Remmers Historic Lime Filler

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Remmers Historic Lime Filler is a high quality, ready-to-use filler on a "dispersed white hydrated lime" base. Without organic binder additives and without titanium dioxide. Does not cause allergies. Solvent and plasticizer free. No preservatives, naturally antiseptic.

Because of its composition and the resulting technical properties (see data sheet), Remmers Historic Lime Filler is particularly suitable for use in interior areas on loam, lime, lime-cement and other mineral renders as well as on natural stone, concrete and other absorbent, cementitious substrates.

Due to its characteristics and natural, pure mineral ingredients Historic Lime Filler is especially suitable for the field of monument preservation and ecological housing construction.

The combination of coordinated products in the Remmers Historic Lime Paint System based on dispersed white hydrated lime opens a wide spectrum for highly varied and creative designs and applications.

Remmers Historic Lime Filler is based on a "dispersed white hydrated lime" and carbonated filler base. It does not contain any (plastic) dispersions.

Remmers Historic Lime Filler has a capillary active pore space which means that it is not only water vapour permeable but also permeable for liquid water.

Selected, high quality raw materials and the patented preparation of the binder make the filler very easy to work and provide other positive application characteristics:

  • Can be feathered out to "zero"
  • Highly diffusion capable
  • Capillary-active
  • Cloth matt
  • Low stress
  • Good adhesion to cementitious substrates
  • Weather resistant
  • Highly resistant to alternating frost-thaw loads
  • Environment friendly

Because the "dispersed white hydrated lime" binder is highly alkaline, Historic Lime Filler provides natural protection against fungus and mildew. The filler does not contain any toxic biocidal ingredients or fungicides.

Intended use

This easy-to-work filler is used for levelling and smoothing rough cementitious substrates, repairing missing areas and unevenness as well as for closing cracks. It can also be used for smoothing render surfaces that have been unevenly rubbed, also for large surface areas. Max. layer thickness: 5mm.

This product is subject is to a 7-10 day lead time.

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questions Glenn Hillier on 2019-06-03 14:08:56

How many square meters will the 10kg cover please, we will be working on internal walls that has been stripped of wallpaper covering, condition is fair but I feel we need to thinly fill the complete walls.

Answer from Rawlins’ Technical Team: 

Approx. 1.0-1.3kg/mm/m² so approx. 10-7.5m² per 10kg

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