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    Sika CarboDur BC Rods


    We no longer stock this product; please contact our technical team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected] where we will be happy to find an alternative product. See our Structural Repairs page for more products.

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    Sika CarboDur BC Rods are pultruded carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates with a circular cross section, designed for strengthening concrete, timber and masonry. Sika CarboDur BC Rods are bonded into slots as near surface mounted reinforcement using Sikadur 33, Sikadur 330 or Sikadur 30 epoxy resin based adhesives for normal application temperatures, or Sikadur 30 LP epoxy resin based adhesive for elevated temperatures during application. Sikadur 300 epoxy resin based adhesive is used for horizontal applications. The Sika CarboDur BC Rods can also be used for anchoring SikaWrap fabrics where positive attachment to concrete or masonry is required.

    Please refer to the relevant Product Data Sheet for more detailed information about each of the adhesives.

    Sika CarboDur BC Rods are used to improve, increase or repair the performance and resistance of structures for:

    Increased Load Carrying Capacity:

    • Increasing the load capacity of floor slabs, beams and bridge sections
    • For the installation of heavier machinery
    • To stabilise vibrating structures
    • For changes in building use

    Damage to structural elements due to:

    • Deterioration of the original construction materials
    • Steel reinforcement corrosion
    • Accidents (Vehicle impact, earthquakes, fire)

    Improvement of serviceability and durability:

    • Reduced deflection and crack width
    • Stress reduction in the steel reinforcement
    • Improved fatigue resistance

    Change of the structural system:

    • Removal of walls and / or columns
    • Removal of floor and wall sections to create access / openings

    Resistance to possible events:

    • Increased resistance to earthquakes, impact or explosion etc.

    To repair design or construction defects such as:

    • Insufficient / inadequate reinforcement
    • Insufficient / inadequate structural depth

    Combination with other strengthening products:

    • Doweling applications
    • Anchoring of SikaWrap fabrics

    Features & Benefits

    • Non corroding
    • Very high strength
    • Invisible once installed, no joints required
    • Excellent durability and fatigue resistance
    • Easy transportation
    • Lightweight, very easy to install
    • Smooth edges without exposed fibres as the result of production by pultrusion
    • Can accept traffic on the strengthened surface (rods not exposed)
    • No surface preparation / levelling of uneven substrates required
    • Improved resistance to fire (compared with externally bonded reinforcement)
    • Testing and Approvals available from many countries worldwide

    This product is made to order only and price is on application. Supplied in rolls of 100m (BC6) in non-returnable cardboard boxes or cut to 12m long bars (BC8, BC10, BC12).

    TypeDiameterCross Sectional Area
    Sika CarboDur BC66mm28mm²
    Sika CarboDur BC88mm50mm²
    Sika CarboDur BC1010mm79mm²
    Sika CarboDur BC1212mm113mm²

    For more details please download the product data sheet from the 'DATASHEETS' tab above.

    Product Details

    Data sheet

    For Use On
    Concrete, Timber, Masonry
    Product Certifications
    Fib, Technical Report, bulletin 14: Externally bonded FRP reinforcement for RC structures, July 2001

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    questions Andy  on 2018-04-17 16:44:06

    Do you stock Sika Carbodur BC12 rods and if so, can I purchase a small amount?

    Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

    Sika CarboDur BC Rods are a made to order product and are price on application only. Supplied in rolls of 100m in non-returnable cardboard boxes or cut to 12m long bars of various diameters. Contact our Technical Department on 0113 2455450 or [email protected] with details of your project for pricing and lead times.

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