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Applications tools, equipment, and accessories for use with Watco paints, coatings, repair products, and fixings.

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Paint Brushes

  • PBR1.5 Paint Brush 1.5"
  • PBR2 Paint Brush 2"
  • PBR5 Paint Brush 5"

Rollers and Frames

  • XFTSRNC - 7" Spiked Flowtop Roller
  • SPR7 - 7" Spiked Roller
  • SPR12 - Replacement 12" Short Pile Roller
  • RT09 - 9" Roller & Tray With Spare Sleeve
  • RF12SP - 12" Short Pile Roller Frame & Handle
  • RF12 - 12" Medium Pile Roller Frame & Handle
  • RR12 - Replacement 12" Medium Pile Roller

CT2 - Coving Trowel

For use with Watco Concrex Coving Mortar to achieve the cove radius

DSC05 - Plastic Scuttle

A large paint scuttle suitable for 12" floor roller.

  • Made from heavy duty plastic
  • Suitable for large rollers
  • 15 litre capacity
  • Ideal for large areas

This large rectangular plastic scuttle is a must-have for every paint project you’re completing. Made from heavy duty, impact resistant plastic, it has a 15-litre capacity, making it suitable for use when coating large areas.

It comfortably takes a 12” roller and includes a wire handle for firm grip when moving.

FLSRB - Floor Scraper Blade

Replacement blade.

FRSQ - Foam Rubber Squeegee

Ideal for use with Watco Block Paving Stabiliser.

  • For a smooth and even application
  • Sturdy tool that can be re-used
  • Move the product easily across the area
  • Professional, high-quality finish

The Watco Foam Rubber Squeegee is a must have tool when applying either Block Paving Stabiliser or Roofite Pour and Restore. For a quick and easy application, bring in the Foam Rubber Squeegee. It allows you to move the product around the surface area quickly and evenly, resulting in a professional, high-quality finish for your project.

Please note: Does not include telescopic handle.

FSCRAP - Floor Scraper

FTMX - Mixing Blade

Ideal for mixing paint or pourable mortars.

  • Easily mixes two-part coatings
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Suitable for electric drills
  • Use with Watco Flowpatch or Flowtop mortars
  • Length 600mm
  • Diameter 100mm
  • Shaft 10mm

GLN - Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves are essential for protecting your hands when using Watco paint and repair products. Made from synthetic rubber, they are designed for comfort and to give the wearer full flexibility, so you can continue your projects with ease.

Comes in a pack of 2 and one size fits all.

  • Useful for applying repair and paint products
  • Protect your hands from mess
  • Great puncture resistance
  • Made from synthetic rubber

HANDLES - Telescopic Handle

For use with rollers.

HS - Hand Shovel

The Watco Small Bitu-Mend Hand Shovel ensures the optimal adhesion of Watco Bitu-Mend. Use the hand shovel to remove the Bitu-Mend from the bucket and place into the prepared pothole. Made from Steel, this shovel can be re-used on multiple projects.

  • Makes the application even easier
  • Fast and efficient for use with Bitu-Mend
  • Made from tough steel
  • Use again on multiple projects

MATR - Mix & Apply Trowel

Flat edged trowel to ensure a smooth finish.

MIXINGSTICK - Mixing Stick

Make stirring easy by using the Watco Mixing Stick. Ensure your tins are thoroughly mixed and then use the stick to remove product from the tins by scraping around the base and the sides to ensure no product is wasted.

Made from wood, it is both environmentally friendly and sturdy, which means you can use it again and again.

MT - Mixing Tray

MT50 - Masking Tape

Complete your paint or repair order with Watco Masking tape. This 50mm x 50m roll of masking tape is low tack for neat lines and edges on smooth surfaces.

We know how difficult it is to get a straight line when line marking, that’s why we recommend defining the edges of your application area with Masking Tape. Leave the masking tape in place for 1 to 2 hours until the paint is touch dry to ensure a clean edge. When ready, simply remove the masking tape and admire the professional finish.

Use with Watco Floor Joint Sealant for a smooth, clean application. Once the Joint sealant has been applied into the joint, finish off with a flat blade or knife to remove air bubbles, and then remove any masking tape before the sealant has set, drawing the tape across the sealant face, so that any excess sealant falls into the joint not alongside it.

PM - Watco Paint Mixer

SBB5 - Short Bristled Brush

SCAN - Spouted Jug

Use the Watco Spouted Jug to evenly and cleanly apply pourable joint and crack repair products, such as Watco Floor Joint Sealant or Watco Asphalt Crack Filler.

