• Sikagard 203W (Steridex)

Sikagard 203 W (Steridex)


We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Sikagard 403 W as a great alternative.

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Sikagard 203 W (Steridex) has been discontinued by the manufacturer and has been replaced with Sikagard 403 W.

Should you require any further information or advice on this change, please contact our Technical Department on 0113 2455450 or [email protected]

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questions Ruthie on 2016-09-07 14:23:07
Question: I have painted internal new plaster with SikaTop 121 polymer adhesive water component A On painting the plaster with an emulsion wash coat, the Sika treated areas will not take the paint. Which product can i use to cover the Sika to enable me to paint the walls? Regards Ruthie

Sikatop 121 was discontinued a few years ago, it was a waterproof levelling mortar so if the coating you are using is water based it will not take as the product is waterproof. If you use a solvent based paint instead of water based then it should bond to the substrate.

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