Tor Raincoat HB Smooth
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Tor Raincoat HB Smooth


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Tor Raincoat HB Smooth (RC302) is a single pack smooth finish based on a specially modified acrylic/urethane resin system containing inert pigments, extenders and flame retardant agents.

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Tor Raincoat HB Smooth (RC302) is a single pack smooth finish based on a specially modified acrylic/urethane resin system containing inert pigments, extenders and flame retardant agents. Tor Raincoat HB Smooth is a high build, one coat finishing system for renovation for factory coated profile metal sheeted roofs and cladding panels, roofing trims etc.


Ensure surfaces are sound, clean and dry before coating, and any existing coatings are sufficiently resilient for overcoating. Remove surface contaminants by detergent scrubbing or high pressure power washing. Remove any moss, lichen, algae, etc using Torkill W Fungicidal Wash (DM405). Ensure any existing coatings are adhering firmly to the substrate. Remove any residual chalking (if present) by vigorous rubbing, etc with a fine scouring pad (eg. “Scotchbrite”), and any other surface leachates or residues (particularly on plasticised PVC coatings) by either vigorous wiping with Tor Standard Urethane Thinners (TH99) or vigorous scrubbing with strong alkali detergent (eg. Torstrip WDA10) followed by thorough rinsing. Note: Abrasion of PVF2 coatings (other than around loose or corroded areas) with fine hard abrasives (eg emery, carborundum, sandpaper, etc) may impair adhesion of subsequent coatings. Coarse white aluminium oxide papers (80 mesh or coarser) recommended to cut and roughen coatings.

Scrape back any loose or weakly bonded materials and prepare to a firm feathered edge, and abrade exposed metal to remove corrosion products and provide a mechanical “key”. Spot prime all bare metal areas with Tor Raincoat APA (RC353) as appropriate. Stripe coat vulnerable areas (drip edges, exposed bolt heads, panel edges etc) with Raincoat Fibretex (RC301) or Raincoat Cladding Finish (RC305) as appropriate.


Brush, roller or airless spray. Stripe coat all vulnerable areas, (edges, panel ends, bolt heads, etc) and allow to dry before main coat application.


  • Do not apply if rain is imminent.
  • Overcoating should be carried out within the timescale stated to promote maximum intercoat adhesion and avoid film defects. Surfaces must be clean.
  • Depending on existing surface colour, or pigmentation of Raincoat finish some colours may require an additional coat to give full opacity.
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Tor Coatings
Interior / Exterior Use
Water / Solvent Based
For Use On
Application Method
Brush, Roller, Airless Spray
Standard / Ready Mixed
Single, Two or Three Pack
Pack Size
5m² per litre
Touch Dry
4 Hours
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