Jotun Premium Mur Primer


We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Remmers Primer F (Deep Primer W) as a great alternative.

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We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Remmers Primer F (Deep Primer W) as a great alternative.

Jotun Premium Mur Primer is an unpigmented water borne primer based on a combination of silicone emulsion and micro dispersion. It has excellent penetrating and binding properties, high permeability and is water repellent. Jotun Premium Mur Primer is used as a primer on all kinds of masonry to bind loose particles in the substrate before recoating.

Jotun Premium Mur Primer is to be recoated with Jotun Premium Mur Topcoat, or with Jotun Premium Mur Filler on areas where there is a need of covering cracks and an evening out of different textures in the substrate. Bricks must be rendered before painting.

Features & Benefits

  • Makes surfaces water repellent
  • Binds loose surface particles
  • Evens out absorption variations on the surface
  • Breathable

When treating masonry, make sure that the substrate is in a sound condition before commencing work. Surface cracks and damage should always be repaired before painting.

If you choose a high quality Jotun product, you can be assured that your property is well protected and it will be a long time before you need to paint again. Jotun products are specifically developed to penetrate and protect external masonry surfaces in extremes of climate. Wall renders are porous and easily absorb and transport moisture. When water freezes it expands and causes damage. It is therefore crucial to use masonry paint that allows water vapour to escape and provide optimal protection against moisture.

Jotun's Premium Mur Masonry System is based on a unique technology. A highly water repellent surface keeps walls dry while a thin film of paint allows walls to breathe. This combination provides long lasting protection for masonry.

Jotun's Premium Mur Masonry System gives an attractive, longer lasting finish. In addition this system provides optimal protection against moisture and frost. The system is open to water vapour diffusion and allows walls to breathe, while at the same time ensuring a water repellent surface.

Nano Technology Offers:

  • Self-cleaning and minimises dirt retention.
  • Crack bridging intermediate coat.
  • Matt paint for all types of exterior render and previously painted masonry.
  • Micro-porous paint, which allows walls to breathe and maximises life expectancy.
  • Water repellent surface.
  • Easy to apply, reduces application costs.
Product Details

Data sheet

Brush, Spray
5-10m² per litre
Touch Dry
6 Hours

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