• Sikagard 850 AG

    Sikagard 850 AG


    We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Sikagard 850 Clear and the associated Sikagard Anti-Graffiti System as a great alternative.

    Sikagard 850 AG is a permanent anti-graffiti and anti-flyposter coating that needs no refreshing coat after cleaning, which can be performed many times. Use for the protection of concrete, wood, masonry and metal substrates.

    • Wash away graffiti with cold water and a clean cloth
    • No chemical agent is required for cleaning
    • Poster prevention – flyposters simply cannot stick on the treated surface
    • Very good resistance against weathering and ageing
    • Very low dirt pick-up
    • Permanent – graffiti can be removed various times without damaging the protection

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    Sikagard 850 AG is a permanent anti-graffiti and anti-flyposter coating for the protection of concrete, wood, masonry and metal substrates. Sikagard®-850 AG provides a clear wet-look surface that also brightens and enhances the colour of the substrate. Sikagard®-850 AG is based on polyorganosiloxanes and provides excellent performance against exterior elements such as rain, sun and temperature extremes.

    Graffiti and poster removal is easy and can be performed many times on the same substrate. 

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    Features & Benefits

    • Permanent – graffiti can be removed various times without damaging the protection
    • Poster prevention – flyposter simply cannot stick on treated surface
    • No chemical agent required for cleaning
    • Use on new, stained or previously French polished wood
    • Cleaning requires only cold water pressure (80 to 100 bars).
    • Alternatively graffiti can be removed using a simple hose and rubbing down with a suitable absorbent clean cloth or stiff brush
    • Water vapour permeable
    • Low water absorption
    • Very good resistance against weathering and ageing
    • High UV resistance and gloss retention
    • Very low dirt pick-up
    • Colour enhancement – wet look


    Substrate without existing treatment

    The surface must be dry, sound and free from loose and friable particles. Suitable preparation methods are steam cleaning, high pressure water jetting or blast cleaning. The rougher the prepared surface the more difficult it is to produce a uniform and sufficiently heavy coating film thickness. This may result in reduced protection. Surface levelling with a suitable Sika mortar is recommended. Metallic surface must be de-rusted and de-greased properly.

    Exposed substrate with existing treatment

    Mineral surfaces treated previously with hydrophobic impregnation do not require specific treatment prior to application of the anti-graffiti coating. Surfaces (mineral or metallic) coated with organic paint/coating need to be tested. The surface must be clean, dry, sound and free from loose or friable particles. Suitable surface preparation methods can include steam cleaning, high pressure water jetting or blast cleaning.



    All surfaces except wood, must first be primed using Sikagard®-850 AG diluted with 20 to 30% white spirit using a suitable roller, brush or airless spray (see equipment details below). On rough substrates, use a brush to ensure primer is brushed well into the substrate and covers all the irregularities. Allow the surface to dry and become tackfree prior to applying the top coat (~2 to 3 hours depending on weather conditions). Wood surfaces (painted and unpainted) do not require priming.

    Top Coat

    For the top coat, on small to medium surface areas, apply Sikagard®-850 AG using a suitable long haired roller or brush Generally apply un-diluted when using roller or brush. For application at >25°C or directly in the sun, dilute Sikagard®-850 AG with <15 % by weight white spirit.

    Airless spray application

    For large surface areas, airless spray application can be utilised using air assisted airless equipment with the following requirements:

    • Pressure: 220 to 250 bars (3200 - 3600 psi)
    • Hose: ~10 mmø (3/8")
    • Tip: 0.13° to 0.17°
    • Filter: 60 mesh

    The primer and top coat should be diluted up to 30% with white spirit. In order to achieve sufficient film build up a second top coat may be required. As Sikagard®-850 AG is very viscous, the airless spray does not give a homegeneous finish. It is therefore necessary to back-roller the sprayed application with a roller to ensure consistent finish and film build-up.

    DO NOT USE aerosol car body type, spray equipment to apply Sikagard®-850 AG.


    Sikagard®-850 AG can be thinned to the desired application viscosity with white spirit.


    • Sikagard®-850 AG is intended for the use in industrial and commercial applications where personal protective equipment is required and mandatory.
    • Sikagard®-850 AG is not suitable for nor recommended for aerosol based applications. Use of Sikagard®- 850 AG in this manner disperses free aerosol vapour droplets in the air. Breathing these free droplets in the air poses extremely serious health risks and raises the possibility of harmful consequences to any individual associated with such improper use and handling of Sikagard®-850 AG.
    • Containers, once opened, should be used until empty. A few days after opening, any remaining product in the container once exposed to the air will continue to cure and thicken resulting in surface skinning and increased viscosity.The product can still be used providing the surface skin is removed.
    • Sikagard®-850 AG can be thinned to the desired application viscosity with white spirit. Do not use other solvents as a thinner as curing and final properties can be affected.



    Approximately 150 to 250 g/m² for the top coat – generally 1 coat is sufficient on a suitably prepared, uniform and primed substrate.

    Drying Time

    Up to 24 hours at +20°C.

    Clean Up

    • Clean all tools and application equipment with white spirit immediately after use.
    • Dried material can only be removed mechanically.
    • Clean airless equipment at regular intervals as hardened silicon residue may block the equipment.


    Graffiti Removal

    As a general rule, always remove any subsequent graffiti as soon as possible. Remove using cold water pressure jetting / cleaning equipment (~80 bars / 1 200 psi). Alternatively, the graffiti can also be removed using a low pressure domestic hose and rubbing down with a suitable absorbent clean cloth. For rough surfaces or stubborn areas, use a domestic hand held or mechanical non - metallic and non-abrasive scrubbing brush.

    Poster removal

    Posters applied with typical glues do not bond on substrates treated with Sikagard®-850 AG. Either they will fall down under their own weight or they can be easily removed with minimal effort.

    Health And Safety

    For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the most recent Safety Data Sheet (SDS) containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety-related data.


    According to the EU Directive 2004/42/CE, the maximum allowed content of VOC (product category IIA / i type sb) is 500s g/l (Limits 2010) for the ready to use product. The maximum content of Sikagard®-850 AG is ≤ 500 g/l VOC for the ready to use product.


    Please contact Rawlins Paints' Technical Support Team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected] for more information.

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    Product Details

    Data sheet

    For Use By
    Professional Use
    Interior / Exterior Use
    Exterior Use
    Water / Solvent Based
    For Use On
    Compatible Paints
    Application Method
    Single, Two or Three Pack
    Product Certifications
    Adhesion, Water Permeability and Water Vapour Dif- fusion tests EN 1542, EN ISO 7783, EN 1062-3
    Pack Size
    Base Type
    Silicon/Solvent Based
    Fully Cured (at 20°C)
    7 Days
    150 to 250g/m²
    Recommended Thinner/Cleaner
    White Spirit
    Max. Application Temperature
    35 °C
    Min. Application Temperature
    8 °C
    ~ 0.939 kg/l at +20 °C
    Solids by Volume
    140 g/l
    Shelf Life (from date of manufacture)
    12 Months
    Touch Dry
    24 Hours
    Recommended Wet Film Thickness
    150 to 300 µm
    UN Number
    Base Type
    Suitable For Use On
    Compatible Paints
    Suitable For Use On
    Suitable For Use On
    Suitable For Use On
    Permanent / Semi-Permanent

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