking tape application. Once the tape is in position, applying pressure to the surface with the seam roller increases the bond between the adhesive and floor surface, resulting in a quickly cured surface.

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Keim Facade Block Brush

External paint brush from mineral paint specialist, Keim. This product is available as POA. Click here to email us for more information

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