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We no longer stock this product, but can recommend RSL Resuprime MVT as a great alternative.

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We no longer stock this product, but can recommend RSL Resuprime MVT as a great alternative.

Resutack EP is ideal for wet on wet application. There is no waiting time required to tack off, making the whole process more efficient. It is principally designed to be used with other Resin Surfaces Limited (RSL) epoxy screed systems.

Recommended Uses

  • Ideally vertical surfaces 
  • In conjunction with: 
  • Resuscreed 45
  • Resuscreed 55
  • Decora MS
  • Resucrete 
  • Resupatch


Resutack EP provides excellent adhesion as a tack primer for coving with ease of applications and good surface wetting properties.

Resutack EP MUST always be applied on primed surfaces, as a tack primer coat.

New Concrete Floors: New concrete must be clean, sound, dry, fully cured and surface laitance removed preferably by enclosed shot blasting or mechanical grinding. A minimum strength of 25N/mm sq. is required. Do not apply to substrates with moisture readings of 75% RH or above.

Existing Concrete Floors: Remove all dirt, oil, grease or other surface contaminants by enclosed shot blasting, scarification or mechanical grinding. Fats, oils or greases must be removed by mechanical means and detergent washing. Local repairs should be carried out using Resupatch or Resuscreed 45. If the substrate appears very weak and dusts easily, the matrix of the screed can be strengthened by installing Resutop Binder, a low viscosity binder formulated for defective substrates contact our technical team for further information).

Resutack EP can also be applied to existing coatings and other resin modified cementitious screeds, which should be clean and sound with an appropriate mechanical key for adhesion.


Open and porous substrates may require priming with Resuprime PP or Resuprime NT on dry substrates only with less than 75% ERH reading. Where the relative humidity of a substrate exceeds 75% ERH, R.S. Dampshield should be specified and selected on the basis of hygrometer readings, in accordance with BS 8203.

The number of coats to be applied is chosen in accordance with the following table:

ERH% Required Coating Thickness
75-85 1coat of R.S.DAMPSHIELD at 200 microns per coat
85-92 2coats of R.S.DAMPSHIELD at 200 microns per coat
92-97 3coats of R.S.DAMPSHIELD at 200 microns per coat

Resutack EP should be applied once the substrate has been primed and cured. For Further information please refer to recommended individual product data sheets.


The ambient temperatures of the areas should not be allowed to fall below 15°C throughout the application and the curing period, as this could have an adverse effect on the appearance and colour of the system. Surface temperature must be above 10°C.

Where possible it is recommended that the application area is heated to a minimum temperature of 15°C, to allow the ambient and substrate temperature to stabilise prior to installation.

This product is a single component system and supplied in a ready-to-use form. There is no need for mixing or agitation of the unit.

Apply the product by brush or roller, in even strokes maintaining the coverage rate. Once it has been applied, the coving material MUST be applied whilst the primer is wet. If the Resutack EP is left to dry, a second coat is necessary to achieve the proper bond between the primer and the coving.

Coverage rates may vary depending on profile and porosity of the substrate.

Product Details

Data sheet

Brush, Roller
1kg will cover 6m sq. or 24 linear metres for a cove height of 150mm and a base of 100mm at 150 microns WFT.
Touch Dry
Apply screed immediately.

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