For easy measurement, the exterior of the jug has a capacity scale, so you don’t have to guess. The long wide spout allows for greater control and a clean, even application of the mixture.

  • 2L capacity
  • Capacity scale on exterior
  • For pouring evenly into joints or cracks
  • For a clean application

SF10 - Steel Float

Ideal for levelling repairs to ensure an even finish

SGUN - Skeleton Gun

This Skeleton Gun is suitable for use when installing Watco GRP products, for use with GRP Adhesive Mastic.

SPSH - Spiked Shoes

One size fits all spiked shoes for use when applying Flowtop or Resiflow. The surface should not be walked on 20 minutes after the product has been applied (less in warm or very dry conditions) as it will then start to cure and the spike marks will not disappear. Care should be taken not to tread wet primer or the mixed components onto surrounding surfaces.

TAMP - Tamper

The Watco tamper is essential when using Watco Bitu-Mend. Not only will the repair be even easier, but it will also give a stronger, longer lasting repair. Just tip or shovel Bitu-Mend into the prepared hole, slightly overfilling it and then compact the material down using the tamper.

Watco Bitu-Mend is applied as a soft, flexible material which gradually hardens over time. The repair can be instantly trafficked by cars.

  • For easier application of Bitu-Mend
  • Compacts the material into place for a firm application
  • For a better, longer lasting repair
  • High quality square tamper with a steel shaft

TR6 - Trowel

Traditional shaped trowel ideal for mixing and applying Concrex

WALGL - Wallet and Gloves

Wallet and gloves - To protect your hands and avoid any mess. Also part of the Watco Resiflow Application Kit.

WBWS - Wire Brush & Scraper

The Watco Wire Brush & Scraper is a staple for getting your surface prepared to paint or repair. Remove dirt and rust from stubborn surfaces quickly and easily using the wired brush or use the integrated steel scraper to remove unwanted coatings. Ideal for floors, walls, ramps, steps and roofs, inside or out.

  • Easy grip, sturdy wooden handle
  • Makes preparation simple and easy
  • Dual tool, wire brush and scraper in one
  • Scraper for removing old coatings

XFTMXNC - Mixing Blade - Flowtop/Flowpatch

Easily mix Watco Flowtop and Watco Flowpatch with our tough stainless steel mixing blade.

The mixing blade can be fitted to an electric hand drill for simple and efficient mixing of Watco Flowtop and Flowpatch. For Flowtop we recommend using a slow speed drill fitted with our mixing blade. Continue mixing for approximately 3 -5 minutes until an even colour and consistency is obtained. The mixed components should be used immediately.

For Watco Flowpatch, we recommend carrying out the mixing near to the repair. For large quantities a mixing blade fitted to a slow speed electric drill is required. When a smooth consistency is achieved, simply pour the mixture into the hole.

If an electric drill is used, ensure a spatula is subsequently used to blend in any unmixed material from the sides and bottom of the time.

  • Easily mixes Flowtop and Flowpatch
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Suitable for electric drills
  • Use with Watco Flowpatch or Flowtop mortars

XHANDLENC - Telescopic Handle

For use with the Watco spiked roller.

XRMHESK - Rubber Mallet

This Rubber Mallet is ideal for the application of Conformable Safety Tape and Conformable Surestep Treads. This study and robust tool will not mark or discolour the tape or treads. We recommend the rubber mallet is used for firming the product into place or to mould tapes around raised points.

  • Makes the application of tapes and treads even easier
  • Sturdy and robust tool
  • Won’t mark or discolour treads
  • Helps conform or mould around raised points
  • Ideal for long lasting results

XSGUN - GRP Skeleton Gun

This Skeleton Gun is suitable for use when installing Watco GRP products, for use with GRP Adhesive Mastic.

XSPSHNC - Spiked Shoes

XSTRR - Mini Rubber Roller

TBT - Blow Torch (for Thermoline)

Blowtorch for use with Watco Thermoline Lines or Watco Thermoline Symbols.

XADC - Spill Control Drain Cover

Prevent unnecessary pollution caused by spillages. These neoprene drain covers are easy to use to prevent spillages from entering drains and causing unnecessary pollution. Measures 1000mm x 1000mm.

XDSSCR30 - Firm-Step Cover Sheet Screws

Box of 30. Use for fixing Firm-Step GRP products to floors and steps. Recommended for use with Firm-Step Covers or Firm-Step Sheets.

XRWMCONT/XRWMSCRW - Roof Walkway Matting Connector & Screws

Pack of 10. Use for fixing Roof Walkway Matting if required.

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