Remmers Application Tools


Remmers Application Tools are a range of application tools and accessories for use when applying Remmers products. 

Range Includes:

  • Trowels, Rollers Sleeves and Frames, Mixing Paddles, Squeegees, Spike Shoes and more
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Remmers Application Tools are a range of application tools and accessories for use when applying Remmers products. 

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All White Microfibre Sleeve

Remmers All White Microfibre Sleeve (no handle or frame) are non-shedding, high quality rollers for PU Seal coats.

  • Available in 3 Sizes:
    • 10cm
    • 25cm
    • 50cm

Clamp Trowel

Remmers Clamp Trowel is a straight edged trowel. Flat blade one side, clamp edge on the other for holding toothed blades.

Toothed Blades (For Clamp Trowel)

Remmers Toothed Blades are for use with Remmers Clamp Trowel (4232).

  • Available in 2 options:
    • No. 22 for coatings at 0.3 – 0.5kg/m²
    • No. 25 for flow coatings at 2-3mm

Coving Trowel

Remmers Coving Trowel is a special curved coving trowel with handle for installation of coving mortars. Plawecki type.

Epoxy Roller Sleeve

Remmers Epoxy Roller Sleeve (no handle or frame) is a non shedding nylon roller for coatings (Blue Stripe). Purchase the roller frame or handle separately.

  • Available in 3 Sizes:
    • 10cm
    • 25cm
    • 50cm

Epoxy Rubber Grouting Trowel

Remmers Epoxy Rubber Grouting Trowel is for applying epoxy grout to tiles or to close the surface of mortar screeds.

Injection Nozzle

Remmers Injection Nozzle is a plastic tube to connect to Kiesol C foil package.

Mixing Paddles

Remmers Mixing Paddles.

Options include:

  • Helical stirring rod / for most coatings
  • Profi Tight stirring paddle
  • Funcosil Patent Disperser / for air free mixing of low viscosity coatings. (> 5Ltr unit)
  • Funcosil Patent Disperser / small size. (< 5Ltr unit)

PU Roller Sleeves

Remmers PU Roller Sleeves (no handle or frame) are short, non-shedding rollers for PU seal coats.

  • Available in 4 Sizes:
    • 10cm
    • 25cm
    • 50cm
    • 60cm

Roller Frame/Cage (double arm)

Remmers Roller Frame/Cage (double arm) are for roller heads up to 60cm.

  • Available in 2 sizes:
    • For Roller Heads up to 50cm
    • For Roller Heads up to 60cm

Roller Handle (single sided)

Remmers Roller Handle (single sided) are for roller heads up to 10-25cm wide.

  • Available in 2 sizes:
    • 10cm
    • 25cm

Slurry Brush

Remmers Slurry Brush is for the application of waterproofing grouts.

Spike Shoes (Pair)

Remmers Spike Shoes (pair) are sharp spiked shoes (35mm spikes) for the application of flow coatings and levelling compounds.

Spiked Rollers (sleeve without frame)

Remmers Spiked Rollers (sleeve without frame), use 21mm spikes for coatings, 35mm spikes for levelling compounds.

  • Available in 4 Sizes:
    • 25cm - 21mm Spikes (for coatings)
    • 25cm - 35mm Spikes (for levelling compounds)
    • 50cm - 21mm Spikes (for coatings)
    • 50cm - 35mm Spikes (for levelling compounds)


Remmers Squeegee is a rubber wiper for applying primers or fixing layers. Tough material. Handle purchased separately.

  • Available in 2 sizes:
    • 45cm
    • 65cm

Telescopic Handle

Remmers Telescopic Handle is for insertion into roller and frame handles of tools.

Textured Rollers

Remmers Textured Rollers (sleeve without frame) are for structuring coatings and sealants.

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