• Sherwin-Williams Zinc Clad IV 85%

    Sherwin-Williams Zinc Clad IV 85%

    IV 85%

    We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Sherwin Williams Zinc Clad IV EU as a great alternative.

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    We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Sherwin Williams Zinc Clad IV EU as a great alternative.

    Sherwin-Williams Zinc Clad IV 85% is a two-component, polyamide epoxy, zinc-rich coating. It has a low VOC level and contains 85% by weight of zinc dust pigment in the dried film. 


    • Meets SSPC-Paint 20 Type II, Organic, Level 1
    • Zinc dust meets or exceeds the requirements for ASTM D520, Type II
    • Meets Class A requirements for Slip Coefficient and Creep Resistance, Value = 0.49.
    • Provides cathodic protection
    • Damaged film exhibits "self-healing" properties 

    Recommended Uses

    • Application to blasted steel surfaces
    • Areas exposed to fresh and salt water
    • Areas exposed to brackish water
    • Areas exposed to chemical fumes
    • Topcoating is recommended for maximum protection
    • Not recommended for immersion service
    • Suitable for use in the Mining & Minerals Industry 

    Surface Preparation

    Surface must be clean, dry, and in sound condition. Remove all oil, dust, grease, dirt, loose rust, and other foreign material to ensure adequate adhesion. 

    Zinc rich coatings require direct contact between the zinc pigment in the coating and the metal substrate for optimum performance.

    Iron & Steel (atmospheric service)

    Remove all oil and grease from surface by Solvent Cleaning per SSPC-SP1. Minimum surface preparation is Commercial Blast Cleaning per SSPC-SP6/NACE 3. For better performance, use Near White Metal Blast Cleaning per SSPC-SP10/NACE 2. Blast clean all surfaces using a sharp, angular abrasive for optimum surface profile (2 mils / 50 microns). Coat any bare steel the same day as it is cleaned or before flash rusting occurs. For SSPC-SP12/ NACE 5, all surfaces to be coated shall be cleaned in accordance with WJ-2L standards. Pre-existing profile should be approximately 2 mils (50 microns). Light rust bloom is allowed.

    Galvanized Steel

    Allow to weather a minimum of six months prior to coating. Solvent Clean per SSPC-SP1 (recommended solvent is VM&P Naphtha). When weathering is not possible, or the surface has been treated with chromates or silicates, first Solvent Clean per SSPC-SP1 and apply a test patch. Allow paint to dry at least one week before testing adhesion. If adhesion is poor, brush blasting per SSPC- SP7 is necessary to remove these treatments. Rusty galvanizing requires a minimum of Hand Tool Cleaning per SSPC-SP2, prime the area the same day as cleaned or before flash rusting occurs.

    Weathered Zinc-Rich Primer

    Remove zinc salts by either high pressure water washing and scrubbing with stiff bristle brush or sweep blast followed by water flush. Allow to dry.

    Note: If blast cleaning with steel media is used, an appropriate amount of steel grit blast media may be incorporated into the work mix to render a dense, angular 1.5-3.0 mil (38-75 micron) surface profile, per Keane-Tator Surface Profile Comparator. A profile up to 4 mils (100 microns) is acceptable, however, coating must be ap- plied to achieve a minimum of 3 mils (75 microns) dft. This method may result in improved adhesion and performance. 

    Performance Tips

    Strip coat all crevices, welds, and sharp angles to prevent early failure in these areas.

    When using spray application, use a 50% overlap with each pass of the gun to avoid holidays, bare areas, and pinholes. If necessary, cross spray at a right angle.

    Spreading rates are calculated on volume solids and do not include an application loss factor due to surface profile, roughness or
    porosity of the surface, skill and technique of the applicator, method of application, various surface irregularities, material lost during mixing, spillage, overthinning, climatic conditions, and excessive
    film build.

    Excessive reduction of material can affect film build, appearance, and performance.

    Do not mix previously catalyzed material with new.
    Do not apply the material beyond recommended pot life.

    In order to avoid blockage of spray equipment, clean equipment before use or before periods of extended downtime with MEK, R6K10.

    Keep pressure pot at level of applicator to avoid blocking of fluid line due to weight of material. Blow back coating in fluid line at intermittent shutdowns, but continue agitation at pressure pot.

    SSPC-SP11 surface preparation is acceptable for small areas.

    Application above recommended film thickness may result in mud cracking.

    Refer to Product Information sheet for additional performance characteristics and properties. 

    Please refer to the datasheet for additional information on recommended systems and applications conditions.

    Product Details
    IV 85%

    Data sheet

    For Use On
    Steel, Galvanized Steel, Iron
    Application Method
    Airless Spray, Spray, Brush
    Standard / Ready Mixed
    Single, Two or Three Pack
    Pack Size
    Brush, Spray
    8.4m² per litre
    Touch Dry
    30 Mins
    UN Number (Base)

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