• Envirograf Magnetic Timed Door Holder

Envirograf Magnetic Timed Door Holder

Product 43

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This Magnetic Timed Door Holder automatically closes a single door or a pair of doors, holding them open for up 57 seconds.

Automatic closing saves heat energy, particularly useful in winter, and by holding a door open for longer it can assist people that are legally blind or partially sighted, holding doors open until the person passes through.

As the time setting is less than 1 minute there is no wiring to an existing alarm system. Separate magnets and armatures are available for wiring into new or existing fire alarm systems, holding a door open permanently in an emergency.

For fire alarm and smoke detector circuits that lack sufficient supply, a separate control unit is available to wire to the magnets - CTJ Control Unit (Product 34).

Use the ES/MDHB Magnetic Door Holder Bracket for doors that are far away from walls, installing by the architrave to mount the magnet box onto.

Ordering References:

Magnetic Timed Door Holder

Ref Description
MHK1 Kit for one door consisting of 1 control unit, 1 electromagnet, and 1 armature plate
MHK2 Kit for two doors consisting of 1 control unit, 2 electromagnets, and 2 armature plates

Magnet & Armature Plates

Where magnets are only required to wire into an existing or new fire alarm system to hold the door
permanently open. Envirograf® Magnet and Armature Plates can be supplied separately.

Ref Description
MH24 24V Magnet & Armature
MH240 240V Magnet & Armature

Where sufficient supply is not available on the existing Fire Alarm System or no Smoke detector circuits,
a Control Unit (product 34) can be used for this. 240V in 24V out with terminals to wire to the magnets. Terminals to wire to 24V MH24 Magnet and Armature, and a normally open or closed circuit to wire to existing Fire Alarm System.


Where doors are far away from a wall, Envirograf® manufactures a metal plate to go by the architrave to mount the magnet box onto; finished in white or brown.

Ref Description
ES/MDHB Magnetic Door Holder Bracket for fixing the holder (white or brown)

Ref Description
MDH91/S Single Door Set without Armature
MDH91/D Double Door Set without Armature


Both the MH24 (24 Volt) and the MH240 (240 Volt) units are mounted in a powder coated steel casing with brushed stainless steel front covers. The armature plate is mounted on a plastic backplate with a flexible ring. The armature plates are made of a special metal and designed to release easily when power is removed.

NO magnet sticking.

Both MH24 and MH240 can be wired to any type of fire alarm system with the correct voltage. MH24 can also be used with the Envirohold Timed Door Hold System, which does not require wiring to a fire alarm system, for holding doors open for up to 57 seconds.

Should the fire alarm system be unable to take any more load, Envirograf® also make a 240 volt to 24 volt control unit to control up to 2 magnets (product 34).

Where doors are far away from a wall, Envirograf® manufactures a metal plate to go by the architrave to mount the magnet box onto; finished in white or brown.

Examples of use

The Magnetic Timed Door Holder solved a problem for the maternity unit at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, Gwent, with double security doors closing too quickly on beds or incubator trolleys being moved in and out of the ward.

Without wishing to compromise fire protection integrity or letting in draughts, the Works and Estates Department found that the door holder satisfied both security and convenience, holding doors open for 20 seconds to allow passing of patient beds and incubators, and was easy to install.

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Product 43

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