SikaScreed HardTop 80

We no longer stock this product, but can recommend SikaScreed HardTop 60 as a great alternative.

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We no longer stock this product, but can recommend SikaScreed HardTop 60 as a great alternative.

SikaScreed HardTop 80 is a soft plastic consistency, polymer modified, fast curing, rapid load bearing and over-coatable, horizontal levelling mortar that is designed for application in a minimum layer thickness of 8mm. It is almost shrinkage-free during hardening and curing, plus it has very high abrasion resistance and compressive strength.


SikaScreed HardTop 80 is particularly suitable for the following uses due to its rapid drying, almost shrinkage-free hardening, high abrasion resistance and compressive strength:

  • Minor and major repairs to heavily stressed, industrial concrete flooring with full usability from 24 hours.
  • Rapidly coatable levelling mortar for Sikafloor resin-based flooring systems.

Features and Benefits:

SikaScreed HardTop 80 is characterised by unique combinations of properties:

  • Soft plastic consistency, pre-batched mortar which is easy to apply, is nontacky, and can also be laid as Monolithic floor finish, or on a slope.
  • Pot life of at least 45 minutes
  • Almost shrinkage-free hardening for levelling at almost any thickness
  • Rapid hardening for immediate use (> 45 N/mm² compressive strength after 24 hours at 20°C)
  • Very high final strength
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance due to crystalline quartz aggregates (Class A9 acc. to Böhme)
  • High dynamic load bearing floor levelling
  • Coatable with Sikafloor resin-based flooring products after about 5 hours from the end of finishing (at 20°C)
  • Class R4 acc to EN1504-3
  • EN 13813 CT-C80-F8-A9
  • Mineral based, non-toxic and ecologically safe
  • EMICODE EC-1 Plus R / very low emissions
  • Fire rating Euroclass A1

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