• Envirograf FB70 Fire Barrier Curtain

Envirograf FB70 Fire Barrier Curtain

Product 57 - FB70

We no longer stock this product, but can recommend Firetherm 30/90 as our nearest alternative. Please contact our Technical Team on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected] prior to purchase/use for advice on suitability.




Ref Description Width  
FB70/1220 Standard 1220mm wide Price Per Linear Metre
FB70/1220/AC Acoustic 1220mm wide Price Per Linear Metre

Extra Fixings & Accessories

  • FBC1 Fixing Battens for steel, timber, concrete or suspended ceilings
  • FB/FP Rectangular Metal Fixing Plates - pre-drilled metal plates for easy fixing
    • Where the curtain is in contact with T-bars, a U-clip can be supplied to enable the curtain to be folded over. Contact our sales team for details.
  • FB/CLIP3 For suspended ceilings - fit one every 500mm
  • TB Turn Button Clip for making door openings
  • ST White adhesive tape
  • FPA/WT Fireproof Adhesive (water-based) 310ml
  • FPA/W Fireproof Adhesive (water-based) 1L
  • HI-TAK Aerosol spray adhesive (product 137)
  • MS1 1m long metal strip drilled with 20 holes of 4½ mm diameter, 50mm apart along the length
  • MS2 2m long metal strip drilled with 9 holes of 4½ mm diameter, 50mm apart, at each end
  • C/CONC1 885mm wide x 1080mm high Concertina Pull-Up Curtain to enable access through the fire barrier curtain
  • C/CONC2 1000mm wide x 1500mm high Concertina Pull-Up Curtain to enable access through the fire barrier curtain

The Envirograf FB70 Fire Barrier Curtain provides fire protection for up to 70 minutes, and is used in loft areas for wrapping around wood, steel and trunking, as well as from ceilings to the top of partitions. The curtain can also be used under computer room floors such as server rooms and IT departments.

Simply cut with a sharp knife to make openings in the barrier curtain for access doors and drop vents if required, as well as services to pass through such as pipes and cables.

An acoustic version (FB70/1220/AC) of the curtain has 15mm-thick sponge for extra sound absortion, meeting the airborne and impact sound reduction requirements of Document E of UK Building Regulations. If more insulation is required see Envirograf® Product 54.

At 1200mm wide, the curtains can be overlapped by 50mm and sealed using the included adhesive. a 310ml tube of IA intumescent water based adhesive (product 46) is supplied with each order of up to 10m, with additional tubes for every additional 10m length or part thereof.

Rolls of the fire barrier curtain can be provided up to 40 metres long. Contact our sales team 0113 245 5450 if these are required.


All curtains are supplied with sufficient adhesive for the 50 mm overlap. The adhesive can be applied to one face and pressed together, although it is best to apply a small layer to each face and apply together, giving a much quicker bond. Just hold together for approximately 1 minute, to allow the adhesive to grip. 1 litre of Adhesive is sufficient for 50 metres of curtain.

Should the Curtain be installed in a windy area, Envirograf ST50 or ST75 Class 0 Adhesive Tape can be applied over the glued joint to hold it more securely while the Adhesive dries.

For fixing the top, bottom and ends of the Curtain; for timber supports use Envirograf FB/T Battens, fixed through to the timber with 30 mm large head clout nails.

For concrete, block or brick fixing, use FB/C Metal Straps - 25 mm wide, with 2 mm holes every 300 mm apart. These can be fixed with spit nails, screws, pop rivets (steel) or self tapping screws to the steel work.

See the Application Guide in our downloads section for more and continued information.


Tested to BS476 Part 22 (1987), achieving 81 minutes integrity and 22 minutes insulation.

IMPORTANT FIRE PRODUCTS NOTICE: The information displayed on this website should be used as a guide ONLY and our Technical Department should be contacted to obtain a tailored specification and any advice necessary before you place an order for fire protection products. Fire protection products are non-returnable except in accordance with Condition 8 of the Terms and ConditionsWe will not be held liable for any resulting damage to property, human life or monetary costs incurred due to the incorrect specification you have prepared or use of fire protection products caused by your negligence, including your failure to have contacted us to obtain the relevant advice/specification.

Any Envirograf products to be used in or for Harrods department store should be authorised with our Technical Team prior to purchase.

Product Details
Product 57 - FB70

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