Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer


We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Hydron Mona-Guard Revive as a great alternative.

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Product Description

We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Hydron Mona-Guard Revive as a great alternative.

Tarmac Paint, Sealer and Reviver from Thermilate PRO

Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer is available in black, red and green colours and unlike cheap bitumen products available in DIY shops, will totally rejuvenate and replace lost resins and colour from the tarmac. Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer can be applied in one coat and is ideal for driveways, paths, car parks, etc. It is UV resistant which minimises deterioration and provides protection.

This tarmac paint, sealer and reviver is a coloured, non-yellowing & UV stable, single component, low viscosity product with fast curing properties enabling rapid return to service. In addition to restoring colour, the adhesive properties of the resin will assist with aggregate bond and the inbuilt UV filter will reduce future colour fade. Its unique formulation makes it easy to apply and achieve an even, seamless, hard wearing finish that can be easily cleaned down and recoated for future maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Environmental friendly product.
  • Protects re-growth of moss and algae.
  • Resistant to staining.
  • Waterproofs to reduce stone loss and fretting.
  • Totally durable and restores colour loss.
  • Superior to artificial tarmac paint.
  • Single component – spreads easily and cures quickly for rapid return to service.
  • Re-colours and protects in one application
  • Aids aggregate bonding
  • Stops oil & other stains & incorporates a UV filter
  • Superior moisture resistance aids year round use
  • Higher strength & better chemical resistance than traditional sealer’s
  • Improved impact & abrasion resistance prolongs performance life reducing whole life cost
  • Ease of future refurbishing without the need to strip
  • Click here for more information about Thermilate products at Rawlins Paints


Light to medium trafficked areas with correct maintenance and depending upon surface type and condition will last up to 10 years plus*. In external environment colour will remain for 1-2 years although protective effect will remain for longer, potentially 4-6 years, depending upon surface type and condition. *A major design feature of this product is that it is easily re-coatable and does not need stripping before future treatment as maintenance coats cross link into original forming a monolithic layer. Recoating worn areas effectively means that the sealer may never need stripping and replacing.

IMPORTANT: If you are a professional contractor please call 0113 2455450 or email [email protected] for special rates on this product and to find out more about becoming an approved applicator.

It is your responsibility to read the Product Data Sheets (available below) before you place an order and prior to application of the product. The content of this website is our best recommendation and is not advice. Coverage rates quoted are approximate, you agree that coverage depends on the condition of the substrate, surface absorption, texture and application method. We ALWAYS recommend a trial area is coated to ensure the product meets your requirements before use.

Technical Data

Typical Coverage (per coat)2 - 3m² per litre
Touch Dry2 Hours
ApplicationBrush, Roller, Spray
The figures stated above are approximate. Please ensure you refer to all datasheets for full application information.


Customer agrees that before placing an Order, Customer has read and understood the most up to date Product Data Sheet for the Product. Where we have access to the Product Data Sheet from the manufacturer, we will either provide a copy on request, or include a link to the Product Data Sheet available on the manufacturer’s website. Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions of Sale.


questions R Owen on 29/08/2018

Thermilate Tarmac Reviver - I would like to apply two coats of this product - how long should I wait before applying the second coat (ambient temp is about 21 degrees C)


Approximately 4 hours.

questions Keith Taylor on 15/07/2018

How do you prepare drive before applying your product


Use as supplied without thinning down.

Surfaces should be clean, dry & free from oil, grease, dust, laitance and any other deleterious materials.

Do not apply in temperatures below 5°C or above 35°C and should not be subjected to extremes of temperature until completely dry.

It is important to undertake a representative test area to ensure that the product is suitable for your requirements prior to commencement of the project and assessed for final appearance, chemical resistance and wet & dry slip resistance. This is particularly important where the surface has previously been sealed.

Application should ideally be by an airless sprayer based products but application by brush or roller is also suitable (see detailed installation instructions). During application care should be taken to protect adjacent areas & equipment from overspray.

The surface should be sectioned off to assist accurate coverage. Apply in thin uniform coats maintaining a wet edge but do not allow to puddle.

Under normal conditions it will be touch dry within 1-2 hours and may be lightly trafficked after 24 hours.

See the product data sheets for full details which can be downloaded from the product page under the 'Download' section below the main product description.

questions Frankie Pons on 03/07/2018

Hi, Will it cover chewing gum? We are a school and want to cover/remove all chewing gum from the playground. Thank you Frank


No, chewing gum must be removed from the surfaces before application.

questions John Holland on 11/06/2018

Does it have good covering properties ie. will it cover and hide an old oil stain?


The Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer will cover most surfaces in one coat, however when changing colour or covering strong coloured stains a second coat may be required. Ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned then apply 1 or 2 coats as required to the entire area.

questions Peter on 19/05/2018

Can you recommend a sprayer for this product . Many thanks


Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer can be applied by spray, the manufacturer recommends a 120 micron nozzle, and advises you may need to water down slightly to ease application.

questions Robbie  on 30/04/2018

What is the best roller to use for applying this? Medium or long pile? Regards Robbie


Application should ideally be by airless sprayer but application by brush or roller is also suitable. The pile of the roller would be dictated by the profile (roughness) of the surface.

questions Marie on 25/04/2018

Does this product go directly onto just concrete patio area with no issues rather than tarmac? I am struggling to find a product that works and does not turn areas white.


