• Keim Porosan Dightungsschlamme

Keim Porosan Dightungsschlamme


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Keim Porosan-Dichtungsschlämme is a mineral coating grout based on cement, fine sand and sealants. Used for vertical sealing, both exterior and interior, of existing and new structures to provide protection from soil moisture and infiltrating surface, drainage and ground water. Keim Porosan-Dichtungsschlämme can be coated over a coating of choice.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Can be applied by brush or palette knife.
  • Vapour diffusion permeable.
  • Resistant to infiltrating water
  • Frost resistant.
  • Easy application.
  • Good adhesion.
  • Building authority approved.

Preparation & Application

Substrate Preparation
The substrate for Keim Porosan-Dichtungsschlämme is Keim Porosan-Trass-Zementputz which must be clean and crack-free. The surface to be sealed must have no sharp projections. Any defects must be filled before coating with Keim Porosan-Dichtungsschlämme. Valleys and peaks must be rounded. Fillets have to be made with Keim HKM. The substrate should be thoroughly prewetted to leave a moist, matt surface. Avoid standing water.

Thoroughly moisten the substrate. Keim Porosan Dichtungsschlämme is always applied in at least two layers. The first coat of Keim Porosan Dichtungs-schlämme is always applied with a brush. Corners and broken ends in particular must be well covered. The second coat and any further layers can be applied either with a brush or with a smoothing trowel.

The grout must be applied in at least two layers altogether until the minimum coat thickness is reached. At all wall/floor sockets and corners a fillet with a radius of minimum 4 cm has to be made with Keim HKM before Keim Porosan-Dichtungsschlämme is applied.

To ensure that the grout can be applied with a brush, stir the contents of the sack (25 kg) with approx. 6 l clean water until free of lumps. When applying with a smoothing trowel, mix approx. 4.75 l clean water per sack (25 kg). Mix with a suitable slow-running stirring tool to produce a homogeneous mass. Leave to cure for 3 minutes before mixing the material again prior to application.

When applying several coats, the previous sealing coat must be suitably sound before the next coat is applied. The previous layer must be matt-moist and not completely dry. Protect fresh coats from exposure to extreme heat, rain, frost and draughts. Grout that has started to harden is unusable.

Please Note
If Keim Indulastic-P is to be applied as additional moisture protection onto Keim Porosan-Dichtungs-schlämme a drying time of at least 5 days will have to be observed. When carrying out sealing work, DIN 18195 must be heeded together with the Guideline for the Planning and Execution of Sealings on Building Structures with Mineral Grouts (Deutsche Bauchemie Association).

Application Temperature
Do not apply at very high air temperatures and/or in strong wind or if air and substrate temperatures fall below +5°C.

Soil moisture + Non-infiltrating surface 2.5 mm (≥ 2mm dry film thickness):  approx. 5 kg/m².

Infiltrating water 3.5 mm (≥ 3 mm dry film thickness): approx. 7 kg/m².

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