Nullifire FC101 Intumescent Coating Repair Filler
  • Nullifire FC101 Intumescent Coating Repair Filler

Nullifire FC101 Intumescent Coating Repair Filler


We no longer stock this product; In the absence of Nullifire FC101 Intumescent Coating Repair Filler, the associated base Intumescent product should be the material used for any repair requirements. Please contact our technical team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected].

Nullifire FC101 Intumescent Coating Repair Filler is a single pack, high build filler based on thermoplastic acrylic resin and hydrocarbon solvent designed specifically for the repair of minor damage to System S Intumescent Basecoats applied to structural steelwork. 

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Nullifire FC101 Intumescent Coating Repair Filler can be used internally with Nullifire S602/3/5/6, S607 and S609 Basecoats or externally with Nullifire S605 Basecoat. 

Application Check List

When applying Nullifire FC101 Intumescent Coating Repair Filler, ensure that:

  • Surface preparation has been carried out correctly.
  • The product has been stored under correct conditions.
  • Correct equipment is available.
  • The site conditions are within specification.
  • You are fully conversant with the application instructions and MSDS.

Surface Preparation

It is recommended that the filler is applied onto areas, which are a maximum of 150mm².

The surface preparation required prior to application of System S Filler is dependent upon the nature of the damage to be repaired.

For minor scratches to basecoat, which has not been topsealed and where there is no damage to primer, then the only preparation required is to abrade any material, which is proud of the basecoat surface and to ensure that the surface is clean prior to Filler application.

Where the damage is more severe, resulting in damage to the primer system exposing bare steel (particularly in external and humid internal conditions), then the primer should be touched up with a suitable anticorrosion primer and allowed to dry, prior to application of System S Filler. It may be necessary to remove a further area of basecoat surrounding the exposed steel to facilitate primer touch-up depending on the scale of damage.

Where damage occurs to basecoat, which has been topsealed, but where the damage does not penetrate through the primer to the steel surface, then the topseal should be abraded back to basecoat for a distance of 50-75mm around the affected area. This is to eliminate the possibility of the Filler overlapping onto topseal. 

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Product Details

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