302 Epoxy Ester Floor Paint

We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Axalta ViterFloor EEF Epoxy Ester Floor Paint as a great alternative.



We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Axalta ViterFloor EEF Epoxy Ester Floor Paint as a great alternative.

302 Epoxy Ester Floor Paint provides a more durable finish than conventional single pack floor paints due to its modified epoxy ester formulation. Good resistance to scuffing, spillages of oil, petrol, detergents and dilute aquaeous chemical solutions.

302 Epoxy Ester Floor Paint is a single pack epoxy ester floor coating for interior use on concrete, stone, timber and suitably primed metal. It can be easily applied directly to bare concrete or over sound existing coatings (check compatibility prior to use). An anti-slip finish can be achieved by scattering a suitable anti-slip aggregate onto the wet film of the first coat (consult our Technical Department for full details).

Features & Benefits

  • Tougher than normal single pack floor paints
  • Use on concrete, stone, timber and suitably primed metal.
  • Provides good resistance to scuffing, spillages of oil, petrol, detergents and dilute aqueous chemical solutions.
  • Single pack and simple to apply.
  • Generally compatible with most existing systems.
  • Quick drying, solvent based formula.

Recommended Uses

  • As a general purpose floor coating for concrete, stone, timber and metal where a superior single pack floor coating is required.
Product Details

Data sheet

Brush, Roller
10m² per litre
Touch Dry
4 Hours

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questions Luke Creighton on 2019-04-25 12:03:14

Hi Is this product suitable for a garage floor? Best Luke


Yes but only if vehicular traffic will not be present. If vehicular traffic is going to be present instead use 303 Epoxy Floor Paint.

questions Margaret Broadley on 2015-12-01 12:00:58

Is 302 Epoxy Ester Floor Paint suitable for painting on ceramic tiling?


Before application of 302 Epoxy Ester Floor Paint the ceramic tiles need to be either abraded to provide a key by diamond grinding or shot blasting, or priming with Rust-Oleum 3333 Super Adhesion Primer or Rust-Oleum 3366 Epoxy Powerfloat Floor Primer Rapid.

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