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MagPaint Magnet Paint Accessories allow you to create message boards, display your photo’s or fix your paperwork. Perfect for use with  Magnet Paint and Magnet Plaster, the possibilities are endless.

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Reference Item
MAG5001 Neodymium Magnets 23mm
MAG5002 Neodymium Magnets 23mm 4 Pack
MAG5000 Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape 3m x 1.25cm
MAG5014 Magnet Letters
MAG5015 Magnet Numbers

Neodymium Magnets

Although you can hang a sheet of copypaper with an ordinary magnet, better quality magnets hold up to 25 sheets per magnet. Perfect for use with Magnet Paint and Magnet Plaster.

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape

Magnetic Tape can be used by everyone - in craft projects, as fridge magnets or for attaching documents or photographs to the filing cabinet! To make anything magnetic, simply cut the magnet strip with scissors, peel off the backer and attach. Perfect for use with Magnet Paint!

Ladybug ultra strong

Ideal for using with Magnet Paint or Magnet Plaster, these ladybird magnets are cute and extra strong.

Set of 4.

Magnet Letters and Numbers

Ideal for using with Magnet Paint or Magnet Plaster, these magnetic letters and numbers are bright and colourful. Made from soft foam they are ideal for children to learn and play.

You get 100 letters or numbers in a handy case.

Magnet Set Round and Pushpin

Set of four round or pushpin super-strong magnets perfect for use with Magnet Paint or Magnet Plaster.

Each magnet is strong enough to hold 7 sheets of A4 paper.

Round: You get one Red, White, Blue and Orange magnet in this set of 4.

Push pin: You get four magnets in this set: Orange, Blue, Pink & White

Magnet sets - Figures

These little kids magnets are ideal for use with Magnet Paint and Manget Plaster

Suitable for children aged 3+

  • Farm: Set includes: 2 x magnetic sheets + 1 x magnetic playboard
  • Little Engineer: 2 x magnetic sheets + 1 x magnetic playboard
  • Smiley: Set of 4 magnets
  • Owl: Set of 3 magnets
  • Big Owl: Large ultra-strong magnet, shaped like an Owl

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