For exterior concrete we would recommend Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat.

questions Tim on 07/03/2018

Hi, I have a tarmac car park area, the tarmac was laid onto an existing concrete base. The tarmac slopes away from the building however the concrete base slopes towards the building, at the moment any rain water permeates through the tarmac hits the concrete base and runs towards the building. Will this product stop water permeating through the tarmac?


Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer with two coats applied will seal the surface and prevent any water ingress through the surface. But that is only at the surface level, if the tarmac has gaps at the edges/joins, the water might still soak through the sides.

questions derek jacques on 13/02/2018

will the product wear if my car is parked and moved in and out from under the carport


Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer is designed to be driven on but like any coating will wear over time with repeated use, but the system is easily maintainable with additional refresher coats.

questions Katy Jones on 12/11/2017
Question: In hot weather does this product go sticky like some bitumen based products?

No, hot weather will not affect the surface of the paint.

questions Malcolm Briggs on 27/09/2017
Question: How long after application would rain not affect the drying process (in other words, how long does it have to remain dry after applying the product) - Thermalite tarmac restorer

Approximately 2 hours @ 20°C.

questions Laurel Spooner on 17/05/2017
Question: Please can you tell me about the environmental impact of this product. Thank you.

This information can be found in the products Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available to download from the 'DATASHEETS' tab on the product page.

questions Phil H on 07/04/2017
Question: I have a very steep drive. Although the tarmac is quite coarse. Will Thermalite make it slippy when wet?

Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer is a matt finish but we would recommend you do a test area first to ensure before proceeding.

questions Jack Keogh on 22/09/2016
Question: My old and quite well worn drive measures 70ft X 10ft, assuming I will require two coats to cover it, what is the quantity I will require to do the job, approx.

Jack K

The Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer will cover most surfaces in one coat, however when changing colour, covering strong coloured stains, or where heavier/frequent traffic is present a second coat may be required. Ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned, carry out any repairs required first and then apply 1 or 2 coats as required to the entire area.

To apply 1 good coat to a 70 x 10ft drive you would require 40lts. If a second coat is required, an additional 30lts should be sufficient. 

questions b l deakin on 09/08/2016
Question: Have had problem with an oil leak from a skip on my Tarmac drive,about two months ago ,not a large leak and I have been treating it since with fairy liquid hot water and a scrubbing brush .Now when I pour water on it there is no beading and the water lies on it and no trace of oil ,just a horrible stain and one or two small holes that will need filling when that is done will I have to put a coat on the patch before recoating the whole drive ,I intend to use your product and the rustoleum5410 filler

The Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer will cover most surfaces in one coat, however when changing colour or covering strong coloured stains a second coat may be required. Ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned (which it sounds like it is from your description), carry out any repairs required first with the Rust-Oleum 5410 Asphalt Repair you have suggested and then apply 1 or 2 coats as required to the entire area.

questions Arnold Jackson on 25/07/2016
Question: How long before applying 2nd coat
Answer: In most instances the product can be applied in just one coat but if a second coat is required wait 4 hours at 20°C before overcoating.
questions abi on 18/07/2016
Question: my drive is part concrete and part asphalt can I use this product. tried twice with (Coo-Var W449 Driveway and Patio Paint) but fades after just one year.
Answer: Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer has excellent colour stability and should last a minimum of two years before requiring over coating to rejuvenate the colour.
questions roger on 18/07/2016
Question: My sons car ran over a litre of light coloured water based paint on our asphalt driveway. We jet washed the bulk of it off but there is still a lot of splash marks and lighter coloured tarmac. Will this product cover these marks?
Answer: Yes it will, however allow for two coats.
questions philip lackford on 14/05/2016
Question: I have a fairly new driveway which has a gouge caused by a skip. Can I apply this product to a small area to stop it breaking up

You can use Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer to fill any repairs and cracks up to 3mm wide. Anything over this size must be filled first with a proprietary repair product (something like Rust-Oleum 5410 Asphalt Repair) prior to the application of Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer.

questions John Halstead on 10/03/2016

I have a black tarmac drive. Can I change the colour to red or green or will the black show through?


Yes, but you must apply a minimum of 2 coats to ensure full coverage and colour.

questions Anthony Saunders on 20/02/2016
Question: My tarmac drive is slightly porous and drains quickly. Will treatment totally seal the drive and allow water to collect?

Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer does waterproof the surface so if applied thickly will completely seal your drive. If you wish just to rejuvenate the colour and not seal the surface to still allow drainage we would recommend applying one thin coat of the product diluted (up to 10% with water).

questions David Coleman on 05/01/2016

I have a fairly recently laid ashphalt driveway. Is Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer a product I could apply now to give protection against any stones loosening? How is it applied and when is the optimum time?


Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer can be used as you have described to protect your driveway but it is a water based product that should be ideally used when conditions are dry and temperatures are between 5°C and 35°C. It can be applied by brush, roller or squeegee.

questions David on 28/10/2015
Question: Does Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer fill cracks which have appeared in my tarmac drive?

Yes, it will fill any gaps and cracks up to 3mm wide. Anything over this size must be filled first with a proprietary repair product prior to the application of Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer.

questions Graham Cawte on 09/08/2015

Can you apply Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer on a tarmac drive that has cement stains on it?


Yes, but you should ensure you clean as much off as possible first and allow to dry before applying the Thermilate PRO Tarmac Reviver & Sealer.


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