Sika MiniPack Concrete Repair Mortar
  • Sika MiniPack Concrete Repair Mortar

Sika MiniPack Concrete Repair Mortar

We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Sika MonoTop 112 MultiUse Repair Mortar as a great alternative.

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We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Sika MonoTop 112 MultiUse Repair Mortar as a great alternative.

Sika MiniPack Concrete Repair Mortar is a one-component ready to use, thixotropic mortar, based on cementitious binder and selected aggregates, containing synthetic microfibers and specific admixtures, for structural repair and reprofiling of concrete structures. Sika MiniPack Concrete Repair Mortar meets the requirements for the performance characteristics of class R3 (CC) of EN 1504-3:2005.


  • Structural restoration and repair of concrete elements (beam, columns, slabs, balcony edges)
  • Resurfacing of damaged areas on vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • Filling honeycombs, pores, small defects on corners and sides of the joints, shaping and finishing of joints and coatings

Features & Benefits

  • Great workability and thixotropy, even overhead
  • Easy to mix, just add water
  • No shrinkage and good mechanical properties
  • Good adhesion to most common building materials as concrete, stone, bricks, steel
  • Applicable thickness: Min. 5mm / Max. 25mm in one layer. Higher thickness can be done in subsequent layers when the mortar starts setting (tack free).

The substrate must be structurally sound and free from dust, dirt, loose material, surface contamination as oil or grease, cement laitance. The substrate must be well prepared and roughened by suitable mechanical preparation techniques, such as high-pressure water cleaning or sandblasting. The aggregates must be clearly visible on the surface of the area prepared installment. The edges of the area affected by the intervention will have to be cut vertically (90°) up to a minimum depth of 5mm. The surface must be dampened up to saturation, avoidind standing water.

Priming on concrete:
On a well prepared and roughened substrate a bonding primer is generally not required. When required, priming can be done either using Sika bonding bridge products (refer to the relevant Product Data Sheet). The subsequent application of the repair mortar should be done wet on wet.

Steel surface must be clean from rust products, oil, grease, dust and other loose materials which may reduce bond or may contribute to corrosion.

Steel reinforcement:
Any surfacing steel reinforcement must be properly cleaned and treated with special corrosion inhibitor material (Sika MiniPack Anticorrosion).

Sika MiniPack Concrete Repair Mortar can be mixed by low speed (~ 500 rounds/min.) electric mixer. In case of small quantities the mortar can be mixed manually. Pour the required amount of water in a suitable container to the mixing. Add the powder to water while stirring with constant speed. Mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes, up to obtain a homogeneous mixture, free of lumps, with proper consistency.

Sika MiniPack Concrete Repair Mortar can be applied with a trowel for small works of restoration (repair of concrete structures, decoration of balconies, sides of pillars, etc.) exerciting a good pressure and compacting properly on the substrate. A good surface finish can be obtained with a sponge trowel, to pass a few minutes after application, as soon as the mortar begins the process of hardening.


  • Avoid application in direct sun and/or strong wind or rain.
  • Do not add water over recommended dosage.
  • Apply the product only to sound and prepared substrates.
  • Protect fresh mortar from rain and freeze during curing. .
  • Do not add anything to the product that is not specified in this product data sheet.
  • Do not add water to the product, when the setting has started, to restore its workability.
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