Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy C88

We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy M455V2 or Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy 646 as a great alternative.

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We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy M455V2 or Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy 646 as a great alternative.

Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy C88 is a multi-purpose, tolerant epoxy which can be used as a primer, build or finish coat. Macropoxy C88 is the latest addition to the Sherwin-Williams epoxy range which has become a symbol of performance, user friendliness and surface tolerance and with Macropoxy C88 is now versatile enough to provide a solution that can be used as a primer or build coat, and provides the ideal solution for new build and maintenance projects, atmospheric or water immersion services.

Recommended Uses

  • As a single coat shop applied protective finish for structural steel
  • Maintenance work on blasted and manually prepared structural steelwork
  • For use in internal/external conditions, including offshore and petrochemical applications
  • Can be applied at thicknesses between 125 microns (5 mils) and 250 microns (10 mils) dry to provide primer, buildcoat or finish in a single coat. A top coat is only required where prolonged colour retention is needed
  • Offers good adhesion and abrasion resistance over blasted and manually prepared steel and a range of other epoxy materials 


  • Complies with NORSOK M501 Rev. 5 System 1 as part of a three coat, Zinc Epoxy Scheme.
  • Meets the requirements of ISO12944 C5 High durability.
  • Network Rail, Item No 7.2.6 

Recommended Topcoats

Indefinitely overcoatable with epoxy systems provided the surfaces to be coated have been suitably cleaned. Where a high degree of gloss and colour retention is required overcoat with Acrolon C137V2, Acrolon C237 within 7 days at a minimum dft of 50 microns (2 mils) or in the case of Acrolon C750V2 overcoat within 5 days at a minimum of 60 microns (2.5 mils). These overcoating times refer to achievement of optimum adhesion at 23°C/73°F and will vary with temperature. 

Surface Preparation

Blast clean to Sa 21⁄2 BS EN ISO 8501-1:2007 (SSPC-SP10/ NACE2). Average surface profile in the range 50-75 microns (2-3mils). Ensure surfaces to be coated are clean, dry and free from all surface contamination. Manually prepared surfaces should be prepared to a minimum standard of St 3 BS EN ISO 8501-1:2007 (SSPC-SP3) at the time of coating. 

Application Equipment

The following is a guide. Changes in pressures and tip sizes may be needed for proper spray characteristics. Always purge spray equipment before use with listed reducer. Any reduction must be compliant with existing VOC regulations and compatible with the existing environmental and application conditions.

Airless Spray

  • Nozzle Size: 0.33 - 0.45mm (15-19 thou)
  • Fan Angle: 40°
  • Operating Pressure: 197kg/cm² (2800 psi)

The airless spray details given above are intended as a guide only. Details such as fluid hose length and diameter, paint temperature and job shape and size all have an effect on the spray tip and operating pressure chosen. However, the operating pressure should be the lowest possible consistent with satisfactory atomisation. As conditions will vary from job to job, it is the applicators' responsibility to ensure that the equipment in use has been set up to give the best results.

Conventional Spray

  • Nozzle Size: 1.27mm (50 thou)
  • Atomising Pressure: 2.8kg/cm² (40 psi)

The details of atomising pressure, fluid pressure and nozzle size are given as a guide. It may be found that slight variations of pressure will provide optimum atomisation in some circumstances according to the set up in use. Atomising air pressure depends on the air cap in use and the fluid pressure depends on the length of line and direction of feed i.e. horizontal or vertical.


The material is suitable for brush application. Application of more than one coat may be necessary to give equivalent dry film thickness to a single spray applied coat. 

Application Conditions

This material should preferably be applied at temperatures in excess of 10°C/50°F. Relative humidity should not exceed 90% and in these conditions good ventilation is essential. Substrate temperature shall be at least 3oC above the dew point and always above 0°C/32°F. At application temperatures below 10°C/50°F, drying and curing times will be significantly extended and spraying characteristics may be impaired.

Application at ambient air temperatures below 5°C/41°F is not recommended.

In order to achieve optimum water and chemical resistance, temperature needs to be maintained above 10°C/50°F during curing.

Product Details

Data sheet

Brush, Spray
3.16m² per litre
Touch Dry
4 Hours

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